Can You Fit A Travel Mug Under A Keurig Coffee Maker?

travel mugs under keurig coffee makers
Keurig coffee makers have taken the world by storm as they offer the solitary coffee drinker an easy and convenient way to enjoy their morning cup of joe.

Let’s face it, when you are in a hurry, having to grind your coffee, measure it, and add the water to your automatic drip machine and then having to wait for it to brew is a hassle. Plus the auto drip coffee makers don’t make it easy to brew a small amount.

The Keurig and subsequently other K-cup coffee makers have sought to solve all those problems and more, except one. They don’t usually allow you to fit your typical travel mug under them so that you can grab and go for your morning commute.

These days you have to have a dedicated k-cup travel mug for whatever machine you are brewing from to keep things compatible and easy.

Lower on this page we’ll briefly review the following recommended mugs, each of which is short enough to fit under most Keurig style single serve coffee machines. We’ll also review a few other alternatives that you may be interested based mostly on price or style.

For the super mini brewers the Keepcup 8oz is probably your best bet even though it’s not as good of a travel mug.

Regardless of how you look at it, finding that perfect travel mug that can fit under your Keurig is not as hard as it used to be just a few years back. In fact, Keurig has even designed some and branded them to make your life a bit easier if you don’t want to do your research.

If your travel mug of choice does not fit under your machine after removing the drip tray, have no fear, we have some helpful suggestions.

Why Travel Mugs for Keurig Are So Small

The small stature of the Keurig comes with its own set of problems because not all your coffee cups can fit under them, especially if you have a Mini model.

Most insulated travel mugs are designed to fit at least 16 oz with some up to 32 oz. That’s because they were intended to be filled from a carafe and not to fit under a niche single-cup machine.

Even the biggest and best Keurig coffee machines have short mug shelfs.

If you have the larger travel mugs and still want to fill them using your Keurig, you can brew two batches separately into a liquid measuring cup first with a pour spout so you don’t make too much of a mess. I’ve also seen this solution, but it may not be the best option.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Fortunately, you are not the first person to look for this solution. As the popularity of the Keurig and other brands of K-Cup brewers has grown, so have the options for single-serve insulated coffee cups.

Here is a whole selection of 8 oz travel mugs we’ve reviewed on this site previously.

But before you start looking, you need to decide out of what kind of materials you would like to drink your coffee. The options abound from plastic, stainless steel, glass and even ceramic.

Plastics tend to absorb flavors so if you are using creamers in your coffee; chances are, the flavors are going to eventually leach into the plastic unless you are washing it out directly after every use.

Stainless steel doesn’t absorb flavors but can impart flavors to the coffee. This can occur from one of the finishes used in the final production or a reaction with the steel and one or many of the chemical compounds found in coffee. Some coffee drinkers notice a slightly different taste to their coffee when drunk in a stainless steel mug.

Glass and Ceramic are neutral, in that they neither absorb flavors or impart and can be an excellent choice for the coffee connoisseur that wants to taste their coffee as it should. The downfall with glass and ceramic is that they are fragile and prone to breakage if dropped.

Buy The Right Accessory Mug

Now that you have decided in your mind what type of travel mug you are looking to fit under your K-Cup brewer, let’s talk about your options.

For the Mini brewer models, you are going to be limited to a few, and you will most likely need to remove the drip tray.

We like the Keep Cup which is a glass option initially designed to be brought to your local coffee shop and used in place of a paper cup. They have many sizes and variations from which to choose. You are welcome to bring it into our coffee shop anytime and have it filled.

For a more durable and less costly option, the plastic Oxo 10 oz travel mug is an excellent choice as well. Its double wall construction keeps your coffee warm on the go.

For the roughly the same price, the Keurig 12 oz can work as well. It has a plastic interior with a stainless exterior but offers you the option to enjoy a little bit more coffee.

For all other brewers we recommend these:

Keurig offers a 14 oz model in stainless steel that will fit under all other Keurig Brewers. It features a push-button control so should your mug tip, your coffee won’t spill out.

