The Different Coffee Brewing Methods Compared with Pros & Cons

By | June 28, 2017

In the coffee world everybody has their own preferred coffee brewing method. Some may even prefer two methods depending on thespecific circumstances.

I for one love making both stovetop espresso and french press coffee. These are my favorites by far. I’m fine with drip coffee and I’ve had good coffee from a percolator too but I know that I just don’t like cold coffee, even when it’s made well.

Even still I know plenty of people out there love cold brewed coffee so I won’t shut them out. Below I’ve summarized the most popular coffee brewing techniques and I’ve linked out to other pages here on TOMC where I’ve covered each method in greater depth. There are pros and cons to each methods and of prepared right each way of brewing coffee can really be fabulous.

If you are looking for guides or tips on how to brew better coffee then this is the place to start looking. Scroll down to learn a bit about all the various ways to get your morning jolt.

What Coffee Brewing Method Interests You The Most?

How to Make French Press Coffee
I have published an epic post on brewing coffee with a french press. If you want to learn everything possible about making the best french press coffee possible then check out this post.

Future posts on this site will detail everything you need to know about the other methods of brewing coffee. Those methods include:

  • Stovetop Espresso – This is one of the best brewing methods for single serve coffee in my opinion. Though technically this is not coffee and it’s not espresso either. A moka pot makes something kind of like really strong coffee. It is brewed under light pressure and almost achieves crema like an espresso machine. Just don’t expect to be able to make latte art with moka brew.
  • Drip Coffee – These days drip coffee is about as standard as it gets. It’s the most common type of coffee brewed in the United States but some people don’t realize how many was you cam prepare drip coffee. You can use an automatic coffee maker like most people do but you can also brew with a pour over coffee dripper like the smaller units that rest on top of your cup or you can sue larger devices like the Chmex which is a plastic free coffee maker that is basically a large pour over that can brew enough for a few people at once. The biggest pro to using drip coffee is the clean cup of coffee it produces. With grind usually being filtered through paper the grit and coffee dust stays out of your cup. Unfortunately a negative for this technique is that the paper also prevents coffee oils from getting to your cup too.
  • Pour Over
  • Steam Espresso
  • Pump Espresso
  • Percolator Coffee
  • Cold Brew
  • Alternative Brewing Methods

In the future this site will feature large amounts of information on all these different ways of brewing coffee.

This page will be updated periodically as new posts are published. Thanks for reading!

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