☕️ Keurig’s K-Elite vs K-Select: How They Are Different + Which Is The Better Choice

Keurig's K-Elite vs K-Select

The Keurig K-Elite and K-Select are two of the best “old-school” Keurig branded coffee makers still sold in the market today. They were ahead of their times in build quality and feature sets and although the Elite seems like it’s the better unit of the two it’s not the one I recommend.

As surprising as it may seem if you are thinking about getting one of these two units I usually advise my readers and viewers over on the YouTube channel to opt for the Select over the Elite because it’s such a better value. It offers all the features you need and has a lower cost while omitting the features most people don’t need or care about.

The K-Elite offers an extra 4-oz cup size and includes a digital display that doesn’t present a lot of helpful information. The K-Select can do all of the features the K-Elite does and for a lower price making it a much better value. Both offer high altitude, strong, and iced coffee settings, both have big enough reservoirs, and both use the same single needle style and trim.

If you do want the smaller cup size option then that is only available on the K-Elite or the K-Supreme Plus & SMART…and if you are interested in the Strong button or strength settings that is also available on a bunch of Keurig’s made these days.

The K-Elite is probably the fanciest Keurig that uses an internal water tank but those tanks are loud and they typically brew coffee too fast anyway. I would recommend most people buy the slightly more expensive K-Supreme Plus over the Elite or save a little money by opting for the mid-range K-Select which I’ve got ranked fairly high on my best Keurig coffee maker page under the “value” section.

Make sure to see this page where I compare the K-Elite to the K-Supreme if you are unfamiliar with that device or the following page that compares the K-Select to the cheaper K-Classic machine which I actually rarely recommend.

For those on the fence, here is a comparison video of the Select and the Elite that I put together not that long ago. Give it a watch:

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