For a unique mug, the Chantal 10 oz travel mug is a triple insulated stainless steel mug that features a push button that then allows you to drink from any side of the mug. A pretty cool feature we’re sure you can enjoy.

And finally, we wanted to highlight the ceramic option. The Contigo ceramic mug is a 12 oz model that will give you unparalleled tasting ability but at the cost of its insulation period. While the above models will keep your beverage warm for up to 6 hours, this one only guarantees 1 hour. This can be lengthened a bit if you preheat your mug with hot water from your Keurig first.

Not all travel mugs are good to use with Keurig coffee makers; let me explain.

How Tall Of A Mug Will Fit Under A Keurig Mini B31, K10, or K15?

A mug needs to be less than 5-inches high to fit under the machine and the mug should be 4 inches high to fit without removing the drip tray.

This is actually an important thing to note because if you are anything like me you wont want to remove the drip tray.

If you remove it you have to store it somewhere and that just feels like clutter.

Although the Keurig Mini can accommodate five inch tall mugs it’s best to plan on using mugs that are four inches high or less to keep your machine in it’s easier-to-use state.

Most basic coffee cup will fit just fine but if you want to use any kind of an insulated mug then you really have to shop around for the perfect one because even with lids off the smallest insulated mugs tend to be taller than four inches.

Lower on this page I’ve listed some of the various types and kinds of mugs that fit under the Keurig coffee makers…and I posted my three favorite mugs for the Keurig Mini so I suggest looking at the bottom of this post for my reviews of your smallest options.

But for now however, I just wanted to simply answer the question mind in more detail because there a few different Minis by now and a few of them have different dimensions.

How Tall of a Mug can you use With a Keurig Mini Coffee Maker?

keurig b31 mini coffee makerThe Keurig Mini B31 model was replaced with the K10 and in late 2016 the K15 started phasing out the K10. All three of these units however them have the same dimensions.

See this older video of mine for a visual:


The most modern versions: the Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus are both actually a little larger.

You can fit a 6 inch mug under those without fiddling with drip trays so I think that’s a pretty nice upgrade.

With the drip tray removed on the older versions of the mini brewers you have 5 inches of clearance to insert a coffee cup or an insulated mug.

If you want to keep the drip tray in place then you need a mug that is less than 4 inches tall, which is awfully small.

In fact most of the normal coffee cups in my cabinet are between 3 and 4 inches tall with some over-sized mug’s that approach 5 inches.

Will Insulated Mugs Fit Under The Keurig K15 & K10?

As for insulated mugs only my desk mugs come close.

The Trudeau Umbria which I reviewed here stands just over 5 inches tall making it too tall for the older Mini brewers although they would fit under the new K-Mini and K-Mini Plus coffee makers.

If you are getting a Mini brewer for yourself or as a gift keep in mind their size truly is small and don’t pair the gift with a large travel mug as they are not complimentary.

Make sure to look at the store here in the 8-ounce travel mug section and the 10 ounce travel mug section this is where you’ll find the smallest insulated mugs with lids.

You should also try to find something that is designed to be more like an insulated coffee cup rather than a travel mug. The cup styles will be wider with a handle; they don’t typically fit in car cup holders. Because of the shape they tend to be shorter even with the extra double-walled insulation.

The best fit mugs however will be those that are insulated coffee cups.

In many cases ceramic cups with a lid and silicone sleeve around the exterior will be shorter than double walled tumblers and there will be more options for fit. For instance the 8-oz Keep Cups will easily fit under the Mini since it’s only 4 inches tall.

Thanks for reading and please share this post if you found it helpful!

The Best Travel Mugs for Keurig Coffee Machines

Best Travel Mugs for Keurig Coffee MachinesAre you looking for the best travel mug possible that will still fit under your Keurig?

You are not alone. Your huge 34oz travel mug isn’t going to that’s for sure and that’s why I decided to post this.

Below I have provided a list of the best travel mugs for Keurig coffee makers taking into account the appropriate Keurig mug height requirements of the various machines.

Read on please…

Or click here to jump straight to the mugs.

Let me Help you Find the Perfect Travel Mug to Fit Under a Keurig

travel mug for keurigIf you have a Keurig coffee maker then you probably know by now that not all of the normal insulated mugs and tumblers fit underneath them as nicely as the mug pictured to the right.

