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Coffee Makers (All Styles)

Nespresso Machine ComparisonA Comprehensive Comparison of all Nespresso Machines
There are a lot of different Nespresso machines and they all make great espresso so we’ve prepared this gigantic, comprehensive article for the purpose of comparing all the important things that differentiate the Nespresso machines. These machines are pod-style espresso machines so they work different than standard espresso machines and are worth a look as a stand-alone style of making coffee. If you think Keurig coffee forever then you may likewise see Nespresso as the paradigm shift currently happening in the espresso side of the market.

best stovetop espresso maker moka potStovetop Espresso Makers (Moka Pots)
The stovetop espresso maker makes a potent coffee that is served much like espresso in 1.5 to 3 ounce servings. The pot brews coffee under low pressure (1.5 bars) called moka which can replace true espresso in many espresso based drinks. Moka pots require a heat source from a stovetop or an open flame and they have no moving or mechanical parts. They are simple coffee makers that everyone should have for a whole host of reasons.

best drip coffee makersDrip Coffee Makers
There are so many different types of drip coffee makers on the market and they can range in price by hundreds of dollars. Some of the cheapest drip coffee makers can be had for less than $20 while you can easily pay $400 or more for one! We understand that most people will have budgets that fall somewhere in the middle and some will want single serve pod-based coffee makers while others want their machine to have a standard grind basket. We have structured our site to provide commentary, reviews, and recommendations to all people. To do that we section products out by style, features, and pricing to better serve our customers. No matter what drip coffee maker is best for you you will be able to find it here.

Nesco CU-25 25 Cup Coffee Urn, Stainless Steel BlackCoffee Urns
Coffee urns are the easiest way for individuals or small business to make bulk coffee for small, medium, to large groups of people. Most coffee urns make coffee just like an electric percolator so the coffee isn’t fancy but it’s way better than making new pots over and over and over during your functions.

Best French Press Coffee MakersFrench Press Coffee Makers
We are firm believers that everyone should own one or two french press coffee makers. There are so many different kinds and they are so affordable on the low end that you should own one even if you don’t make coffee very often as they can be very useful to have in the kitchen. Here are our favorites and our reviews of the best coffee presses sold today.

best coffee percolatorCoffee Percolators
People all across the world made coffee in a percolator throughout most of the 20th century. In those days most percolators were stovetop models that sat directly on the heat source. They worked just fine but they weren’t all that great at limiting grind spill, avoiding over-extracting, and keeping temperatures in a healthy coffee brewing “zone”. These days there are better stovetop/camping percolators as well as really awesome electric models. Here is our list of favorites.

top pour over coffee makersPour Over Coffee Makers
Pour over coffee is like a single serving version of drip coffee – the difference however is that the person making the coffee has full control over all the variables. You control the water temperature, the blooming of grind, the speed of the pour and the volume you make. In short you can always make better coffee with a pour over device if you want to and it’s the ultimate single serve brewer. There are of course a ton of coffee drippers and pour over coffee makers so we can help you as you narrow down your search.

Cold Brew MakersCold Brew Coffee Makers
If you know anything about coffee you know that cold brew coffee is very different from iced coffee and unless you want to DIY it with buckets and cheesecloth having a dedicated cold brew coffee maker can make things a lot more professional in the kitchen. There are a number of different cold brew coffee makers though, some of which are better than others. Check here for our thoughts on the products available.

best siphon coffee makerSiphon Coffee Makers (Vacuum Coffee Makers)
For the true coffee geeks of the world there are siphon coffee makers which all look like they came out of a lab somewhere. They look like you are conducting experiments on coffee itself. Instead siphon coffee makers work a bit like big glass moka pots. The heat source on the bottom creates a vacuum effect raising the water a brewing the coffee almost in reverse. These are the kind of products that you almost never see in stores and shopping online for your first vacuum coffee maker can seem pretty confusing so please check out our store pages on these interesting devices.

Coffee Grinders

best electric burr coffee grindersThe Best Coffee Grinders of 2022
These are the best coffee grinders of 2022 – all types and kinds of grinders where considered from a variety of price points.

Coffee, K-Cups, Pods, and Capsules

best coffee k cupsThe Best Non-Coffee K-Cups Available
We have lots of different k-cup coffee pods that we like and we have written extensively on this site reviewing and curating k-cup single serve pods for our readers and customers. For a dedicated resource on selecting the perfect non-coffee for your K-cup coffee maker check this page out.

Best Organic Coffee BrandsThe Best Organic Coffee Brands Today!
When making good coffee you have to start with awesome beans. You then grind it just before you brew and take great care to make the best coffee possible but if you do all this then why not go out of your way to make organic coffee in your own home by buying coffee from the best organic coffee companies out there. Here’s our run down of our favorites – did your favorites make the list?

Misc Coffee Accessories

coffee gift ideasCoffee Gift Ideas for All Coffee Lovers
Don’t want to buy something huge and expensive for the coffee lover in your life? That’s fine by us. There are actually a ton of random coffee accessories that make perfect gifts for coffee lovers. What’s great about them is that they don’t tend to cost too much and most people don’t buy nearly as many coffee accessories for themselves as you might think. There’s something here for everybody and we won’t make fun of you for buying a gift for yourself too! 🙂

best coffee maker cleaner and descalerCoffee Maker Cleaners and Descalers
No matter how lazy you are there is no way around the fact that you have to deep clean your equipment from time to time. Most coffee appliances can be rinsed off under cold water after most uses but with coffee maker machines in particular you just can’t do that..ever. You may rinse your French press out after every use but the machine needs a good rinsing too. The water sits in lines and on the heating element for days and mineral deposits form along side the growth of bacteria. You can obviously run plain water cycles mixed with vinegar to help keep things sanitary but these dedicated cleaners and descalers are worth using from time to time because they work a bit better.

Best Milk FrothersMilk Frothers and Steamers
Plain coffee drinkers may not need these items but if you make espresso or anything similar such as moka, Aeropress, or shots of Nespresso a good milk frother can make it really easy to make any mixed espresso drink. There are many frothers that are priced wildly different. Frothing wands being the cheapest and electric counter-top milk frothers being the most expensive. No matter what you want in your kitchen let us guide you as you shop, here.

best pour over kettlePour Over Kettles
If you make tea or pour over coffee very often you no doubt understand how hard it can be to pour water from the boil out of a sauce pan into your cup! Tea kettles make this a lot easier but especially for brewing techniques that require a slow steady pour these specially designed pour over kettles cant be beat. Whether you are looking for something that sits on the stovetop or operates with electricity, we’re confident that these are the best options for you.

Travel Mugs & Other Coffee Cups

best travel mugs for coffeeBest Mugs To Keep Coffee Hot
We believe everyone should own at least one really nice travel mug. Cheap travel mugs can be had anywhere but they don’t perform well, are hard to keep clean, aren’t durable. We advise our customers to buy the best mug every time because they don’t cost a lot more and they won’t end up as clutter in the back of a kitchen cabinet. You can see our big selection of travel mugs, tumblers, and beverage bottles here.

Full Product Reviews

Here at GGC we use a variety of techniques to get the perfect cup. We make a mean shot of espresso, brew pour over coffee, and make standard drip as good as anyone.

For our readers that also like to brew good coffee in the home we have our favorite devices.

Many of these highly recommended accessories we’ve featured on this site many times in many different articles on top of the following full product reviews listed below.

We’d like to invite you to see all the posts on our site which contain full product reviews.

These reviews take longer to complete so we don’t have a ton of them but for those items we have reviewed they can easily be found below… and yes, we love each of these devices and recommend them to all of our customers.

You can see those reviews in the following list.

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