The 6 Coolest Wooden Coffee Spoons We’ve Reviewed

The Coolest Wooden Coffee SpoonsIf you like to measure out your coffee grounds every morning, then do so in style. There’s something satisfying about gripping a handcrafted wooden coffee spoon as you prepare coffee for your morning routine.

There are surprisingly affordable and impressive options available that don’t have to be in the traditional stainless steel. If you’re boasting a modern kitchen with decorative plants, like succulents, and wood textures, you’ll likely want to feature a continuous design throughout.

So peruse our choices of the coolest wooden coffee spoons out there today.

Wisconsinmade Handmade Wooden Coffee Scoop

Wisconsinmade Wooden Coffee SpoonsIndividually handcrafted in Wisconsin and highly polished with a natural finish. Layers of different woods (black walnut, cherry, oak, and maple), African Padauk accents make these incredibly well designed and great for showing off when prepping coffee for a group of friends. 

Each unique wooden piece is individually handcrafted and highly polished with a natural finish.

The design of these Wisconsinmade wooden coffee scoops features the unique African Padauk wood which ages to a deep burgundy color. So, perk up your morning coffee with this decorator wooden coffee scoop. These scoops are skillfully handmade with Wisconsin hardwoods by DHH designs and are made individually so each scoop varies slightly in coloration. Theses scoops measure five inches long and hold approximately two tablespoons.

Kero Outlets Bamboo Coffee Measuring Scoop

Kero Outlets Bamboo Coffee ScoopKero Outlets own bamboo measuring spoon is crafted by the artisans themselves, delving into everything from sewing to woodworking to jewelry. This may be a standard take on a measuring spoon but the bamboo is kept durable and ergonomic, and a great addition to your eco-friendly kitchen accessories.

Doubles as the perfect tea scoop, coffee measurer, or decoration item great for measuring any dry goods. The Kero Outlets bamboo coffee scoop is made in a unique fashion for a wooden spoon, whereas most are flat or contours, this one retains the traditional measuring scoop that one would expect in a stainless steel spoon.

Jonathan’s Family Wooden Measuring Spoons

Jonathan's Family Wooden Coffee SpoonIf you’re more partial to a non-bamboo spoon, then this hand-fired cherry will be a fresh and durable take on a great hardwood.  Natural, handcrafted wood cooking utensils for cooking and serving, made in the USA from food-safe, Pennsylvania cherry wood. Each wooden spoon is a beautifully designed work of art, handmade and sanded until smooth soft, then oiled with food grade mineral oil.

These Jonathan’s Family wood spoons are safe to use on non-stick cookware too. Hand wash using soap and warm water with a non-abrasive pad, occasionally oil them with natural coconut oil and a paper towel or cloth to keep them looking their best!

Antrader Wood Coffee Scoops

Antrader Wood Coffee Scoops

The eco-friendly, easy to care for, wooden spoons from Antrader come in a set of ten and work great for all your coffee making needs. These are a more traditional flatware style that is carefully crafted from natural wood, lightweight but solid, can make the table a natural fresh breath. 

Small and compact, but you’ll be glad you have a set of them when it comes time to entertain. They’re perfect for delivering coffee grounds from your container to filter basket or whatever coffee making device and procedure you enjoy. Antrader wooden coffee scoops are unlike any you’ve seen and make for a great addition to the kitchen.

JapanBargain Wooden Tea Scoop Spoon

JapanBargain Wooden Tea Scoop SpoonFurnished in fine cherry wood, these wooden scoops, designed for tea, are great to get loose grounds where they need to go. Delivering a clean way to keep coffee grounds on their trajectory with style.

This scoop is lighter weight than expected, but honestly, having a wide, shallow spade design like this really has allowed for easier scooping of loose coffee grounds. This set comes with a whisk for matcha green tea making as well. They are designed to look great as a set and make prepping a hot beverage easy. Enjoy these JapanBargain Wooden Tea Scoops for your morning ritual, and get caffeinated in style.

Mortel Designs 2-in-1 Wooden Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip

 Mortel Designs 2-in-1 Wooden Coffee ScoopOur coffee scoop is made from responsibly sourced 100% European Beechwood, known for being lightweight and durable. This eco-friendly alternative to a metal coffee scoop is safe for you and your family with no chemicals being used in production. Each scoop is beautifully produced to ensure quality craftsmanship.

The best days start with a freshly brewed cup of brew. That’s why the Mortel Designs 2-in-1 wooden scoop has a built-in bag clip that is long enough to seal the freshness and aroma of your favorite bag of coffee, this is the convenience you ask for, and the functionality you require, in an aesthetically pleasing design.

For your every morning routine, don’t wait to purchase a state of the art coffee scoop that will fit in with your home decor. If you’re craving a more refreshing and natural look in your kitchen, then this is a great place to start: the crossroads of function and beauty.

As for the rest of your kitchen, chances are you want an update. continue to peruse the rest of our coffee gear reviews and see what additions can really make your morning coffee routine more holistic and peaceful. There’s nirvana at the bottom of every cup of coffee!

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