Not only are the openings small but even if normal travel mugs did fit they wouldn’t be very full because most of the Keurig coffee makers don’t make large amounts of coffee; they don’t make enough coffee to fill normal 14-16 oz mugs.

The trick to finding a good travel mug for a Keurig coffee machine is to find a short travel mug or a small travel mug that isn’t designed to hold large quantities of liquids. The best travel mug size is 14 ounces or less, even better would be 10-12 ounces.

Here are some of the smallest mugs which would fit under a Keurig mini, the smallest of them all.

I’ve been a big fan of single serve coffee makers since I first used my dad’s machine a few years back. I like drinking my coffee slowly so a cup at a time is nice. To have good coffee without having to brew a huge pot every time is great too.

Since these kind of coffee makers are so common now there is a growing supply of small insulated mugs out there that are perfect for fitting underneath Keurig coffee systems. You may even want to see these small insulated espresso cups for more options.

Here Are The Keurig Sized Travel Coffee Mugs I Like Best

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite top rated short travel mugs to fit below just about any Keurig machine. First on the list is the new(ish) Keurig Contigo travel mug which is the official Keurig travel mug with Keurig branding and all. It’s a very good mug but it’s not the only viable option.

short travel mug for keurig14 Ounce Contigo Travel Mug
by Keurig

This is the official Keurig travel mug. It is basically a Contigo Autoseal travel mug but only smaller at 14 ounces instead of 16. It is short enough to fit under all Keurig machines with a water reservoir.

The mug is definitely a high end travel coffee mug and it will keep your coffee hot for a long time will almost eliminating the chance of spills or leaks but for Keurig single serve machines it’s still not my favorite.

For some of my favorite insulated mugs see below.

Trudeau Umbria 15 Ounce Desk Mug

Of all those short travel mugs for Keurig though Keepcup is actually my favorite right now for all single-serve coffee machines.

They hold anywhere from 8-14 ounces depending on the mug you choose, which is a perfect size for pod coffee makers like Keurig and they’re not really designed to keep your coffee hot all day long which keeps their price down. For 10 ounces of coffee you really don’t need all day long thermal retention anyway.

Of course another option for Keurig machines is to just use a normal ceramic style mug with lid or cover. Assuming you are sitting at a desk this would also be perfect. You can see a post on those here – Coffee Mugs With Lids: An Awesome ideas For Anyone Who Sits At A Desk All Day.

My Review of the Stainless Steel Keurig Thermos by Contigo

This is one of the better thermal coffee mugs made. Contigo is consistently one of the highest rated companies making to go mugs for hot beverages. For a portable coffee mug however it is still larger than I’d like. That doesn’t mean however that I don’t think it’s a valuable purchase, because it is!

In my personal opinion if I’m brewing 8-12 ounce at a time I want a mug that is actually the size of a travel coffee cup, not a really small tumbler. Even still it is made to be short enough to work with all of the full size Keurig machines. It’s also built to the same quality as the main Contigo line of insulated tumblers.

For the price I think it’s totally a good deal so go for it if you want but my favorite is still the OXO Single Serve Mini and it’s cheaper too.

Last point…

Don’t Get a Mug to Tall For Your Keurig

Is your Keurig tall enough for travel mug use? The answer is yes but as you no doubt understand, each machine is different in size and shape so each one will have it’s own maximum height requirements.

For the popular devices being sold today, ie. the Keurig HOT, Keurig 2.0, and the Keurig Vue you can safely use a mug that is less than 7 inches tall meaning lots of mugs will fit. Check yours or see the ones list above.

Remember almost all of these machines make coffee in servings 12 ounces or less so even if your 16 ounce mug fits under the brewer it may be uncomfortably large. Your best bet will always be to use a smaller mug that holds less. You can start your search for mugs like this on the following pages on this site:

Thanks for reading and please share this on Facebook!

Do Travel Mugs Fit Under Keurig Coffee Makers?

Do Travel Mugs Fit Under Keurig Coffee Makers

Don’t you hate having to remove the drip tray to get your travel mug under your Keurig machine?

