OXO On Barista Brain Vs. Behmor

OXO and Behmor are two very well-known names on the coffee market.

They make a number of great devices and accessories, but coffee lovers tend to especially enjoy their coffee makers!

When you’re looking for an upgrade, the OXO On Barista Brain and Behmor Brazen Plus are top choices.

Take a look at these great options, and you’ll be able to see exactly what they can do for you!

Read on, and enjoy!

OXO On Barista Brain


The look of the OXO On Barista is very modern, ensuring that it’ll look great in just about any kitchen.

Furthermore, it brews your coffee to exact heat specifications, at 197.6 to 204.8 degrees.

On top of that, the shower head design is a great method for saturating all of your grounds thoroughly.

It also offer s a great interface with LED capabilities, allowing you to easily see the level of freshness and status of the coffee maker.

You’ll also be able to make all the controls you need with just a single dial, which is very user-friendly.


For those who enjoy sharing their coffee, you can also make up to 9 cups with this machine.

Thanks to the Barista Brain feature, you’ll also be able to trust that all of your operations are carefully monitored.

You’ll also be able to set a convenient timer so that you can wake up every morning to a freshly-brewed cup of coffee.

If you want the absolute freshest brew, OXO also makes grinders that you can use with fresh beans.

That way, you’ll get a fresh cup every time!

This is definitely a coffee maker that many people love.


  • Makes delicious coffee
  • Excellent thermal carafe
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to use


  • “Pause and Pour” feature can cease working
  • Some units can arrive in nonworking condition
  • The time it takes to brew can increase over frequent use


The aesthetics of this device allow it to fit into just about any decor easily.

In between your drinks, the carafe is also great for keeping your brew hot in between drinks.

Many customers also find this to be an option that is solidly-built, so you’ll be able to rely on it for a long time.

That said, in rare cases customers can receive nonworking units.

Some can also find that the feature designed to allow them to pause the brewing to pour a quick drink can cease working correctly.

In other cases, the brewing can start to take longer after it has been used for a longer time.

Behmor (Brazen Plus)


For the sake of developing a solid comparison, we’re going to look specifically at the Behmor Brazen Plus, but keep in mind that there are many other fantastic Behmor models and devices as well.

This device is able to brew 40 ounces at a time, which is perfect for most people.

It’s a great option for getting the grounds fully saturated, resulting in a better brew.

Furthermore, it offers a programmable start time, which allows you to set it to start whenever you need it to.

It’s also a rather compact device, so it should fit just about anywhere without taking up too much space.

This is another choice that includes a thermal carafe, which is great for keeping your coffee hot after it has been brewed.

It also allows you to calibrate the temperature, including for those who live in higher elevation places.

There’s also a pre-soak option, which allows the coffee to be fully saturated before brewing.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the deepest flavors of the coffee.

In addition, it also offers a pulse brew as well as a larger shower head for ensuring that you get even flavor and benefits.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Solidly-built
  • Pre-saturation
  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature control is highly customizable


  • Water leakages
  • Can cease working unexpectedly
  • Customer service issues


The Behmor Brazen Plus is a great option for those who want a solid coffee maker.

It offers a great look as well as plenty of ways to get the best possible saturation of your grounds.

Furthermore, it’s easy to set the temperature controls exactly as you need so that you can get a perfectly-heated brew.

That said, keep in mind that some users can find issues with water leakages in this model.

In more rare instances, the device can sometimes cease working altogether with no apparent cause.

Some customers have some issues getting their needs involving warranties met.



There can be a decent difference in prices between these two models, but it can really depend on where you purchase them.

Typically speaking, the OXO is the option that is going to be a little more budget-friendly.

While it is less costly, you wouldn’t be giving up a lot in the way of features.

Both of these coffee makers have received a lot of great reviews, which goes to show that they both have a lot to offer.

It’s going to be important to compare them very carefully while making your choice, so that you can get the best possible value.


There are a variety of features to keep in mind while you’re comparing these two devices.

The first is in regard to the quality of the device overall.

While the OXO provides some great features like the LED display, easy-to-view water reservoir and the overall look.

Meanwhile, the Behmor is able to provide a variety of different controls including the water temperature.

The Behmor also allows you to adjust the temperature for higher elevations, which the OXO doesn’t provide.

Both also offer stainless steel carafes to help with keeping the heat in while the coffee waits to be polished off.


In addition, you can expect a decent amount of durability from both coffee makers.

They’re both quite easy to clean, so they won’t give you too much of a headache.

If speed is something you’re concerned about, then the OXO may be the better option, as it brews a little more quickly than the Behmor.

However, you’ll want to consider the ideal saturation when choosing something that brews more quickly.

Both choices are relatively compact, and offer modern looks that will fit into just about any home easily.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Behmor is a king when it comes to versatility.

You can also compare the OXO to the Bonavita or check out other options with thermal carafes!

Which Should You Buy?

It can be tough to decide which coffee maker is best for you.

However, there are a few ways to figure it out based on what’s most important to you.

For example, if you don’t reside in a place that has a very high elevation, the OXO can work perfectly well.

It’s also an ideal choice for those who want a simple design and a great aesthetic.

However, if you want something that is highly versatile, the Behmor is a fantastic option.

This is a device that has a number of fantastic features, including the ability to adjust the temperature for those who live far above sea level.

Keep in mind that this is an option that can require a little more technical know-how.

No matter which you choose, you’ll surely get some delicious coffee and a reliable machine that you can enjoy daily.

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