Keurig K-Café vs K-Latté: The Differences

K-Cafe vs K-Latte

I own both the K-Café Special Edition and the K-Latté so I thought it would be helpful to fully compare the two machines for other people looking to buy one or the other.

If you are considering getting a Keurig but aren’t sure which one to get then make sure to see the following page where I list and review all of the best Keurig coffee makers sold today. I literally own every one of them! I have a lot to say that should be helpful.

If you are sure you want a single machine that can make both coffee and espresso from a pod then make sure to see my comparison of the K-Cafe to Nespresso’s Vertuo machines. Both brew similarly so it can be a hard choice to make from the consumer’s perspective.

I also wanted to point out that Keurig recently released a brand new machine (summer of 2021) – it’s called the K-Supreme Plus SMART. If you are just browsing then take a minute to see my full review of the K-Supreme SMART and my comparison of it to the regular K-Supreme Plus.

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