A while back, a long while back, I realized this was a problem when I got my first Keurig, a B31 Mini, and my favorite mug, my Thermos Stainless King, was to tall to fit under it.

Fast forward to today where their are far more options than there were back in 2010 and now I have a ton of options in my cabinet that will all fit under my Keurigs.

I even have some insulated mugs now that will fit under the Keurig mini that I used all those years ago!

My go-to for short mugs that fit under my K15 Mini that I use from time to time is my 8oz Kleen Kanteen which stands only 3.5 inches high.

For my modern K-Classic, K-Duo Plus, and K-Mini coffee makers almost everything fits under them except for the extra large mugs or some of the 20 ounce mugs that are somewhat common too.

Within the K-Classic and Keurig 2.0 series of machines however some of the cup openings were a bit small so let’s look at some of the most common combinations lower on this page.

If you are looking to find a Keurig sized travel mug then you’ve found the guy that can help you. This is only one of a few super short mugs that can fit into the smaller K15 Mini and if you are buying or own a newer K-Mini or K-Mini Plus then you have even more options because there is a lot more clearance for taller mugs in those newer machines.

For starters you can just scroll down this page a bit to see a few options or click through to this page to see the shortest of all the mugs, each of which is small enough to fit under the mini or other Keurig machines without having to remove the drip tray.

Can You Fit a Travel Mug Under a Keurig Coffee Machine?

I’ve got a lot of good travel mugs and a few good thermal desk mugs too. One of the most notable features of them all with some small exceptions is that they are all fairly tall and narrow as they are designed to hold a good deal of coffee and yet still fit into standard cup holders and bottle pouches.

For those of you who have or who are thinking of picking up a Keurig coffee maker you should know that many thermal coffee mugs and tumblers will not fit under the Keurig machines. Even with the drip tray removed and the lid removed from many travel mugs they are simply too tall.

This isn’t really their fault either as Keurig machines are designed to brew small batches of coffee – much smaller than the capacity of the most common sized travel mugs 14-20oz.

Most older Keurigs would only make between 6 and 10 ounces of coffee at once. These days 12-ounces is a new setting on most premium models.

There are however a number of quality travel mugs these days that are short enough to work with the older Keurig machines that had a lot less space for tall mugs and tumblers. Most of them require the removal of the drip tray on the smallest machines like the Keurig K10 but they do work.

For the Keurig Mini you need to use a mug without to be less than four inches in height to fit under the spout. If your mug is under 5 inches in height it can still fit so long as you remove the drip tray from the machine.

KeepCup makes some nice super-small travel mugs that are perfect for Keurig coffee makers. They are sized perfectly and look pretty cool too.

If you want a high performance travel mug however you’ll have to go to Contigo which has partnered with Keurig on a mug that is “designed” specifically for the Keurig reservoir machines. It’s basically a small version of their very popular Auto-seal line of travel mugs.

Basically it’s still too big for most Keurig portions in my opinion but it is a really good mug and worth checking out.

To compliment this page let me point you towards this post will help you find a bunch of small insulated mugs that would be perfect for Keurig machines. If you have a Keurig – or are buying a gift for someone with a Keurig machine – this page will be helpful in finding a good mug sized appropriately for all the Keurig coffee makers, Keurig mini included.

You may also want to see this page which features insulated espresso cups, some of which are big enough for a small cup of coffee.

You can also scroll down this page and take a look at a few short Keurig Mini sized mugs I’ve reviewed and tested.

Travel Mugs That Fit Under Small Keurig Coffee Makers

As a rule of thumb, Keurig spout and the plate is approximately 5 ½ inches tall. If you need a travel mug, make sure that it is at most 5 inches tall. You can get a 6-inch tall but make sure that the lid is removable. In terms of ounces, travel mugs that range from 8 oz to 12 ounce are better options for travel mugs that will fit under a Keurig.

Here are some recommendations.

KeepCup Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup, 8-ounce

Best features:

  • Leak-proof lid
  • Glass container body
  • No spill
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

See pricing on Amazon here.

