Do Keurig Machines Make Good Coffee? Are They Worth It?

Almost every year Keurig comes out with a new selection of coffee makers that are supposed to be better than the older versions. Additionally many non-Keurig brands come out with new k-cup coffee makers all the time – there are so many machines to choose from and they are all priced so differently but the question I want to address today is not which machine to buy or use but whether or not any of the Keurig machines actually make good coffee.

Before I delve into the nitty-gritty I want to summarize this entire article right here and right now.

Keurig coffee makers make a version of drip coffee that is usually acceptable but not great. All k-cups are filled with pre-ground coffee which is portioned for cups sizes that are smaller then most people want to drink from. The average person brews a watered down 10-ounce cup of coffee in a Keurig machine with water that flows through the grind too fast and that isn’t hot enough to brew a full bodied cup of coffee.

However, even with all that said, most people can brew good tasting coffee from a Keurig machine if they want to – the problem is most people don’t care to take the extra steps, don’t know what extra steps to take, or would rather brew good coffee through different brewing methods.

If you want to make good coffee from your Keurig machine… or you want to buy a Keurig machine that can make great coffee then let’s start with this short video I made all about the mistakes people make when brewing k-cups. If you can avoid these mistakes your k-cup coffee will taste so much better.

Now lets look at your options for brewing better coffee with a K-cup coffee maker. It doesn’t even realluy matter if we are talking about Keurig brewers here or non-Keurig units.

In short you should remember to brew smaller cup sizes as slow as possible. Here’s a video where I explain this in detail:

The size of your cup matters a lot when trying to make good coffee from a K-cup. Here’s a video I made a while ago showing the differences between a 6oz cup of coffee and a 12oz cup. Basically there is only enough grind in a k-cup to make a full bodied 6.5 oz cup so once you start running more water through the machine the last few ounces of coffee are very weak and significantly over-extracted.

And if that visual wasn’t enough I even ran another experiment brewing a 12-ounce cup of k-cup coffee and portioning out the coffee into 1-2 ounce portion sizes based on when the coffee comes out.

Take a look at this insane visual in this video:

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