Moka Pot Vs Chemex Coffee

For coffee enthusiasts, finding the ideal brewing method for the perfect cup is a high priority.

However, it can be tough to determine which method will be the most effective without trying out each one.

Considering how many different kinds of coffee and coffee makers are out there, that adventure could get quite expensive!

It also may be possible that you might not know all the potential ways to make coffee out there.

Two methods that are less familiar are the Moka Pot and the Chemex.

While these two brewing methods are vastly different, both are growing in popularity and are well worth a look!

Read on to learn about what these brewing styles have to offer you!

Moka Pot


A moka pot is a great device for those who want something inexpensive and simple that can brew a truly delicious cup of coffee.

These devices work similarly to the ever-popular coffee percolator, but with a slightly more complicated design.

Typically speaking, there are three chambers inside a moka pot. One holds the water, the second holds your grounds and the third allows room for steam and water to pass through, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee.

This method allows for the boiling water to pull the flavor and other benefits from the grounds while keeping them out of your cup.

In addition, this great device allows you to have more control over your cup and many find that the resulting flavor is much more enjoyable than you may get from a Keurig or drip-style coffee maker.

You can also find moka pots at a much lower price than you’d pay for most single-serve machines.

Because of those features, there are many who choose to turn to an option like this that they can use on their stove rather than keeping an extra machine around taking up counter space.

However, if you prefer, you can also get an electric moka pot that will keep your stove space free.

There are really a lot of benefits that can be had from these handy little devices.


  • Requires less work than some other methods.
  • You can choose between stovetop and electric models.
  • Can be highly portable.
  • Many enjoy the richer, deeper flavor of coffee made with a Moka Pot.
  • There are many sizing options.


  • Grounds can be more likely to end up in your coffee than with other options.
  • Not all customers may like the stronger flavor offered through this method.
  • Some models can be more prone to rusting.


There are a number of great aspects to using a moka pot.

To begin with, they are rather portable devices. If you need to go on a trip, they aren’t hard to toss into your gear.

You’ll also find that there are plenty of sizing options to choose from, so if you just need something small then you can find that pretty easily.

Do keep in mind that the filter system isn’t perfect, so depending on the kind of grounds you use, some may end up in your morning cup by accident.



If you want to look like a scientist while brewing a crisp, clean cup of coffee then Chemex is the way to go!

While it may be a method that can take a little longer than others, it’s also able to offer a rich, flavorful cup of coffee.

This method also uses filters that are much thicker than standard paper filters, so it has a much lower chance of allowing any grounds to get through.

Do keep in mind that you will need some kind of kettle to heat the water to the ideal point.

A food scale can also be a useful tool if you want to make sure you’re adding exactly the right amount of water and grounds.

After that, it isn’t an overly complicated process.

You’ll start by selecting the Chemex container you want to use as well as the amount of coffee you want to make.

Then, you’ll insert the filter and add the amount of grounds you want.

Once your water has begun to boil, you’ll then slowly pour it through the filter, resulting in a delicious cup of  coffee!

Anyone you make coffee for will surely be impressed by this unique process, and want to learn how to do it too!


  • Gives you a greater level of control over the resulting coffee.
  • Coffee can be much more flavorful than through some other methods.
  • Filter allows for a less bitter flavor.
  • You’ll be able to get a very clean cup with minimal chances for grounds to end up in your cup.
  • It’s an option that allows for brewing multiple cups at once.


  • The containers and accessories can be more difficult to clean than other methods.
  • It can turn brewing a simple cup of coffee into a science.
  • Some models may be extremely fragile.


You’ll feel like a chemist when deciding the exact ratio of grounds to water that gives you the flavor you enjoy.

While the paper filters for Chemex can be more expensive, there are some reusable ones you can try out as well to save some money.

This is also a great option for those who absolutely do not want any grounds ending up in their cup of coffee.

If you want to try this method out, keep in mind that you’ll likely need a bottle brush for cleaning out the container. Some models can be on the fragile side.

The Coffee

From these two styles, you can get two very different kinds of coffee.

Depending on your personal preferences, you’ll be likely to find that you favor one type over the other, though it isn’t impossible to enjoy both!

Many find that the coffee they get from a Moka Pot can be quite strong, so don’t go into it thinking you’ll get a more diluted flavor.

It’s considered to be quite similar to espresso, in that it is small and powerful.

However, it doesn’t include the crema found sitting at the top of many espresso beverages.

Due to the built-in filter, you may also find that you can sometimes get a small amount of coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup.

On the other hand, you are highly unlikely to have any grounds manage to escape through the thick filters used with a Chemex.

These filters also do a great job of blocking out acids, resulting in a coffee that is a little less bitter.

On a convenient side note, the gorgeous design of most Chemex containers will also make it an aesthetically pleasing object to have around your home.

The Cost

Depending on the size and kind of material you’re looking for, you can actually get a Moka Pot for a pretty low cost!

Some small options can be found for as little as $11-12. The majority of options can range from the $15 to $45 range.

On the higher end, they can also be upwards of $80 but this is far less common.

Because of those prices, it can be easy to try out a Moka Pot without having to invest a great deal of money.

Generally speaking, Chemex containers can be slightly more expensive, but you can also find them for pretty affordable prices.

Many of the more simplified options can be found in the $20-$30 range. Typically this will just be the container itself.

However, there are some options that include a device made to drip the coffee into the container. These options can really vary from about $60 to $300 or more, depending on how complicated you want to get.

If you want your kitchen to look more like a science lab, one of the more intricate designs can be a fun way to go!

It’s also important to keep in mind that filters for the Chemex tend to be more costly than standard paper filters.

So Which Is Better?

The answer to this question is largely going to depend on how you like your coffee.

If you want something strong, intense and don’t mind a few grounds at the bottom then it may be a good idea to try out a Moka Pot.

However, if you prefer a much cleaner cup that may also be less bitter, you should absolutely try out a Chemex!

If there’s a way you can try both options before making a purchase to help solidify your decision, that’s always a great idea.

Otherwise, you can find both options for some relatively low costs to get a good feel for them before making a larger investment.

Both have some really great benefits and are capable of making great-tasting coffee!

Brian Mounts

Head blogger, editor, and owner of "Top Off My Coffee", a website that has been educating readers about coffee brewing techniques and equipment since 2012.

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