KeepCup does not retain hot drinks as long as the Klean Kanteen but it can keep your   coffee warm for an hour, at most. You can enjoy your coffee in this insulated mug and bring it along when you travel. It has leak-proof lid and easy to drink opening. It’s also super easy to clean.

Stanley Adventure Vacuum 8 oz Mug

Best features:

  • Anti-rust stainless steel, food grade container
  • Can keep hot drinks for up to 4 hours
  • Leak proof cover
  • Splash-resistant

See pricing on Amazon here.

Stanley brand is favorite household name. This 8 ounce mug is no stranger to the good benefits of owning a Stanley.

Rubbermaid Leak Proof Flip Lid Thermal Mug, 10 oz

Best features:

  • Double wall insulation system for better heat retention
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

See pricing on Amazon here.

Rubbermaid is a very popular kitchen brand that has always delivered quality products that are practical, easy-to-clean and nice-looking. This mug is a great choice for professionals because of its nice cushioned pad and no-spill, leak-proof features, and do to it’s short size which is perfect for single serve coffee makers like Keurig K-Mini, K15, and other small K-cup coffee makers.

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug – 10oz

Best features:

  • Leak-proof and spill-proof
  • Push-button lid for one hand usability
  • Easy-to-clean lid, lid-lock feature
  • Can keep coffee hot for up to 5 hours
  • Lid is dishwasher safe, container for hand-wash only

See pricing on Amazon here.
Users love the push button lid because it allows them to use the Contigo travel mug with just one hand. It also has a lid lock feature to prevent from accidentally pushing the Autoseal button.

Klean Kanteen Double Wall Tumbler Lid – 8oz

Best features:

  • Leak-proof
  • Wide bottle feature
  • Good for Keurig single serve
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Vacuum insulated

See pricing on Amazon here.

Klean Kanteen has new models featuring wider bottles for easy cleaning and just the right height for users who have Keurig single serve. They can brew directly to the mug and bring it along wherever they go.

Travel Mugs That Fit Under The Keurig Mini, K-Mini, & K-Mini Plus: Your Best Options

Got a Keurig Mini coffee brewer? Thinking of picking one up? Be careful which model you get if you are a regular travel mug user.

Most small travel mugs don’t fit under the older model Mini Keurig machines such as the K10, K15, or B31. Those mini brewers truely are small and they are best used for regular coffee cups in and around the home.

The new Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus brewers however give you a lot more space to use a taller mug if you like but even they have their limitations.

First let’s look at specs.

The Original Keurig Mini (K15/K10/B31)
Keurig Mini K15If you have or are getting an older Keurig Mini then with the drip tray in place you can fit a mug of 4-1/8″ in height under the spout. This is really only enough space to fit a standard coffee cup under and even then it can’t rally be a tall one.

If you are fine removing the drip tray as many owners do out of necessity then you get one additional inch of clearance.

Anything measuring 5-1/8″ or less will fit under the spout with that drip tray out of the equation. In most cases most tall coffee mugs will fit under the spout but only a few super short insulated tumblers and travel mugs will fit.

Lower on this page I’ve reviewed your best options for mugs that are short enough to fit under a Keurig Mini but to summarize for you let me point you towards the KeepCup 8oz mug, the 10oz Contigo Autoseal Mug, and the Insulated Doppio Tumbler from GSI Outdoors.

Each of those insulated travel mugs mugs will fit under the K15 Mini when the drip tray is removed from the base and the GSI Doppio tumbler will even fit with the drip tray in place.

The New K-Mini & K-Mini Plus

Keurig K-Mini vs K-Mini Plus
The K-Mini Plus Is Pictured On The Left

In 2018 the new K-Mini was released as a better made product. Not only are the new machines better made, skinnier, and more feature rich, they are also more accommodating to travel mugs, tumblers, and larger coffee mugs of all shapes and sizes.

With the drip tray in place on the K-Mini and the K-mini Plus any mug measuring six inches or less will fit just fine and when the drip tray is removed you have enough clearance for a seven inch mug.

One of the best selling travel mugs in recent years is the 16oz Contigo West Loop and it measures 6-3/4″ in height with the lid off so it will fit just fine under then K-Mini when the drip tray is taken off.

