FAQ: Can You Use A French Press To Make Tea?

Can You Use A French Press To Make TeaThis is a common question tossed around by everyone at some point or another. At first glance the simple and obvious answer is sure, of course. It’s the same concept after all. Steep leaves (as opposed to grounds) and then strain them out with the plunger.

Upon deeper consideration however you’ll find that steeping tea leaves in a french press isn’t the ideal way to brew loose leaf tea. Sure it works just fine but you have better options out there.

Most avid tea drinkers will tell you that they have steeped tea in a french press; it is after all good for any steeping and straining activities. What they will also tell you is that when they use a french press to make their tea they have to immediately remove all tea from the press pot right away so as to prevent the tea from getting too bitter as it happens fairly quickly.

When making coffee the plunger gets depressed all the way to the bottom but with tea you shouldn’t do this because it will squeeze the unwanted bitters from the leaves and in a related way the plunging action itself is a more delicate process in tea making. Tea leaves are shaped far differently then coffee grounds. They can clog the fine mesh a lot easier so you have to take greater care when stirring and pressing the plunger.

Long story short french press pots are great for coffee and perfectly acceptable for brewing loose leaf tea but there are better tea brewing methods. However for travelers the french press is a great option as it’s portable, easy, and versatile. I have a list of good french press travel mugs here to review but you might be best looking for a travel mug made for tea as they usually have a tea chamber than can be removed from the mug after steeping is completed.

Here are a couple tea presses that make good substitutes for a coffee press:

Bodum Assam Tea Press
Teavana Perfectea Tea Press

Want to know the difference between a tea press and a coffee press? Let’s dig deeper.

Can You Use A French Press To Make Tea?

The French press was really design for brewing coffee, an equipment to make brewing coffee at home so much easy. However, this should not stop you from exploring other ways to benefit from the French press.

Aside from coffee, tea is one of the most loved hot drink around the world. In some areas of the world, people prefer drinking tea than coffee. This could be true in Japan, China and Great Britain.

The brewing features of the French press is practical for brewing tea too. The mesh wire and plunger will surely work well for making tea.

But before you get all excited with using the French press for brewing tea, check out these important reminders and some expert tips to ensure that you get the best brewing experience.

Know Your Tea Leaves First

Many people make the mistake of brewing all tea leaves the same way. We need to understand that each kind of tea leaves hold special properties and unique flavor. To bring this out, the right steeping, water to leaves ratio and brewing is needed. And even if you are using a simple French press, you can keep observe the correct tea-making process.

Black Tea

  • Water: 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Steep: 3-5 Minutes
  • Caffeine: 20-80 mg

Most common type of tea in North America. It is high in caffeine compared to other tea. Black teas tend to feature deeper, darker flavors, such as dark chocolate, spice, earthiness, citrus, and malt.

Oolong Tea

  • Water: 180-195 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Steep: 2-4 Minutes
  • Caffeine: 15-60 mg

Oolong tea has a lot of variety with oxidation ranging from 8% to 90%. Light oolongs feature flavors closer to green tea with floral, citrus, and nutty notes. They can be very sweet and pleasant. Dark oolongs end to feature flavors closer to black tea with earthy, fruity, and woody notes. They’re also complex and pleasant, but often not as sweet.

Green Tea

  • Water: 180-195 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Steep: 2-4 Minutes
  • Caffeine: 15-60 mg

In China, green tea is a like a house staple. If Americans love coffee, Chinese love their green tea. Brewing time is short in order to preserve the light and fresh taste. Green tea flavor hints on flavors include herbs, flowers, nuts, earth, and citrus.

White Tea

  • Water: 160-175 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Steep: 2-3 Minutes
  • Caffeine: 10-30 mg

White tea is less oxidized and has a light flavor and taste too. It has a short brewing time similar to green tea. The flavor profile is also delicate, featuring gentle notes of flowers, herbs, and some light fruits such as peach.

