AWESOME! Unique Coffee Mugs & Novelty Cups For Sale

If you (or someone you love) is a big coffee drinker then you’ll get a kick out of checking out some of these “interesting” coffee mugs. Everyone loves having a little bit of fun in the kitchen from time to time and having a small collection of unique coffee mugs is a great way to do just that.

Of all the mugs I have in my kitchen my favorite one to pass out to guests are the mugs that make them smile. I have one mug that has a ceramic “bug” attached to the bottom inside of the mug. They never see it until they get to the bottom of their coffee!

In some cases these are pure novelty mugs which are best for decoration or as a gag gift but in other cases many of these coffee mugs are pretty slick and would make an excellent gift.

I’ve featured a few strange mugs directly below and linked out to other pages on this site for more funny mugs by theme. I hope you find some cool stuff here.

Random Unique Coffee Mugs For Kicks & Giggles

There are Tons of Other Funny Gift Mugs On This Site

I know that it’s hard to make a list of mugs that everyone will like that’s why I’ve got a bunch of funny mugs sorted by theme all over this site.

What kind of cat mug are you looking for? I put this section together just for the cat lovers!

► Funny Cat Mugs
► Grumpy Cat Mugs

Funny Cat Mugs

Are you looking for a fun collection of funny cat mugs?

We all like crazy cat videos and we all like our fancy coffee mugs so why not have a weird cat mug to show off just how crazy we actually are in real life?

Well here you go. I’m adding this page to the store here so you have quick access to a bunch of cool cat coffee mugs for yourself or for your friends.

Some of these mugs are hilarious while others are just a bit bizarre; surely there are a few listed below that you’ll like.

Yes! These make great gifts for birthdays, parties, and work. They also make great stocking stuffer Christmas present too.

(note, many of the mugs featured below link directly to Amazon or Etsy – no purchase necessary though)

Fun Cat Themed Coffee Mugs – Get Yours Today!

Just yesterday I shared my new found fondness for Grumpy Cat but as is the case with most people I think I really just like the idea of weird and funny cat stuff.

Today while I was browsing Pinterest I stumbled upon a few more funny cat mugs, glasses, and gifts that I found particularly interesting. If you’ve got a cat lover or two in your family or group of friends might I remind you that upcoming Christmas and birthday’s can easily be covered by any of these. I know my wheels are turning.

Here are some of my favorite funny cat coffee mugs that I’ve came across.


Of course there are many others out there and as I find more I’ll list them above replacing any that go out of stock.

What about Funny Cat Travel Mugs?

Yeah, I found a few cat themed travel mugs that I also like – some of which are pretty nicely made too.

Mind you these are not the best quality thermal tumblers ever made… and they may not be the best at minimizing leaks either… but they are still really fun and cute too and in many cases pretty low cost.

Here are some of my favorites.

 Tail Therapy Cat 18-Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler — Sleek design, great to keep drinks hot or cold on the go ChezMax Outdoor Cat Cartoon Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottle for Kids Water Bottle 6.5oz Black Spoontiques Cat Travel Mug, Multicolor Smiley Cat 14 ounce Stainless Travel Mug Thermos I work Hard So my Dog / Cat Can Have a better Life – Travel Mug – (CAT) Meow Cats Colorful Traveler 16 Oz Tumbler Mug with Lid

As always, I’ve got another page published more broadly on unique coffee mugs, you can check that out if you are really in shopping mode or just head over to my gift ideas for coffee lovers page for a less slapstick group of gift options.

If you aren’t set on buying a cat themed coffee cup then make sure to browse around the site. We don’t specialize in novelty coffee gifts, rather we focus more on coffee accessories which also make great gifts for most people.

One of the best pages to check out might be this page covering the differences in French press coffee makers, a gift that pairs really well with a coffee mug emblazoned with or without a cat’s ugly mug.

The Best Grumpy Cat Coffee Mugs For Sale – I Love These!

grumpy cat coffee mugs

Are you a fan of Tard the Grumpy Cat? Maybe you just like the concept of an angry or cranky cat; I know I think it’s hysterical. That’s why in my never ending pursuit of an expanding coffee cabinet in my kitchen I’m doing some shopping for grumpy cat coffee mugs… as if we actually needed any more coffee mugs.

