Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder Vs Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder + Infinity

Mr Coffee vs Capresso grinder

If you’re looking to begin grinding your own fresh coffee beans, a quality grinder is a necessary tool to have around.

There are a few different kinds of coffee grinders out there, including conical, burr and blade styles.

Each of these options offers different benefits, and may succumb to different downfalls.

Many customers tend to prefer a burr grinder, due to their reputation for sturdiness and reliability.

Two such examples are the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder and the Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder.

Here, we’re going to compare these two popular devices to find the one that will be more suitable for you.

Read on and enjoy!

Mr. Coffee

Mr Coffee grinder


The Mr. Coffee grinder is a great option for those who want something that works well, but doesn’t come in at too high of a cost.

It’s made with a container to hold the beans as well as plenty of space for the resulting grounds.

To be more specific, this device will be able to hold up to half a pound of coffee beans.

That’s likely to be more than enough for most users!

With the help of this grinder, you’ll be able to experience a better cup of coffee made with fresher beans.

You’ll also be able to use this grinder without having to worry about it creating too much heat that can cause changes to the coffee beans or grounds.

It’s made to just get the job done as needed, so that you can enjoy fresh grounds and a delicious brew.

In addition, it’s made to ensure that your grounds are uniform, creating exactly the texture you’re looking for.

All you have to do is select your settings and get started!


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Allows you to use fresh beans, ground up as needed.
  • Gives you a greater control over the coarseness, amount and overall grinding process.
  • It’s a sturdy, durable device.
  • You’ll be able to grind larger amounts.
  • Comes at a very affordable cost.


  • This is a loud device.
  • The “Power On” light is somewhat bright.
  • Some customers can experience issues with it clogging up.


For starters, this device isn’t going to be one that ends up as an eyesore in your home.

It has a great look that will show visitors that you really know what you’re doing in regard to your coffee.

Another great aspect is that it’s going to be able to hold plenty of grounds, which is ideal for households full of heavy coffee drinkers.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this isn’t a quiet device.

It’s not recommended that you attempt to use it in the early mornings unless you’re trying to awaken the whole house.

Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder

Capresso grinder


When using the Capresso, you’ll have access to 17 different grind settings.

Because of that, you can be assured that there will be a setting to suit what you need for just about any brewing method or type of coffee beverage.

It’s truly a fantastic way to get the best possible brew through the ability to grind up fresh beans on an as needed basis.

You’ll also be able to grind anywhere from 2 to 12 cups, so you’ll have plenty of room whether you just need a quick, small batch or enough to share with the whole family.

Each container, both for fresh beans and the resulting grounds, is able to hold up to half a pound.

It makes for a great place to store grounds as well as create them, but keep in mind that the freshness can fade out pretty quickly!

For added safety, this device also uses an automatic stop whenever any of the containers or lids aren’t in place.


  • Works well for everyday use.
  • Runs more quietly than other options.
  • Settings are easy to change to your preferences.
  • Great for grinding up your beans for use in a drip-style coffee maker or espresso machine.
  • The chamber is able to hold a decent amount of grounds.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • It may not grind quite as evenly as a conical burr grinder.
  • Whole bean reservoir may not be as useful as it may appear.
  • Can be a messy device to use.


Many customers find this to be a great device for everyday use.

It’s very easy to set your preference and choose a texture for your grinding.

Whether it’s for an espresso or a standard drip-style brew, this grinder is sure to have you covered.

Many also enjoy that it’s a durable device, capable of lasting many years before they need a new one.

Do keep in mind that while this is a burr grinder, it isn’t a conical one.

Because of that, grounds may not be as even as they could be.


coffee grounds


When looking for the ideal grinder, it’s wise to consider what features are most important to you as a user.

For example, what kinds of coffee beverages do you make? Do you use a drip-style coffee maker, percolator or espresso machine?

Depending on what brewing style or styles you prefer, you may find that you need more or fewer grind setting options.

If you need more, the Mr. Coffee grinder offers a solid 18 settings, meanwhile the Capresso grinder offers 17.

That’s really not much of a difference for those who are looking to save some money!

In addition, it’s a good idea to think about how much you’ll need to grind at a time.

This is because the grinding ranges differ slightly between these two grinders.

With the Capresso, you’ll have room to hold anywhere between 2 and 12 cups worth of grounds.

However, if you need more than that, the Mr. Coffee can hold between 4 and 18 cups.

Because of that, The Mr. Coffee grinder is going to be the more suitable option for heavy use.


The good news about both of these grinders is that they come in at relatively similar prices.

However, for those who are on an extremely tight budget, the Capresso grinder does come in at around $10 less than the Mr. Coffee grinder.

That $10 difference can be pretty huge for some customers, but it’s important to compare that pricing to the value you get from the machine as well.

If a less expensive machine isn’t able to hold up for as long, then it doesn’t really end up being less expensive at all because you wind up having to replace it far sooner.

However, in this situation many have found that these two devices are quite comparable.

Because of that, it will be solely up to your discretion which you believe is the best for your needs.

Make sure you take a close look into reviews, features and any other information you can get to make the most informed decision!

Which Is Better?

This is really going to depend on the unique perspective of each user.

That said, there are some unique benefits and downfalls that are worth considering for each option.

For example, many customers find that the Mr. Coffee grinder comes at a great price, but that it’s a very noisy machine.

Meanwhile, the price of the Capresso grinder is even lower, but some find it clogs easily and makes messes that can also result in wasted grounds.