Better yet the actual Keurig branded insulated travel mug is 12-ounces and 5-1/8″ tall so it will fit under the New K-Minis with plenty of clearance and without having to remove a drip tray.

There are actually a ton of insulated tumblers and travel mugs that will fit under the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus but as is always the case some are leaps and bounds better than others. Lower on this page I’ll review what I believe to be your best options but for starters a quick list of my favorites includes the aforementioned Keurig 12oz tumbler, the 12-ounce YETI Rambler, and the 10-ounce Contigo Autoseal.

Even still you have to really go out of your way to find a good insulated travel mug for one of these small machines. Not every store carries these shorter tumblers but they exist and you even have options in terms of quality and brand which wasn’t the case back when the first Keurig Mini was released.

I have an older post on keurig sized mugs but I wanted to highlight the mini brewing machines in it’s own post because, well, your options are much more limited and you can’t just buy a small mug and assume it will fit.

Travel Mugs For Keurig Mini Coffee Makers

The opening on an older Keurig mini is four inches and if you remove the drip tray the opening expands to five inches.

In most of the larger Keurig brewers the opening with the drip tray removed is around 5 3/4″ so this is noticeably smaller.

For a travel mug to fit the Keurig Mini it needs to measure less than 5 inches in height with the lid removed.

I’ve narrowed the field down to three really excellent insulated travel mugs that are small enough to fit into this space and listed them below.

I hope this helps!

The Oxo Good Grips Mini LiquiSeal Travel Mug

The Oxo Good Grips 9.5oz Mini LiquiSeal Travel Mug

The 9.5 ounce Oxo Mini travel mug barely fits under the Keurig Mini brewers so long as you remove the lid to the mug and the drip tray for the brewer. It is exactly 5 inches tall sans lid so it’s a tight squeeze but it’s probably the best performing mug in this size range.

If you want a mug that will really give you good insulation then this is the best option of the three listed on this page. The mug is also very leak resistant too which is great for the car.

KeepCup Barista Standard 8-Ounce Reusable Cup

The KeepCup 8-Ounce Reusable Coffee Cup

If you want something that’s slightly insulated and really small then you have to go with Keepcup’s 8oz mugs. They come in many different color combinations and they are made of a somewhat flexible silicone like plastic. Much like a paper cup can flex a bit these cups will do the same.

You can expect this cup (with it’s lid) to keep your coffee hot longer than a basic coffee mug but not more longer than 30-40 minutes. It’s super short too so you can easily get it to fit under a mini Keurig brewer, either the B30, B31, or K10.

BODUM Anywhere Travel Mug with Spill Proof Locking Lid

BODUM Anywhere 8oz Travel Mug wit Spill Proof Locking Lid

A lot like the Oxo Mini featured above this mug is 5 inches exactly when the lid is removed making it a perfect fit for the smallest Keurig brewers. This mug isn’t going to be be quite as thermally insulated but it will keep things hot for up to an hour depending on how fast you drink your morning coffee.

For the road this is actually a great mug because you can drink from anywhere on the lid’s circumference. You can seal it so it doesn’t leak or spill and there’s no handle to get in the way. I’m fond of this mug but it can be hard to find in stock at times.

In any event I hope this helps you out just a bit.

I’ve listed the mugs I would buy for the owner of a Mini single cup coffee maker in order of my preference but they all are worth buying if you ask me.

Also, If you are shopping for a mug to fit under a Keurig K-Mini coffee maker then your options are a lot larger. The K-Mini was redesigned to offer a much taller opening for the mug.

Even with the drip tray in place you can fit most small travel mugs under the spout. In fact you’ll probably be able to use nearly any small sized insulated mug you want. The opening accommodates anything up to seven inches tall when you remove the drip tray.

This is far more space than is needed for a single cup Keurig machine in my opinion but it does make things easier on you.

Anyway, make sure to check out my page for insulated espresso mugs and cups if you are looking for that sort of thing.

Most mugs featured on that page aren’t going to be road worthy but will be great for around the house. For commuting or general portability then stick with an stainless steel tumbler like those featured above or over on this page.

