Our 8 Ounce Travel Mug Collection: Just What You’re Looking For

By | June 27, 2017

Don’t you hate how hard it is to find a well made travel mug that’s only eight ounces?

You wouldn’t think it would be hard since that’s the size of a standard coffee cup but it sure is.

I’m a guy that loves drinking my coffee slowly. I spread it out throughout the day so I love the idea of using small insulated cups, especially those with lids. As you might expect I’ve really got my eye on this market.

If you are looking for a small travel mug for espresso or a short mug for Keurig single serve coffee then please, read on. I’ve featured a lot of eight ounce thermal mugs below.

Why Would You Buy an 8 oz Insulated Mug?

Small 8 ounce travel mugs are perfect for home made espresso shots or small one-cup coffee makers. I have been using a Moka pot a lot lately to make an awesome bit of espresso-like coffee every morning but 6 ounces of moka doesn’t even come close to filling standard size travel mugs.

If you are looking for a quality insulated mug to take small amounts of coffee to go then I hope you find this page useful. There aren’t a ton of options in this category but you’ll find much more luck finding a good thermal coffee mug here than you will in your local Target.

Also, keep in mind that this page focuses on travel mug / tumbler style coffee cups. If you want a double-wall insulated coffee cup which is more appropriately used in the home or at a desk rather than out and about then check out this page or this one featuring many different kinds of insulated coffee cups.

If you are actually shopping for a small mug and don’t necessarily need something eight ounces in size then see our page dedicated to 10oz travel mugs here. You will find a selection of great travel mugs that are bigger than 8oz but still quite small compared to all others.

Is This a Good Size to Use as an Espresso Travel Mug?

Around my house I tend to think of 8 oz thermos as a quick and easy way to take a single cup of coffee into the car for a couple of morning errands. I frequently use my Umbria for drinking coffee around the house but when I hit the road a small insulated travel mug is all I need.

On the occasional morning however I make espresso or stovetop espresso and for those my drink only ends up being 4 ounces or so. When I use a smaller 1-cup stovetop espresso maker I end up with only a shot or two of coffee! For an amount this small a 8oz mug is a little big… it works, but it’s a little bigger than you really need.

Now having said that I know a lot of people who brew a quad-shot of espresso or even make a large cup of espresso with a couple of Nespresso pods. This will increase the amount of espresso in your cup and will fill a 8oz coffee cup pretty fast.

Personally I think having a small insulated coffee cup like this is worth it no matter what you drink.

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