Five of the Best Vertical K Cup Holders

Vertical Storage Options for K-cupsSearching for extra space, but still, need that Keurig brewer to get you out the door in the morning?

Try a vertical k-cup holder.

It’s space-saving and effective for organizing all the flavors one might want for their K-cup agenda. Here’s our list of the five best vertical K-cup storage options.

Vertiflex Single Unit Coffee Pod Holder

Vertiflex vertical k-cup storageWith a 35-Pod Capacity, this Vertiflex is stylish, albeit the least space-effective on our list. However, the interesting design is enough to make it worth including. Built to last, and constructed of a commercial grade plastic, it’s also stylish enough to transcend. This sleek black pod holder is not only one that is vertically adept but also thin and makes organization of your counter easy.

The Vertiflex is also capable of being stacked with other units if you need more storage. Since these are so affordable they are likely to offer a storage solution for any office, of any size. It’s likely that these storage units will fit most any decor, and even seem fitting in an architecture firm, under the most scrutinous of designers.

The Vertiflex single unit is a great way to store K-cups and optimize space for any scenario.

Nifty K-Cup Carousel

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this staple of K-cup organization. The Chrome Carousel that makes our dreams come true, with the little effort involved in organizing and dispensing K-cups here, it is no wonder that these are seen in offices around the world.

If you need something simple and structurally sound, then these carousels are a great option. Tired of reading our in-depth reviews when you could simply buy something on the spot that you know will work. This is it. Holds up to thirty-five k-cups and rotates on a lazy susan base. Don’t worry about tipping it over and damaging it, this thing is sturdy. The Nifty K-cup Carousel is a classic for many reasons, try it out for yourself.

Storage Theory Pod Holder

Storage TheoryOn the other end of the space-saving spectrum is this twenty-two K-cup Capacity Wall Display. Simply mount around an existing outlet cover to free up space. This is a unique piece for a modern home and provides actual functionality while maintaining style. The top and bottom rows are removable as well so you can fit low clearance areas as well.

The BPA-free construction of the Storage Theory pod holder can fit any K-cup pod and allows for a display that is convenient for those in search of the optimum flavor to start the morning.

Love modular design or mid-century modern? You’d be surprised how well this simple storage device will work with your previous decor. Fits up to twenty-two pods for a customized morning brew.

Mind Reader K-Cup Carousel

Mind Reader Pod DispenserThe Mind Reader is another great way to display k-cups for morning use. No need to stumble through your kitchen cabinets looking for the next way to brew coffee. This is a fantastic way to start the morning right.

The Mind Reader K-cup carousel does exactly what the brand name tells you it does. Never worry about making the wrong flavor or strength of coffee again. Instead of throwing pods in a drawer or leaving boxes of k-cups laying around, get organized and help the flow of your morning in the best way possible.

The ability to organize between decaf, chai tea, and various kinds of coffee is obviously important as is the three hundred and sixty-degree rotation. Another aspect of this carousel is that one can easily take it on the go with them for business trips or just to the office and back.

Keurig K-Cup Countertop Storage Drawers

Keurig Storage DrawerKeurigs own design for pod storage is an impressive one. Two drawers fit pods sideways and vertical for a storage solution that means business.

This Keurig K-cup storage drawer also keeps K-cups out of sight if that’s your thing. The design of the countertop storage drawers is very sleek and modern, which is perfect for display in a prominent place in your kitchen. Not distracting and not begging for your housemates to come and brew all your K-cups either.

One can also change the orientation of the drawers so that they open on different sides, thus making it easy arrange this storage unit next to any wall or refrigerator that you may put it up against.

Mind Reader Wall Mounted K-cup Storage

Mind Reader Wall Mount StorageAnother Mind Reader product makes its way onto our list as it represents the quintessential organizer for K-cups. Store k-cups for fellow office dwellers or roommates.

The corkboard header makes it easy to leave memos right where your intended audience will reach them. This unique coffee pod dispenser will stick to any surface including your refrigerator or wall. Fill K-Cups at the top and have them dispense from the bottom of the unit.

The Mind Reader Wall Mounted K-cup Storage device is a favorite K-cup storage option that makes it easy to share.

Hopefully one of these storage options is space-saving and efficient enough for your needs. Vertical storage is obviously the best route if you want counter space for other activities in the kitchen. However, maybe you need another kind of pod storage system if you’re privy to the Nespresso line of pods?

Check out the rest of our blog for more information on other kinds of coffee making gear, single pod brewing systems, and storage.

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