The Best Coffee Grinders for 2020: +Buyers Guide, Reviews, & Comparisons

There is no doubt that having your own coffee grinder at home is best for those who care about getting the best cup of coffee possible.

We also know that although there are some good manual burr grinders on the market the best grinders tend to be electric.

Below you’ll see that we have split the electric grinder category into many different curated sections.

Below you can see links to both burr grinders as well as links to cheaper blade grinders.

We also have provided easy access to coffee grinder-brewer combination units although most enthusiasts will advise getting dedicated devices for each.

We’ve also taken all the electric models we carry (or follow) and sorted hem into categories based on their features that may appeal to certain people more than others. You can find those specialty pages in the list below.

Here are the best coffee grinders of the year plus my thoughts on which one is best + comparisons.

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