Top 32-34 Ounce Travel Mugs for Coffee

32 Ounce Travel MugsAside from our product selection of large travel mugs, these are about as big as you can get in terms of liquid ounces.

We’ve done our best here at GGC Coffee to select a large variety of 32oz travel mugs that will keep you coffee drinkers satisfied.

Check out our selection of water bottles. When you drink as much as 32 ounce of coffee on a daily basis, water will keep you hydrated and ready to drink more coffee.

Our Favorite 32 Oz Insulated Mugs [And 34 oz]

Most people are looking for 32 oz coffee mugs but for whatever reason most companies make them a bit bigger, 34 ounces actually. Probably to give you a little room at the top.

In any event the following thermal mugs are our favorites in this size. Some have handles and others are designed for cup holders with no handles at all.

Bubba Classic Foam Insulated Travel Mug with Handle, 34 oz

Bubba Classic Foam Insulated Travel Mug with Handle, 34 ozBubba Classic Foam Insulated Travel Mug with Handle, 34 ozIf you are looking for a big thermal coffee mug to take with you on the road… and you don’t want to pay a lot of money then THIS IS IT!

For years upon years Bubba has been making awesomely huge mugs that do the job just fine. They are foam insulated and keep your coffee hot plenty long enough for a long commute or raod trip and these big ones fit in your car’s cup holder and have handles too!

Reviews for this travel mug are sometimes mixed but because of their low price I don’t know how you could ever complain. Check it out.

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ThermoServ Foam Insulated Coffee Mugs 34 oz Blue & Black

ThermoServ Foam Insulated Coffee Mugs 34 oz Blue & BlackThermoServ Foam Insulated Coffee Mugs 34 oz Blue & BlackThermoserve has also been making lots of very affordable foam insulated travel mugs for a long time. Their mugs are not quite as large as Bubba mugs and they tend to design mugs that are used in a variety of settings – except for cup holders.

These travel mugs come in 34 ounce sizes (among other smaller sizes) and in tons of different color combinations.

Personally I like these more because they feel like a regular old coffee cup that just happens to be really big.

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Thermos Vacuum Insulated 32 Ounce Compact Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle

Thermos Vacuum Insulated 32 Ounce Compact Stainless Steel Beverage BottleThermos Vacuum Insulated 32 Ounce Compact Stainless Steel Beverage BottleIf foam insulation and plastic components aren’t your thing then this 32 oz stainless steel thermal travel mug will be just what you are looking for.

It’s the right size but it also is made without cheap plastics that so many people do not like to come in contact with their hot coffee.

Pricng will be a bit higher for this than the Bubba and Thermoserv mugs but the quality of materials and performance will be significantly improved making this a great value proposition.

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There are of course other styles of mugs in this size range too. There are beverage bottles, water jugs, thermoses, and related drink-ware. For more variety consult the short list of alternatives I’ve compiled below.

Here Are a Few More Large Travel Mugs to Consider

 Contigo Autoseal Grace Water Bottle, 32-Ounce, CobaltMore Info Homitt 30 oz Insulated Tumbler Travel Mug, Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel Tumbler Bundle with Lid, Handle, 2 StrawsMore Info Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle with Folding Handle, 34-OunceMore Info Simple Modern Tumbler – Vacuum Insulated Double Wall 18 8 Stainless Steel Hydro Travel Mug – Coffee Cup FlaskMore Info

Product Descriptions

  • Our 32oz mugs usually range in price from $15.00 to $35.00.
  • For the material, you can select from stainless steel, plastic, BPA-free plastic, foam-walled, or glass.
  • These 32oz mugs come with a strap, handle, loop or are made easy to grip so that you won’t drop them.
  • Many of these mugs have lids that double as cups to make drinking your coffee effortless; you also won’t have to dirty a cup!
  • Not all of these mugs will fit in your car cup-holders, so please be sure to carefully review the product description when purchasing.


Stainless steel: stainless steel mugs provide better insulation (keeping beverages hot or cold longer) than other materials, and do not stain as easily. Many of these mugs require hand washing.

Plastic: plastic mugs are definitely the easiest to throw into a dishwasher and microwave; however, they stain easier and may scratch as opposed to a stainless steel mug. But, if you’re worried about the type of plastic, make sure the mug you’re buying is “BPA-free plastic.” BPA-free plastic is also designed with resistance to withstand high impact.

Foam-walled: foam-walled, or insulated, mugs are designed to retain heat well and are also dishwasher-safe, unlike some stainless steel mugs.

Glass: Glass mugs are not usually the norm when purchasing a travel mug. These mugs are more for making a statement, than functionality. However, they still keep your coffee hot and cold and are super easy to clean. Plus, you definitely don’t have to worry about searching for stains due to transparency.

Additional Perks and Information

  • A close second to our large travel mugs, these are still quite big; however, instead of just being “large” you can expect to have 32oz of fresh-brewed goodness in any of these options.
  • 32oz travel mugs give you almost 4 full servings of coffee.
  • These can also be used for long road trips or camping trips, and can double as soup or other hot liquid holders.


If you still want a bigger size of mug, check out our large mug selection or this page featuring other select sizes and styles.

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