The 6 Extra Large Travel Mugs You’ll Fall in Love With

I can think of a handful a great reasons that everyone should own at least one extra large travel mug.

They are great for road trips, they can hold things like juice, soda, or water just as well, they can serve as an insulated carafe, they are good to take camping, etc, etc, etc.

And then of course there’s the cohort that really does want a large travel mug to drink coffee out of and for those caffeine addicts I applaud you!

In my home we have an RTIC Tumbler that I like a lot. I use it for coffee on road trips and also to keep milk cold if we’re going on a family outing and know the baby will need milk a few hours out.

Withing the extra large mug category there are a bunch of options and they are all priced differently. You can usually pick up a basic Bubba Keg for a lot less than a YETI Rambler because the Bubba Brands are usually made from plastic with foam insulation as opposed to vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel construction.

There is of course a customer for virtually all products however so below I’ve hand chosen my favorite huge travel mugs that I’ve briefly reviewed below.

Let’s look at the list.

Reviews of Our Favorite Large Travel Mugs for Sale Today

below you’ll fine our list of the best extra large mugs sold today. There are of course other styles and sizes that don’t fit int his list like 24-oz mugs or large beverage bottles so if you want something like that click on those links. Everything below is sized at a minimum of 30 ounces and each works like a travel mug that you sip on through the lid. I hope you find this list helpful in making a purchase.

Bubba Classic Insulated Mug, 52ozBubba Classic Insulated Mug, 52oz

The Bubba Classic Insulated Mug deserves the first place in this list for several reasons. First of all, this mug has a really beautiful look.

Next, this model also has a really good level of insulation. It has a dual-walled polyurethane with foam insulation which ensures that your coffee will remain warm even after a long time, so that you can always enjoy your warm coffee.

The people who have bought this model have loved these features so much that all of them suggest going for it. This makes this model one of the most recommended (if not THE most recommended) model in the whole market, putting it here on this list at the first place!

Bubba Keg 70 Oz Insulated MugBubba Keg 70 Oz Insulated Mug

The next model is also from Bubba. However, this is the Bubba Keg 70 oz Insulated mug. This mug has a pretty similar design and a pretty similar set of features as the last model, including the same kind of insulation as the last model- dual walled with foam insulation.

This is one of the features that make both of these models super functional, thanks to their ability to retain the temperature for really long.

At the end of the day, however, this model is one of the largest you might go for. This giant, 7o ounce mug seems to claim dominance when it comes to compare in terms of size, making this one of the models that the other models simply can’t come close to, making it a really good choice if you’re actually looking for a super large travel mug.

Magnum Steel Tumbler (40 oz, Stainless Steel)Magnum Steel Tumbler (40 oz, Stainless Steel)

Then comes one of those models that have a plain and unique look at the same time. This model boasts of a simple aesthetic that still provides a large volume for those people with smaller cup holders.

However, this one also has vacuum insulation, ensuring that it will be able to retain temperature for a long time. Being made of good quality steel gives it another advantage: Durability. Yes, this is also one of those models that are well known because of their high level of durability.

So, at the end of the day, this 40 ounce travel mug/tumbler presents you with a beautiful stainless steel body, great functionality and even a really high level of durability. All of these factors come together to make it one of those models that I simply must suggest!

RTIC 30 oz. TumblerRTIC 30 oz. Insulated Tumbler

And next comes the RTIC 30 Ounce Insulated Tumbler. This model has a capacity of 30 ounces, which might not make it look large, but that’s actually around the average size, and it’s still larger than a few others on this list, making its presence here justified. However, that isn’t all that there is to this model. This also has quite a few striking features that force you to at least consider it. These are as follows:

  • The standard 30 ounce sized that we mentioned is one of them, naturally.
  • Next, this model has a really plain but unique look which makes this a common choice for quite a few people. If you’re one of those people, then yes, you can just continue going with it since it’s a great choice.
  • This model also has a double wall vacuum insulation, ensuring longer temperature retention.
  • This model also has a lot of people who love it. This goes to show that people who have used it are satisfied with it, and that’s a really important factor to keep in mind.

Now, all these factors come together when you get around to considering this model and make you look at it the way the market looks at it: with respect. So, once everything is considered, this seems like one of the best choices that you might go for.

