The Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot

This post has been most recently updated as of June 28, 2018.

If you read the following post you’ll see that I’ve always been a big believer in the Thermos Stainless King for maximum thermal retention but I decided to do a proper scientific test and test the effectiveness of the mug against all the mugs main competitors.

You can see the video I made for this test below.

You can click here to see the video on YouTube.

Since I made that video the Yeti Rambler has been a new comer to the market. It is an obvious competitor to Thermos and although it’s not in the video I think it’s worth looking closely at. It does have really excellent thermal retention but it is also roughly twice the price of the Stainless King. For me that’s a deal breaker but for you maybe not.

From here on is the original post in it’s entirety.

Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot
One of the biggest gripes I have about thermal mugs, be they travel tumblers, desk mugs, or whatever is that they don’t all keep your coffee hot for all that long.

I like sipping my coffee slowly. It keeps the volume of coffee I drink a bit lower and it means I have to go pee a little less frequently after having my morning Joe. When my coffee cup or cheap thermal mug doesn’t retain heat up to my standard then I either end up drinking my coffee way to fast or letting a lot of it go to waste once it get’s to cold for my liking.

Enter The Stainless King Travel Mug by Thermos

stainless-kingI actually bought this mug for my wife 2 1/2 years ago for Christmas. She was going to school and she always took he tea with her in a mug. I wanted to find her a good mug that would leak on her and so I bought her this one.

Truth be told this mug is pretty amazing for keeping drips and spills at bay but having used it for a solid 30 months now I can say it’s number on selling point is it’s aesthetic look (cool and sleek) and it’s ability to keep coffee (or tea) extremely hot for a ridiculous amount of time.

You can see the Stainless King on Amazon here.

Back when we got this mug my wife actually forgot her morning tea on the counter in this mug. It was sealed and the next morning she picked the mug up to make a new batch for herself and found the day old tea inside still warm! That’s insane if you ask me.

travel-mug-to-keep-coffee-hotWe use the Stainless King every day basically for 30 months straight. It’s held up well but showing some slight wear on the outside. Not much but a little. It still keeps our coffee and tea hotter longer than we need and it still never leaks on us.

Since we got the mug I’ve done more research on it and it appears that even in published expectations prepared by manufactures the Stainless King really is the mug that is supposed to keep coffee hot longer than any other and in my experience it really does.

Of course there are some worthy contenders which are amazing mugs in their own right.

Contigo for instance makes arguably one of the most popular mugs out there. The Contigo Auto-seal also keeps coffee piping hot for the better part of a day if left sealed and it’s main selling point beyond that is it’s ability to stop spills and splashes. With the Stainless King you have to manually close the lid to stop spills or splashes but with Contigo it seals automatically.

I personally don’t care for that because i means I have to manually open the lid every time I want to take a sip. To each his own I guess.

Here are a few other top of the line travel coffee mugs that keep drinks hot for hours upon hours.

Caveat: Some of the following mugs I have not tried myself.

Also, see our travel mug store for different types of insulated containers.


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