The 8 Best Electric Moka Pots

best electric moka potsA Moka Pot can be a great way to make authentic espresso without an automated machine.

While there are many who prefer the latter, there are also many who like to have more control over the process.

As a result, Moka Pots have become a more popular coffee maker option on the market.

This is particularly true for electric Moka Pots, which can brew without having to take up space on your stove.

Instead, they offer the ability to work similarly to a plug-in coffee maker, but with a richer brew.

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Whether you love espresso, or just a super rich cup of coffee, these are fantastic options.

Read on to learn about 8 fantastic electric Moka Pot options for you!
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The IMUSA is a convenient option with a decent price and a simple design.

It includes a specialized insert that you can use to select whether you want 3 cups of brew or 6 cups.

Furthermore, you won’t have to wait too long for your drink as this machine can brew it in about 10 minutes.

To make cleaning easy, the base is detachable so that you can get the top cleaned out without worry for getting water in the electronics.

On top of that, the handle is designed to stay cool when the rest of the machine is hot.

The spout also makes pouring easy, without leaking or spilling.

Many also enjoy the clear design that allows them to keep an eye on the brewing process.

You’ll also get included recipes so that those new to making espresso can learn how easily.

While most find it to be very suitable, some users can experience breakages after a few uses, or they may find that it just doesn’t work correctly.

Brentwood TS-118BK

Another convenient option is the Brentwood TS-118BK, which is able to brew up to six cups of brew at a time.

The operation of this machine is also quite simple, allowing you to easily make your drink.

Furthermore, it uses a 550-watt motor with more than enough power to get the job done.

The pour spout in combination with the flip-top lid make pouring simple and easy.

Some customers can find that it’s prone to staining, while others may find that it breaks down quickly.

However, many find that it’s a perfectly functional, easy-to-use machine.

Do make sure to wait until the machine has cooled down to remove the coffee basket, as it can be difficult otherwise.

You can also use this machine, knowing that the parts involved are BPA free and therefore perfectly safe to use.

It’s definitely worth a look while you’re shopping!

Bialetti Moka Electtrika

Many espresso-lovers are familiar with the name Bialetti.

This well-known brand is the maker of many styles of espresso makers, including an electric one.

Consequently, this is an option that allows you to simply plug it in and add your ingredients.

Because of that, it’s an ideal option for those who are looking for something they can travel with.

It’s also rather durable, so you’ll be able to rely on it for a long time.

Many who have tried out this item have found that it makes excellent, rich coffee.

Some reviewers also claim that they just cannot get a comparable coffee beverage from any other kind of machine.

As a result, they truly swear by the capabilities of the Bialetti.

In some rarer instances, users can find that it may take half an hour or more to finish brewing, so keep an eye on the wait times if you try this one out!

BC Classics BC-90264

For those who enjoy a simple look, the BC-90264 is a fantastic choice.

It offers a design that makes it easy to watch the brewing process, thanks to the clear container.

You’ll also be able to use this device to brew up to 6 cups at a time, which is plenty to share.

In addition, the boiler is aluminum and the handle allows you to pour without too much heat on your hands.

On top of that, it weighs a mere two pounds, making it an easy option to travel with.

The BC Classics comes at a highly affordable price, which is great for those who want a reliable machine without a high cost.

Customers generally love how easy it is to use, and they greatly enjoy the flavor of the espresso.

However, in some rare instances it can cease working without a clear cause, so make sure to keep an eye on it.

Mandarin-Gear Electric Moka Pot

If you want the look of a stovetop Moka Pot, but with the added benefit of electric functioning then the Mandarin-Gear is worth checking out.

The design is highly appealing, simple and elegant so it definitely won’t be an eyesore in your kitchen.

Furthermore, it’s able to make up to six 2-ounce cups of espresso, which is great for sharing with friends.

For those who want multiple servings over time, it also includes the ability to keep beverages heated for up to 30 minutes.

The pieces also come apart, making cleaning out the brewing container simple and easy.

It’s truly a simple device to use, just add your ingredient, plug in and go!

Many love the flavorful coffee that this machine is able to create.

That said, some can find that it comes with a strong plastic smell that can take a while to fade.

Gourmia GMF255

For those who are all about extras, the Gourmia GMF255 is worth a look!

This machine includes not only a fantastic electric Moka Pot, but also a milk frother to ensure the perfect espresso.

The pot itself is very authentic looking, appearing just like a stovetop model with the added power of electricity.

To make for easy pouring, the pot is also able to easily lift off of the base.

If you’re a fan of variety, then this is a great choice.

It allows you to make espressos, mochas, coffee and more in one simple machine.

Because all of the electronic pieces reside in the base, you’ll easily be able to wash the pot as needed.

With the frother and Moka Pot combined, you’ll be able to do just about a barista can in your own home.

It is a smaller option as well, making it great for times when you don’t need a lot.

DeLonghi Moka Pot

One of the top choices in this list is the DeLonghi, which offers a simple-but-effective design.

It provides the authentic, Italian way of making espresso with the addition of electric power.

This option is also one that includes an automatic shutoff so you won’t have to worry if you forget to shut it down yourself.

Due to the clear pot, you’ll be able to make sure the brewing process is working well.

In addition, you can choose between brewing 3 cups or 6 cups at a time.

Both use and cleaning are designed to be easy with this machine, so it won’t need to be an annoying process.

It is one of the more expensive options in this list, but many find that it’s well worth the cost.

In some cases, users can find that it may not work correctly when they first receive it, so make sure to test it out.

Bene Casa

Bene Casa is a lesser-known name when compared to brands like Bialetti, but it has a lot to offer.

This little machine is perfect for smaller groups, due to the ability to brew up to three cups.

The container on the machine is also transparent, so you’ll be able to make sure the brewing is going well.

It’s easy to use, and easy to clean so you won’t need to worry about a hassle.

Because it’s such a compact device, you can also take it on trips with you.

That way, you’ll be able to get your fix just about anywhere.

Most reviewers find that it brews coffee just perfectly for their tastes.

However, some users can find that the water may not get hot enough during the brewing process.

So it’s worthwhile to give it a test run to make sure it’s up for the job, and contact customer service if not!

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