34 Oz ThermoServ Foam Insulated Coffee Mugs34 Oz ThermoServ Foam Insulated Coffee Mugs

The ThermoServ Foam Insulated Coffee Mug has a really nice look to it. To me, it somewhat seem to resemble a K-cup and that makes me love it even more (since I love k-cups too). But, the main thing is that this model is loved by most people because of its great insulation.

You heard me right, this model boasts of one of the highest levels of (foam) insulation among all the travel coffee mugs of this size available. So that’s one of the main things to keep in mind when you consider this option.

After all is considered, this 34 ounce model seems to be a really good choice to go for and so it’s a model that you simply must consider if you’re ever on the lookout for a large-sized travel coffee mug. I’m pretty sure that this model won’t disappoint you.

Bubba Hero Fresh Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Grip, 24 ozBubba Hero Fresh Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Grip, 24 oz

Let’s end this list with one more product from Bubba. So, the Bubba Hero Fresh Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Grip. This model says a lot about it with its name, does it not?

Anyway, this model provides you with an unique look and a really great grip. We all know how important gripping is when it comes to traveling, so that’s a really handy feature that this mug boasts. All of it’s features make this 24 ounce option one of the most probable choices and one of the best models to go for among all the ones available in the market right now, even if it’s on the smaller end for capacity.

Buyer’s Guide

Of course, there are some things that have been considered while compiling this list and it is really indispensable that you know about them. That’s the only way in which you can actually judge all these models properly according to your specific needs.

So, the main facts that have been taken into consideration might be summed up as follows:

  1. First of all, the fact that they have a large capacity has been kept in mind. After all, that’s one of the ideas around which the whole article is based on and we can’t stray from that.
  2. Next, insulation has been considered. When traveling, you might not drink your coffee right away, making insulation a really important thing to consider. Thus, we’ve considered insulation pretty seriously when judging the models.
  3. Again, features have been taken into consideration, such as the special grip feature of the last model in the list (Bubba Hero Fresh Stainless Steel Travel Mug). It’s the little details that count, so these have been given special consideration.
  4. And at the end of the day, the economic side of the story has been considered, as always. This might sound really common or even cliche, but there’s simply nothing to do about it. Affordability isn’t the same for everyone and so we have to consider it when we make a generalized list.

Travel Mug Comparison Information

Now, all of these factors have been considered while compiling this list for you. Thus, this list is the result of quite a bit of judgement. However, it is indispensable that you judge the models according to your own specific needs. That’s something that’s completely indispensable if you ever wish to find the best one for yourself.

Keep in mind that the best model for you isn’t the one that’s best for everyone else. It’s the one that serves all your needs at the most affordable, or most reasonable, price- this is one of the things that you must always keep in mind to be a smart shopper.

FAQ’s for These Big Insulated Mugs

Now, of course, there might be quite a few questions in your mind. And it’s time that we came to answering them. As your host, I’d be obliged to answer all your questions. Right now, I’m going to answer the most common ones asked. Should you not find your answer here, feel free to get in touch with me and I’m sure we can find an answer together!

  • Are the large models any different from the smaller ones?
    Aside from capacity/size, not really. The whole containing and insulating mechanism is mostly the same, it’s only the size that’s different to suit some specific cases.
  • What are some of the features I might look for?
    Some people look for a better grip feature, while some look for a better insulation. So, the best feature that you might look for varies with your needs, but keep in mind that there is a model dedicated to serving every need and you just need to search properly. For this, you have to know your specific needs.
  • Are all these models really safe?
    Of course. Safety is one of the main concerns given to the manufacturers. They had to get a lot of certifications from a lot of organizations to be able to produce them on this scale. Also, all of these are pretty large companies so you don’t really have to worry a lot because they are entirely safe. The fact that they are safe is also further proven by the people who have used them and love them. So, there’s no reason to worry about this.


So, at the end of the day, all these models (and even more) are available for you to buy. But you must keep in mind that it’s not just going to the market and buying a model. You must keep in mind that you have to do your research first. You have to judge every model based on your needs and find the one that’s the best for you to make the best purchase!

Gamble Bay Coffee understands that you want don’t want to waste money on an unsuitable product and we stand by your side all the time, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with anything to ask or discuss! We will await you and look forward for your next visit- thank you!

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