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The 5 Best Travel Mugs to Fit Under Keurig Machines

Incorporating a Keurig into my daily routine has been effective in knocking some time off my morning scramble. The preparation requires I check the machine’s water content, make sure it is plugged in, and insert a k-cup.

I love being able to put a mug under the machine and then walking away to tend to another task. I will start brewing, go take care of something else, and come back to a hot, freshly brewed cup.

My biggest dilemma is making use of my Keurig when I am rushing around. Coming back to a freshly brewed cup of coffee is great, but having to transfer that cup into a travel mug on my way out the door feels inefficient and wasteful.

There are lots of travel mugs out there that will fit under a Keurig. Some of them require removing the drip base to make room for the mug, while others fit directly under the machine. Choosing the right one comes down to your needs.

Here’s a summary your best options for tumblers that fit directly under the spouts of Keurigs and other k-cup brewers. Please consider this list of best travel mugs to fit under a Keurig before making your next purchase.

I’ve Reviewed Each of These Self-Filling Coffee Machines Below
Image Product
Asobu 5th Ave Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug
Check Price on Amazon
Asobu 5th Ave Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

► The Most Stylish Mug of Them All
► The double-walled vacuum insulation will keep your coffee hot for a long time and the fancy lid won’t leak either.

Keurig 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Travel Mug
Check Price on Amazon
Keurig 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Travel Mug

► The Shortest and Cheapest
► This mug is short enough to fit under even the Keurig Mini and the black version is very affordable. It’s been a long-standing bestseller.

Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug
Check Price on Amazon
Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug

► High Quality Construction!
► I’m a fan of this mug. It looks great and the lid is super nice to actually drink out of.

Keurig 14oz Contigo
Check Price on Amazon
Keurig 14oz Contigo

► Shortest Contigo Autoseal on the Market
► Contigo Autoseal mugs have long been a bestseller in the travel mug market. This one fits under most K-Cup brewers and performs like the big versions.

Mighty Mug Solo Tumbler
Check Price on Amazon
Mighty Mug Solo Tumbler

► No-Tip Double Wall Tumbler
► This mug is coated in a non-slip grip material and the base is designed to resist tipping over meaning less spills!

To see full reviews of these mugs just scroll down a little lower on this page.

Mighty Mug Solo Tumbler

This mug immediately caught my attention because of its ability to withstand knocks from 360 degrees. This means no more reaching for my drink and accidentally slamming it across the counter.

The mug has double walls and is designed to be sweat-proof. I am blown away by the fact that it will stay upright on boats, planes, and trains.

Since it fits perfectly in a Keurig, it would be a great choice for someone who is on the go often and travels regularly. Grabbing the filled mug can be the last step out the door, and the morning commute won’t get messy.

You wouldn’t know this mug is so durable, with its spill-proof technology just by looking at it. It has a clean, minimal look, just like many other travel mugs. I love the purple tumbler.

Asobu 5th Ave Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

There is something about carrying a stainless steel coffee mug around in the cold winter that just feels right. When I saw this polished stainless steel mug not only would keep my drinks hot for six hours, but would also fit under my Keurig, I was sold.

This tumbler is 13 ounces and fits in most car holders. In order to use it straight under the Keurig, the drip base must be removed, which may make this less convenient than the previous, which fits directly.

This mug is leak-proof, making it another option to avoid the mess that can come from taking drinks on the go. It comes in black, silver, brown, and white, each option boasting a refined and modern look.

Keurig 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Travel Mug

I love and trust my Keurig, so I was intrigued by what their own travel mug consists of. This one might not be the most eye-catching of the mugs, but it does everything I look for in a travel mug compatible with a Keurig.

The exterior is stainless steel, and the interior is plastic. I like the classic mug approach here, with a simple airtight flip lid and a nice grip to keep your mug secure and your hands a comfortable temperature. The lid is dishwasher safe, but the body needs to be hand washed.

This is a great versatile choice especially if you have multiple Keurigs. I have a Keurig at home, but also have one at the office, so this cup would be useful because I know I could use it with any Keurig machine, even the miniature ones.

Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug

I love the simplicity of this black, compact travel mug. It is designed to fit under a Keurig, and has a double-walled interior of stainless steel. This keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours.

This mug is clearly designed with comfort and elegance in mind. The sides are dented to create an easy grip, but it also adds to the overall shape and design of the cup. The matte black finish adds a unique touch, with just a ring of stainless steel visible from around the lid.

Like the previous cups, this one will fit into most car cup holders, and has a spill-proof lid. As far as overall function and design, this one is my favorite on the list.

Keurig 14oz Contigo

I like this travel mug a lot more than the other Keurig travel mug on this list. First of all, the overall look is clean, polished and elegant. I love the slightly rounded shape.

While some other mugs can stay hot longer, this one still has a five hour period where drinks will stay hot. I don’t need my coffee to stay hot longer than five hours, so this is a great choice for me. Being leak and spill proof is also a big plus.

I like that this mug is vacuum-insulated and has a double-wall stainless steel interior. The stainless steel exterior is captivating and gorgeous, and the Keurig label on the bottom looks more elegant on this tumbler than the other one on the list.

My favorite part about this one is the autoseal lid. You simply push in on the side when you are ready to drink, and let go when you’re done. It requires no extra energy as it can be held naturally with the thumb pressed against the button.

How to Choose a Travel Mug to Fit Under a Keurig Machine

Making a selection for the right travel mug to use with your Keurig can be a fun process. There are a few key things to consider, and the rest come down to personal preference and lifestyle choice. This list was comprised with a few key factors in mind: durability, insulation, size, and look.

The size and durability of the travel mug will vary based on your needs. All of these are great choices for putting under a Keurig, and they all have varying levels of durability. If you’re clumsy, something like the Mighty Mug would be a good choice because it can withstand being knocked over from any angle.

Look is important as well, because you’ll want something that is enjoyable to carry around day after day. Some mugs spend most of their time unseen in the car cup holder, while others never leave their human’s side.

Consider how often you’ll use the travel mug and how it needs to be cleaned, as well.

Travel Mugs to Fit Under Keurigs FAQ

How much coffee can a Keurig brew?

Traditionally, Keurigs brewed coffee at six, eight and ten ounces. Thankfully, for the avid coffee consumers, they have upped the brewing potential. You now have the potential to brew 12, 14, and 16 ounces with their K-Mug pods.

What is a drip tray?

The drip tray sits below the machine, catching any excess coffee that may have brewed over the sides or missed the cup. It prevents the hot coffee from dripping out onto a countertop.

For some mugs that require removal of the drip tray, you would simply detach the bottom and set it aside before placing the mug below the dispenser.

Are Keurig brand travel mugs the best choice to pair with a Keurig machine?

This question comes down to personal preference. I do not believe there is anything less-desirable about a travel mug that checks off all the right boxes but doesn’t have the brand name on it. The mugs in this list have a variety of functions, but one thing is true about them all: they are high-quality products.

With that said, the travel mugs designed by Keurig were designed for Keurig, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume they knew exactly what they needed to design in order to create an optimum product for their machine.

While other travel mugs may be perfect for use with a Keurig, they may have been designed with other functions in mind, which could potentially be a bonus depending on your needs.


Finding a travel mug that is compatible with your Keurig machine can make life a lot easier. Different mugs will work better with different lifestyles.

My favorite is the Asobu Coffee Compact Travel Mug. The black matte finish is beautiful, and I would love to carry it around on the go. The spill proof lid and dented, graspable sides match my needs perfectly, and help assure me I won’t spill all over the place while I’m on the go.

The mug stays hot for 12 hours, which is useful for me because I tend to sip slowly throughout the day. I drink coffee basically all day at work, but I really only go through a cup or two. Having a travel mug that will keep my contents hot for 12 hours completely eliminates the need for me to get up and reheat every half hour.

When making the choice for your perfect travel mug, keep in mind all things covered in this article. The hunt for a new travel mug will be a fun and rewarding one so long as you are able to keep your personal needs in mind.

This list of best travel mugs to fit under a Keurig should help get you started.

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