The 5 Largest K-Cup Holders: High Capacity Coffee Pod Storage Solutions Reviewed

If you are an avid Keurig user, you probably have a lot of K-Cups laying around. The great thing about Keurig machines is they add a level of convenience to our lives that a lot of other brewing methods can’t match, but storing the pods can be a challenge.

While being able to brew a fresh, consistent cup of coffee every day is amazing, the pods themselves present the most hassle for Keurig users. If you run out of pods, you can’t make a cup of coffee, and that is a bad surprise for a Monday morning.

The best way to go about Keurig coffee brewing is to be prepared with a stock of K-Cups. No matter what kind of coffee you are brewing with your machine, you will need a K-Cup to do it.

Luckily there are a lot of high quality K-Cup holders out there that can store a large amount of pods. Finding a place to store a large supply of coffee capsules can be difficult, so these K-Cup holders can add even more convenience to your coffee setup.

If you’re looking to store a lot of K-Cups, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the largest capacity K-Cup holders to make shopping around easier for you. We’ll be looking at the following five biggest k-cup holders listed in no particular order:

Now, let’s get to the reviews.

Nifty 4-Tier 72 K-Cup Capacity Storage Drawer

This K-Cup storage drawer is a great choice for storing K-Cups. It can hold 72 pods at a time, which means you will have a large supply ready at all times.

The look of the drawer is classy and sleek, almost resembling an office supply holder. There are four different layered drawers, with black fronts that conceal the pods inside.

The storage drawer is only seven inches wide, so it will not take up much counter space. It would look great set up next to a Keurig coffee maker.

Masthome K-Cup 2-Tier Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

This storage drawer only has two tiers, and just a little over a foot wide. It has just a little less capacity than the previous, holding 72 K-Cups at a time.

The drawers are easy to open and close, and the surface is easy to clean. It even comes with a free cleaning cloth to tidy up the drawer. It also has an anti-slip bottom so it will stay in place.

The design is sleek and would make for easy stacking. Although it takes up more counter space than the previous, it leaves a lot of room for stackable design.

Coffee pod Holder Revolving Capsule Rack

This K-Cup holder is a vertical revolving rack. It would look best in an office space or shared lobby where users can spin it around and look at all the options.

It can hold 48 K-Cups, and they can easily be organized in rows by flavor. The body is made of stainless steel, and the base is lined with non-slip felt to keep secure on a countertop.

The base rotates 360 degrees, and is designed to prevent scratches to any surfaces.

Mind Reader 50 Capacity K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Pod Holder

This coffee pod holder has a unique design. It resembles a suitcase or a large lock, with its black design, square shape and small hook to carry it by.

It can hold up to 50 K-Cups, and is easy to take on the go. Every pod is visible, making for easy selection of flavors.

There is a patent pending on the self-locking system implemented in this K-Cup holder. Essentially the pods are suspended in place and cannot fall out, even when held at 90 degrees.

The holder is light and easy to store or take with you to a new location, even when filled with  pods.

NIFTY 6414

This one is similar to the other NIFTY K-Cup holder listed, though it holds less pods and has less tiers. It can hold 54 K-Cups at a time, and is just one single drawer.

The device is small and compact, and would not take up much counter space. It has a black satin finish which looks classy in a kitchen setting. The Keurig machine can easily be placed on top of the storage drawer, as it is designed to be the right fit. This would save counter space and tie the look of your equipment together.

Pod Drawer Organizer

This organizer is white, unlike most of the other K-Cup holders. It sits at one level, but has three separate drawers side by side. It offers the least storage of the list, at a capacity of 36 pods.

It also has a heat resistant panel, which is meant to keep the drawer safe if you choose to place your Keurig machine on top of it. The design is perfect for stacking, so this would be a great counter space-saving K-Cup holder.

It comes with a frothing wand, so you can make a delicious latte or cappuccino to go along with what you brew from your pod. This is a great additional feature as it allows the user to get more creative with their pod-based coffee.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes down to it, finding the right K-Cup holder is all about personal needs and preferences. Start by figuring out how many pods you want to be able to store at a time.

If you never buy enough packs of K-Cups to even fill a 72 pod storage device at a given time, it wouldn’t be necessary to purchase one that big. You’ll just end up with extra space.

If you buy large amounts at a time, make sure you’ll be buying a holder that can store all of the pods at once. Buying a K-Cup holder that only stores half of your pods will result in having to find a spot to store the pods that don’t fit.

Once you’ve figured out how many pods you’ll need to store at a time, the biggest factors come down to style and cost. Most K-Cup holders are pretty affordable, so be sure to look at the options and figure out what you’d be willing to pay.

If you don’t like the look of drawers, you may want to go for a storage device that is vertical and stores pods in a rotating device. This puts your coffee more on display, which may or may not be the desired result.

The drawers are a good choice for someone who wants to cut down on counter space as well as conceal all of the coffee pods. A lot of them offer a sleek, elegant way to store all your pods with only the front of the drawer visible.

Just be sure to think about what your personal tastes are, and figure out how you want your setup to look. There are a lot of ways you can go with storing pods, so you’ll just need to narrow down a look and run with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I store other pods in these containers?

If you have other pods, you will need to check with the specific product you choose. A lot of these storage devices are specifically meant for the brand they are representing.

Since most pods are not compatible with other brand machines, it’s safe to say most storage containers will need to be aligned with the brand pod you are using.

How many pods can smaller capacity K-Cup holders contain?

Just like these larger capacity holders ranged in their capacity, so do smaller ones. Most available on the market range between 24 and 36 pods. These are great for displaying in a small office or lobby where people can browse and choose their own flavor.

Can I store other items in the containers?

This also depends on which model you choose. Some have specifically designed holes that only K-Cups will fit in, and others have a more open design that fit K-Cups but can also store other items.


Now it’s time to have fun and select the right K-Cup holder for you. This is the best part!

Whatever design you choose, be sure to align it with your own needs and aesthetic preferences. There are a lot of different varieties out there, so there is a lot of room to find the right one for you.

Personally, I like this pod organizer because all of its overall functions fit my needs the best. I also like the style, and find the white with three separate drawers to be an appealing choice.

Most of my coffee items are black, so it adds a nice contrast. I plan to stack my Keurig on top to save counter space, and the heat resistance technology makes it that much easier to do.

The inclusion of a frothing wand is what sold it for me though. I love my Keurig, but I do find that I get bored brewing the same drinks from a pod each day. With the frothing wand, I could make a variety of different flavored steamed milk and have different coffee drinks each day.

Others might need more capacity, and should go for one that holds more than 36 capsules. It just depends on your needs.

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