Misc. Coffee Gift Ideas for the Home Barista!

coffee gift ideasEvery coffee enthusiast can tell you exactly which brewing method he or she prefers in various scenarios.

Most coffee lovers will even have one or more travel mugs, coffee grinders, coffee makers, or even espresso makers but even the most dedicated lover of fine coffee will be lacking a few key accessories that could take their coffee bar to the next level.

Buying gifts for someone is always hard but if you are anything like me then you probably lack a bunch of detail oriented accessories in whatever it is you love.

For me, as a home barista, I lack a number of things that aren’t always very expensive. They are those kinds of items that are “nice-to-haves”.

I own all the “need-to-haves” but the optional accessories are not as important in many cases and so people don’t always buy them for themselves.

Within the category of miscellaneous coffee accessories I lump a handful of coffee products that are actually pretty important to have. These kinds of things are still those items that not every dedicated coffee drinker buys for themselves so they still tend to make great gifts for mom or dad!

If you are shopping for premium coffee making equipment then I recommend starting at our top level store. Our best coffee grinders can be found here, coffee makers here. You can even see this page for our favorite coffees, kcups, or espresso pods.

For the random stuff though check out the sections below. These all make perfect gifts for a person who loves coffee and they also make great splurges for yourself too!

Coffee Scales

best coffee scalesDigital Coffee Scales
So you are using the freshest of beans, grinding them yourself. Brewing with meticulous detail and using only filtered water from a bottle! What next? For the coffee lover who is still scooping coffee into his or her favorite brewing device it’s time to buy them a proper coffee scale so they can start measuring their coffee grind precisely. Measuring by weight is the gold standard in making fine coffee and there are our favorite scales.

Coffee Carafes

Vacuum Insulated Coffee CarafesGGC believes wholeheartedly in making better coffee both in the cafe setting and in the homes of our customers.

The vast majority of people make coffee in drip coffee makers. These machines keep coffee hot by storing it in glass carafes which sit on hot plates. It doesn’t take long for hot plates to slowly burn coffee turning even the best coffee into something you wouldn’t want to drink even in the worst of circumstances.

For this reason we always encourage our customers to transfer their home brew into an insulated thermal carafe and keep it off a hot plate.

The coffee will usually stay at a nice hot drinking temperature for hours and you’ll never get that old burnt taste in your cup ever again.

Here are some of the pages we have on our site dedicated to the thermal coffee carafe.

Vacuum Insulated Coffee Carafes
Pump Coffee Carafes
Large Insulated Coffee Carafes
Small Insulated Coffee Carafes
Glass Lined Insulated Coffee Carafes

Coffee Urns

Small Coffee UrnSmall Coffee Urns (20, 30, & 40 Cup Models)
6 Insulated Coffee Urns (Cool Touch)

Water Kettles for Coffee Prep

Chefman Electric Digital KettleElectric Kettles for Coffee
Water Kettles are good for lots of things in the kitchen but for coffee prep certain kettles are better than others. Kettles that can get water to near boiling without getting all the way there are great while gooseneck kettles make pour over coffee easier to make. Like lots of coffee equipment a good kettle isn’t necessary it just makes coffee prep nicer and the good kettles featured on this page make for excellent gifts.

Coffee Containers

Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister with Airtight LidThe 5 Best Airtight Coffee Containers
One of the coolest gifts you can get for someone who loves there coffee is a high-end coffee storage container because even the best canisters aren’t all that expensive and many daily coffee drinkers don’t always make proper coffee a priority even if they make really good coffee regularly. Taking the time and care to store coffee grounds or beans can keep things tasting a lot fresher and once you get a good container it will last for years. Here our our favorites along with short reviews of each model.

Misc Coffee Gifts – Perfect For Anyone

We sell lots of different accessories for your coffee equipment as you can see above.

Some of our favorite items for ourselves and for others include high end carafes, scoops, canisters, decor, and other things that make good “gifts”.

Many accessories here are compliments to other flagship products in the main store while others are necessary replacement parts or various things as basic as gaskets and filters.

If you want to browse all our gift and accessories pages they are all listed below.

These all make good small gifts that most coffee drinkers would love to get as a present. You can see these ides in the list below:

Fancy Two-Tablespoon Coffee Scoops: 8 Scoopers We Love
The 6 Coolest Wooden Coffee Spoons We’ve Reviewed
Five of the Best Vertical K Cup Holders
6 of the Largest K-Cup Holders (That Are Actually Good!)
13 of the Largest Nespresso Capsule Holders

There are of course tons more gift ideas we can curate for you… we just need time to put the buying guides together!

Check back again and again as this page will continue getting longer and longer! 🙂