Baratza Sette 30 vs 270 vs 270w vs 270Wi: What’s the Difference Between These Espresso Grinders?

If you’ve been looking into upgrading from a small grinder to a larger, more commercial-grade coffee grinder, you’ve probably come across the Baratza line of products.

This company produces many variations of electric coffee grinders, with the Sette grinder being one of their popular items. You may have compared between the Sette and other Baratza grinders, only to realize there are a few variations of the Sette itself.

There is the Baratza Sette 30, 270, and 270W. Each of these grinders look pretty similar in appearance, and share a lot of the same functions. They all have their own unique set of abilities, and that’s important to consider when looking into buying a new grinder.

If you’re just looking to get into the next level of grinding, you may want to start with the Sette grind that has the least functionality while you master your skills, and at a lower cost.

If you’re looking to experiment and find the most precise grind for your drinks, you’ll probably want a grinder with more settings. For the most precise grind, you’ll want to dose your beans out by weight.

You’ll want to take the different functions of each grinder into account as you look into what is best for your lifestyle.

We’ve taken a look at the three Baratza products, the Sette 30, 270, and 270W, to find their main features and differences and help clear up any confusion.

Let’s begin by looking with the Baratza Sette 30.

Main Features of Baratza Sette 30

This grinder is the smallest of the bunch, considered an entry-level grinder by the manufacturers.

It has 30 different grind settings, and you can choose across the range from extra fine to extra coarse grounds. This means it will be capable of fine grounds for drinks like ristretto and coarse ground for French press.

It also has a digital timer, and you can set it to grind for a specific amount of time and then stop when it reaches the time limit. You can experiment a lot with this to find what is right for your drinks. The timer is useful if you often have a lot going on at once when you’re getting ready in the morning.

The grind itself is high quality and large. It comes in around 10 pounds. The Sette 30 is capable of grinding five grams of coffee per second, and designed to prevent retaining of the grounds.

This is the least expensive of the three, as well.

Main Features of the Baratza 270

This grinder is a big step up from the previous, packing 270 different grind settings.

It offers user-friendly features, like easy dosing. The machine allows you to program three different dose settings, so the machine will only produce the desired amount for certain drinks.

If you’re looking to make an espresso, you can just choose the setting you’ve saved for espresso. If it’s time to make a French press, you can use another setting you’ve saved that gets the right consistency for you.

Another useful feature for espresso is the option to fill a portafilter directly from underneath the machine. You can just select your saved dosing selection for espresso, and let it fill your portafilter to the desired amount. The switch between portafilter and grounds bin is designed to be as seamless as possible.

The ability to choose from 270 different grind settings is useful for anyone who cares about getting the most precise grind possible, or for those who like to experiment a lot with their machines. It would take a long time to try out all of the combinations on the Sette 270.

This machine also grinds five grams of coffee per second. It weighs about seven pounds, so a little less than the Sette 30.

Main Features of the Baratza Sette 270W

This grinder is the sibling grinder to the 270, so you can expect it to have a lot of the same features with an addition that sets it apart.

As the name implies, the Sette 270W offers 270 different grind settings. The option to save programmed settings is available, and it can grind five grams of coffee per second. It also the same size as the previous, coming in at about seven pounds.

What really sets the Baratza Sette 270W apart from the 270 is the ability to weigh out your grounds straight from the machine. This eliminates the need for a scale to go along with your coffee gear.

Many people overlook how useful weighing can be when it comes to dosing coffee out. It’s a quick and accurate way to get consistent coffee with each brew. It can grind by weight directly into a portafilter, making your morning espresso a breeze.

You can still dose out your coffee with three programmable settings. This saves time in an early morning routine.

This machine also brings in more technology than just the digital screen in the other two. If you need to make upgrades to the weigh technology used in the machine, the grinder has bluetooth functionality.

The Baratza Sette 270W is the most expensive of the bunch.

The Main Differences

The Sette 30 is best for the entry-level user who is looking to upgrade to something with more functionality. There are 30 different grind settings, as opposed to the other two which offer 270 settings.

You can set a digital timer on all of the Baratza Sette grinders, but the 270 and 270W are the only ones that allow you to program in three default settings. All three grinders can also grind at a speed of five grams per second.

The Baratza Sette 30 is also the least expensive of the three.

They are all designed to have minimum retention of coffee grounds, meaning you won’t have to worry about anything going to waste. The Baratza Sette 30 is the heaviest, at about 10 pounds, whereas the other two weigh about seven pounds.

The Baratza Sette 270 and 270W are similar in most features, but the 270W stands out more because it has a built in scale. You can’t dose your coffee by weight with the 270.

All three machines allow you to grind directly into a portafilter for making espresso. The Sette 30 only offers this function, and does not come with a bins for coffee grounds. The 270 and 270W both have a container for coffee grounds which is removable to allow for dosing straight into a portafilter.

The Baratza 270W is the most expensive grinder of the three, but it comes with good reason because it used bluetooth technology to grind your beans at accurate doses. No other grinders offer a built-in scale.


The Baratza Sette 30, 270, and 270W are all great choices if you’re looking to upgrade. They all offer a wide range of grind settings, allowing for a grind fine enough for espresso, or coarse enough for a French press.

The Sette 30 has the least functionality, so it would be best for someone who is just getting started and doesn’t need over 200 settings to choose from. It’s good to get to know a machine a bit before moving to a heavy-duty version.

If you think you’ll get bored with 30 settings, or need a bin for collecting your grounds, the Sette 270 or 270W would be a better choose as the Sette 30 only supports grinding into a portafilter.

If you’re having trouble choosing between the 270 and 270W, there are a few things to consider. The 270 offers a lot of functions, at a lower cost than the 270W. You can experiment with different doses, and program settings in for frequent use. The 270 will allow you to get the desired grind for whatever drink you are making.

The 270W offers the built-in scale, which is what sets it apart from its sibling. If you want the most precise dosing you can get with your coffee, this is the grinder for you.

For my kitchen, I would go with the Sette 30. The number of grind settings in the other machines go way over what I need for my daily life, and I don’t want to spend the extra money on features I don’t need.

The Sette 30 will allow me to switch between all of the drinks I make with ease, and I can use the portafilter for all of those purposes.

If you’re someone who wants more precision with their grind, the Sette 30 will probably not be your first choice. The 270 or 270W will both offer a lot more precision with your dosing of coffee grounds.

Picking the right grinder can be a challenge, so keep in mind that they are all great products, you just need to find what is most compatible with your lifestyle.

For me, the cost and functionality of the Sette 30 is perfect for my current situations. Others may require more from their grinder.

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