These Small French Press Coffee Makers Are Pretty Slick

By | June 28, 2017

It’s good to have bigger items around the house for those few times when you need to serve lots of people at once but I have found that the smaller items get far more use in my house. I tend to make coffee for myself more than for a group and I tend to make small amounts of coffee a couple times a day more often than lots of coffee for myself all at once.

For travelers the advantage of owning smaller items is abundantly clear. It’s hard to tote a big coffee maker everywhere you go. A small french press coffee maker may be a different story. Some of these things are small enough that you could probably take them camping just as easily as you could take them on a business trip.

There are lots of smaller french press pots out there but I’ve featured the handful that I like the most. For the most part these are the smallest french press coffee makers sold today and the ones featured below are sturdy and make good coffee… not to mention they are well regarded and reviewed by actual owners.

My Favorite Small French Presses

If these are a little too small for you then I recommend taking a look at the French Press Store here and finding something that’s more in line with what you need.

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