In all actuality I am shopping for Christmas gifts and I figured I could pick me up a cool and funny cat mug and maybe a second one as a stocking stuffer or random gift for a friend.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the grumpy cat meme and I’m taken by it… I’m also pretty shocked at how many different grumpy cat mugs there are for sale out there in a wide variety of styles. Here are some of my favorites. Right now I’m not sure which grumpy cat coffee mug to buy, there’s so many cool one’s to choose from. 🙂




This page definitely falls in line perfectly with unique coffee mugs.

Best grumpy cat coffee mugs

If you have not seen Tard the Grumpy Cat, it’s time to check it out. While you are it, these grumpy cat designs may just be your needed fixer-upper in the morning.

Grumpy Cat No Mug

Why buyers love it:

  • Classic black design, that’s sleek looking
  • White cat color for easy recognition
  • Perfect explanation for your grumpy mood on those days when you just don’t feel like being nice
  • A great reminder to smile or else you’ll like this grumpy cat
  • Can hold up to 11 ounces of coffee

Grumpy Cat Good Morning? No Such Thing Black Mug

Why buyers love it:

  • There are just mornings when you think you woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  • This is a perfect reminder for people around you not to mess with you on days like this one
  • Ceramic mug
  • Classic black design

SO Much TO DO-Grumpy Cat Mug

Why buyers love it:

  • Place it on your table and give your manager a subtle reminder that you are busy
  • Highly customizable for various events and celebrations
  • No-fuss reminder to tell people around you that you just want to enjoy your coffee and never be bothered for the moment
  • Ceramic made
  • White background with black embellishments

ZMvise Funny Novelty for Work, Nope, Grumpy Cat

Why buyers love it:

  • Just say no, period.
  • Simple design but says a lot
  • A cute and funny way to say no to people, just flash it when they ask something and you feel like saying no
  • White ceramic for easy personalization
  • Perfect for gifts during birthdays, Halloween or Christmas
  • Just be careful when you give to your mom or dad because they could use it to your disadvantage

Mugvana 11oz Coffee Mugs Grumpy Cat World Domination

Why buyers love it:

  • Colored design, a different take on the usual monochrome styles
  • Perfect gift for book lovers
  • Perfect gift for people who loves to make plans
  • A little tease to your partner who plans on taking over your world

Black & White Grumpy Cat | Funny White 11 oz Coffee Mug

Why buyers love it:

  • Cat and panda lovers will love these simple design that looks like a cross over of two loved animals
  • Just want to stay at home or feeling grouchy, this is your perfect partner mug
  • Tease your friend who is always on bad mood

Funny Grumpy Cat Mug – I Don’t Like Morning People… Or Mornings… Or People

Why buyers love it:

  • A very funny message that reminds you of really bad days
  • A little tease to evening people, those who love to burn the midnight oil
  • Perfect gift for friends who works at night and sleeps in the morning
  • This silly quote will surely put a smile on anyone’s face

In fact I’ve got big plans for this category of the store.

You can see my list of Keurig sized travel mugs here. These are all insulated mugs that are small enough to fit under the Keurig coffee machines.

Here is an expanded list of novelty coffee mugs that I have planned for this site.

  • Funny Accountant Mugs – these mugs will start off my series on humorous work related products.
  • Love Quotes – There’s a huge market for quotes on mugs.
  • Best Dad – Every dad needs one of these and everyone wants to get a unique mug for dad.
  • Animal Shaped Mugs – There are so many animals, I don’t know how I’ll get to them all.
  • Oversized Coffee Mugs – If you are looking for a fun over-sized mug to either use, decorate with, or stick a potted plant in.
  • Couples Mugs – These make awesome (cheesy) gifts for anniversaries and weddings.
  • Have a Nice Day Mugs – These make perfect gifts for the grumpy guy at the office.
  • Single Initial – Looking for a monogrammed mug at an affordable price. Right here is the place to get them.
  • NFL Coffee Mugs – Need I say more.
  • Rude & Offensive Mugs – Make sure to keep these packed up for when mom comes to visit.

This page is a work in process. There are seriously so many different kinds of novelty coffee mugs it would take forever to feature a list of options for everyone. I’ll try though!

Check back again for my expanded collection of unique and creative mugs for coffee and tea drinkers all over.

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