Because of these kinds of situations, it’s a good idea to do some thorough research before making your choice.

If you feel that neither of these options are ideal, there are a number of other choices to look at, including those that work for single serve machines.

However, you may just as well find that one of these grinders is just what you’ve been searching for!

Low Buck Grinder Shootout: Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder vs Capresso Infinity

low buck grinder shootout

If you’re searching for your first coffee grinder, spending over a hundred dollars may not be a great idea.

With your first grinder, you usually are experimenting on features and haven’t decided the ground texture you’re really a fan of. You want lower cost functionality without too many options.

We have two great selections to compare for the entry level burr grinders: The Mr. Coffee Burr Mill grinder and the Capresso Coffee Infinity grinder. Let’s give each a review of their features and why you should check them out:

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

Mr. Coffee has been making coffee products since the 1970’s. I can remember back to my early childhood when my parents had a simple drip coffee maker from the company. Simple, functional, and it never missed a beat.

That simple concept has carried on for the last 40 years and is what you can expect from the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill grinder.

It’s not on the high tech end. It is entry level with enough features to give you a consistent grind and allows you to experiment every day to find what you enjoy the most.

One of the best features on the grinder is the automatic setting. You can choose the grind size from 18 different options, and then choose how much to grind.

Select from 4 to 18 cups of coffee, hit the grind button, and let the machine go to work. When you’ve reached your target cups, it automatically shuts off.

Functional Features: Pros and Cons


  • The grinder has 18 grind settings, from fine to coarse. This will give you the chance to try them all and fine tune your tastes in the first couple of months of owning the grinder.
  • The bean hopper is removable to allow for cleaning and keeping your beans ready to go for the next cup of coffee.
  • The hopper holds up to a 1/2 pound of coffee beans, which will be enough for a few cups of coffee.
    • You can leave the unground beans in the hopper for another day, or if you’re hosting a gathering it’ll be ready to go for all your guests. It can easily grind from 4 – 18 cups of coffee.
  • The grinder features cord storage with dual safety-locking switches. If you’re like me, you unplug the grinder every day. The cord tends to just lay on the counter. No problem with Mr. Coffee, it has a place to go.
  • The Bean Hopper doubles as grind adjustment so there are no extra knobs or dials.
    • Just install the hopper and turn clockwise (several rotations-will hear clicking as unit gets tighter) until it stops with the grind size indicator on Fine.
  • Simple design – The Mr. Coffee features stainless steel body panels to give it a more durable and easy cleaning finish.
    • With black plastic features, it will look great in a more modern kitchen with stainless steel or black appliances.


  • Owners that want a more functional grinder than just for things other than coffee may find the Mr. Coffee grinder lacking in that department. It’s just meant for coffee.
    • Other brands can be used for spices and dry ingredients. This one doesn’t do anything else. It is called Mr. Coffee after all.
  • The grinder doesn’t feature a safety on/off switch. The power is controlled though the grinding setting.
  • The hopper is not air tight. If you plan to only grind a small amount of cups every day, you will want to just add enough beans. Don’t add a whole bag or the beans may get a little stale over time waiting to be ground.
  • Many reviews state that the finest setting isn’t great for a true espresso machine. The finest setting is best for a drip or Turkish coffee. Just keep that in mind if you’re an espresso fan more than a drip coffee.

Capresso Infinity

Capresso Coffee Infinity 560.01 Grinder

Capresso offers another simple and affordable grinder geared toward the entry level crowd.

It features 16 settings, from extra fine to coarse, meant to give you the variety to do some experimentation. The Capresso Infinity grinder is easy to use and understand without complicated buttons and dials to use every time you want a cup of coffee.

The grinder is somewhat automatic with a built-in timer that will allow you to start the machine and move on to prepare the rest of your coffee items without worrying if the grinder is going to give you mixed results.

One of the best features of the Capresso Infinity grinder is that is features a sealed coffee container that will hold up to 4 ounces of fresh grounds.

The bean counter will need to be locked into place to use the grinder, and that will add a level of safety for the user also.

Functional Features: Pros and Cons


  • Slow grinding motor – The Capresso features a reduced speed motor that won’t transmit heat to your grounds and reduce the flavor and aroma. This also reduces the noise output during grinding.
  • The motor is rated at 100-watts, so it needs less power for a great ground every morning.
  • The grinder features commercial-grade conical burrs to ensure maximum coffee flavor and aroma without jeopardizing the oils in the beans.
  • The bean hopper holds 8-1/2 ounces (just over ½-pound) and the final grind container holds 4 ounces. Enough for a few cups of coffee.
  • The grinder has a heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing for durability and makes it easy to clean frequently or after every use.


  •  Some of the reviews note that the Capresso unit is a bit heavier than expected because of the die-cast housing compared to the plastic housing.
    • Both units are offered from Capresso, so you can decide if that matters to you.
    • Both are listed as working well, so the weight of the unit may or may not be a contributing factor to the purchase recommendation.
  • The Capresso Infinity is double the cost (or maybe a little more) than the Mr. Coffee grinder. If you’re really wanting to get a grinder to try out, that may affect what you buy.

Some may think you need an expensive grinder to really get the flavor and aroma of your favorite local coffee shop.

These two models are meant to give you an entry into grinding yourself and bringing that positive experience back to your own kitchen. It’s up to you to decide which will be the best entry-level model that will give you the time to experiment on what you really enjoy.

The best thing about both is they are relatively expensive, have good warranties, and offer features that make their use easy in an everyday setting. You won’t go wrong with either model.

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