Keurig K-Supreme Plus [SMART] Review By A Real Owner

K-Supreme Plus SMART Review

The Keurig K-Supreme Plus [SMART] is the newest Keurig model of them all, it was released in mid-summer 2021. The styling is almost exactly like the original Supreme Plus except the display panel has been changed to reflect more features, options, and even contour…because using the SMART functions you will actually be interacting with the screen more often.

What set’s the K-Supreme SMART apart is it’s ability to scan the tiny QR codes found on many k-cups and choose the exact settings for the k-cup as suggested by the manufacturer of the k-cup. It works with an app on your phone or tablet to brew remotely and to use the BrewID function but when not connected to WiFi the machine still works like a regular K-Supreme Plus, albeit a slightly better performing version.

I have added this machine to my list of best Keurig coffee makers but it’s not actually my favorite one. Check the list for more on that.

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To better understand what makes this new machine special we first need to look to it’s predecessors, the K-Supreme and the K-Supreme Plus, to see what feature sets they offer and how they differ from what this model offers.

I made this video to fully explain the differences between the Supreme and the Supreme Plus and to provide some visuals along the way. Give it a watch and then we’ll get to the value-add and the new features offered by the SMART edition.

If you’d like to see my unboxing of the SMART model then click here.

What’s New About The K-Supreme Plus SMART Edition?

The Supreme Plus SMART is basically the same thing except it adds new connectivity features and a mobile app that allow for control of the unit at the machine or from your couch.

Probably the coolest features of the connectivity side of this machine are the addition of Alexa control and programmed brew cycles.

If you keep a k-cup in the brew chamber and a mug under the spout you can open your Keurig app on your mobile device and program the machine to brew a cup of coffee at a set time – usually the mornign just before you go downstairs after your morning shower.

For people that don’t get up on a perfect schedule then the Alexa option is really nice if you have an Alexa device somewhere in or around your bedroom.

Again, if you setup the k-cup and mug the night before when you get up in the morning you can tell Alexa to brew a cup of coffee from your bedroom while you are getting ready for the day and when you get to your Keurig the cup is ready and waiting for you.

There are a handful additional of new functions added to the machine that don’t exactly have to do with connectivity. I wanted to explain these new features in the following video. Don’t worry I’ll add a written version of this below as well if you want to skip the vids.

See this post for a detailed look at the main differences between the Supreme Plus & SMART.

For me the most notable new features that have noting to do with WiFi is the expansion of pre-set favorites. I can setup ten favorites on my machine which seems like too many until you think about how many people might be using a single Keurig in a home. Two older kids and a pair of parents mean four people get to share ten presets so the favorite list can fill up fast.

In my home I have setup a favorite setting as a dedicated rinse cycle, I have a larger 8oz cup brewed hot and slow preset for my early morning cup, I have a preset for a 6oz cup that I sometimes make after dinner, and a fast brewed cup programmed for when I want to grab a cup of coffee as quick as possible just before I run out of the house for whatever reason.

My wife has a programmed preset for a 12-oz hot water because she brews tea a lot and wants a lot of hot water all at once.

Additionally the SMART gives you more granular control of the brew temp, giving you six different options, and the brew time through it’s strength selector.

If you want a cup of coffee fast you set the strength low and if you want a cup of coffee brewed to full bodied strength then you set the strength to it’s highest setting.

For those people that want string coffee but not so full bodied then you’d choose a strength somewhere in the middle.

See this post for more on how the strength selector works.

I should also note that when the strength selector is set high the brew comes out slow enough to splatter out of your cup so I like to use taller cups in my unit to minimize splatter on the machine and counter. As the brew speed speeds up the splatter is reduced so I can see some people choosing a weaker brew just to speed the machine up and reduce cleanup.

The Supreme SMART Looks Different Too

Although the SMART edition is basically the same style as it’s predecessors the trim is different. It uses a new shinier silver metallic trim and the screen on the top control panel of the unit is much bigger and fancier.

The LED screen is now set above the casing and on an angle making it easier to read when the machine is pressed back underneath a cabinet. This is important because it actually shows a lot of information and messages on that screen unlike the older Supreme models.

Of course this brewer also uses the five-point needle that Keurig calls multi-stream technology so the extracted coffee from a K-Cup comes out more even than the single point needle brewers.

I believe the coffee tastes better like this but it does mean you have to check and clean five different needles instead of one to prevent or clear clogs.

I’ve also found that when I use certain types of eco-friendly k-cups the multi-point needle has a harder time puncturing the k-cup lids. This happens most frequently when the lids are made from thick paper instead of a plastic film or foil lid.

Does The K-Supreme Plus SMART Make Better Tasting Coffee?

I believe that the coffee from the Supreme Plus SMART makes coffee that tastes no different than the regular K-Supreme Plus.

The multi-point water needle is the same, on the highest setting both the brew time and water temperature is the same, and both machines filter the water the same way too.

In my article explaining how good Keurig coffee can be I mentioned that these machines can only make coffee as good as the coffee in the k-cup and in most k-cups there isn’t enough grounds to make a full bodied 8-oz cup so the cup sizes come into play with this machine. Since it offers smaller cup sizes it can make coffee good enough with most k-cups and even better coffee when fresh ground is used in a reusable My K-Cup.

So long as you own a newly designed My K-Cup the SMART can brew with fresh ground coffee easily giving you a really great tasting cup anytime you want.

The only Keurig that makes better tasting coffee are the K-Latté and K-Café machines using their “shot” brew setting. That setting brews only two ounces at a time very slowly resulting is very bold tasting coffee. I usually brew three shots per k-cup using those machines to get a really amazing cup that none of the other Keurig machines can match.

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What Are The Best Alternatives To Keurig’s K-Supreme Plus SMART

The SMART is only worth paying for if you want connectivity features like BrewID, programmed brew, and Alexa integration. There aren’t any other alternatives that offer these features.

For people looking to only make a good cup of K-cup coffee then I usually recommend buying the regular K-Supreme Plus, the K-Café, or the K-Duo Plus for it’s ability to brew a full pot of coffee at once into a thermal carafe.

You should see my comparison of the Keurig K-Café to Nespresso’s Vertuo coffee systems to learn more about how Keurig machines differ and my comparison of the K-Duo Plus and the K-Duo (Special Edition) here to see why I think those machine are worth buying.

Lastly I think the K-Elite can be a better buy for some people who like to brew multiple cups sequentially in the morning and like the classic style of the K-Elite over the newer “boxier” designs.

Husbands and wives who both drink a couple cups every morning before heading off to work come to mind because the K-Elite warms up once and then brews multiple cups quickly without wait time. The single needle system is also something some people prefer because it’s simpler and easier to clean.

You can see my article comparing the K-Elite to the K-Supreme here for even more reason to choose one over the other.

Frequently Asked Questions I Get About The SMART

To finish up this review I wanted to briefly address the most common questions I get about the K-Supreme SMART one at a time.

How Big Is The Water Reservoir?
The water reservoir is 78-ounces in size.

Where Can I Buy The K-Supreme Plus SMART?

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