Herbal Tea

  • Water: 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Steep: 5-10 Minutes
  • Caffeine: Depends on the ingredient steeped

Herbal tea is technically not a tea because it did not come from the camellia sinensis plant. But since you can brew them, you can call it a tea, for that matter. Herbal tea could be anything like the bark of a tree, its leaves, flowers or even fruit peelings.

Related – I prefer using a large French Press because it gives me better taste due to it’s more consitent temperature. If I need to take something to-go though there are a few excellent French press travel mugs that work well too.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using a French Press for Making Tea

Making tea with a French press is so simple and easy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perfect that cup of tea.

  1. Clean the French press thoroughly.

    If you have been using the French press for brewing coffee, the smell of coffee clings to every part of the press. Wash it well with water and mild detergent. Make sure that no coffee ground is left in the plunger. Scrub it thoroughly.

  2. Bring water to a boil.

    But do not pour boiling water on the carafe. Let it cool for about 30 seconds. The boiling point is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. We want to achieve the desired temperature between 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the kind of tea that you are making.

  3. Place tea leaves at the bottom of the carafe.

    Add your desired amount of dry tea leaves to the French press carafe. For example, in a four-cup press, you may want to add around a quarter of a cup of dry tea.

  4. Steep the leaves.

    Let the leaves steep to achieve the desired flavor. Tea leaves are easy to steep than coffee ground. It will take you 3 minutes or less to steep tea leaves and they are ready to press.

  5. Press the plunger.

    Press the plunger all the way down until the leaves are almost squeezed out.

  6. Pour into cups.

    Pour the tea into cups and serve warm. Make sure no liquid is left in the carafe. If you are serving guests, you can put the tea in a pot. Serve the first batch and start a whole new batch.

Highly Rated French Press Models to Try

If you are shopping the market for a new French press, Spruce Eats recommend the following models and brands. Go check it out.

• Le Creuset of America Stoneware Petite French Press – Special features: Has a nice heft and maintains temperature, so it’s ideal for keeping your coffee warm. It’s also safe for use in the freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher, so the carafe can be used for much more than coffee.
• Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker – Special features: Sleek design with full stainless steel body. Insulated carafe, perfect for serving coffee at the table for breakfast, snack or when having a coffee party at home. Full length handle to avoid slipping. All parts are dishwasher safe.
• Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker – Special features: Can make up to 12-ounces of coffee. Has a heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe with a plastic handle and base. Easy to clean.
• Bodum BRAZIL Coffee Maker – Special features: Can make up to 34-ounces of coffee. Perfect for a small family. Affordable French press model. All parts are dishwasher safe.
• KONA French Press Coffee Maker – Special features: Very durable, perfect for busy family that fears glass and any breakable items. Has 12-ounce and 34-ounce models. All parts are dishwasher safe.

The Best French Presses For Brewing Tea

Tea is mankind’s first beverage, a gift from the Chinese. And while there are a lot of coffee lovers, the number of people who love tea is far more than that. As such, it’s important to take a look at the French press models that let us make tea, as well.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss these models that let you prepare tea for yourself. After all, you need the best model out there for you to make the tea that you really want! So, let us take a look at the list of the best French presses for brewing tea that are available out there!

Tea Press Reviews – The Best Models For Making Tea

French press tea brewers do seem like something that people would be interested in, and guess what? The companies have noticed it, as well, and a lot of them have brought out such products for you. Now, it might be hard to be able to choose between all the products that are available in the market!

But there’s no reason for you to worry because Gamble Bay Coffee is here for you. We will guide you through this article to help you learn new facts and thereby to help you find the model that would be the best for you (which would help you make just the kind of tea that you long for). So, the main models that we have shortlisted for you are as follows:

Cafe Du Chateau French Press with 4 Level Filtration SystemCafe Du Chateau French Press with 4 Level Filtration System

The first thing that we might mention in this list is the Cafe Du Chateau French Press. This is one of the most famous French press models out there when it comes to brewing tea and this model is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and versatile.

This model also has a 4 level filtration system to ensure that you can get properly filtered tea.

Bodum Assam Tea Press, 34-OunceBodum Assam Tea Press, 34-Ounce

Then comes the Bodum Assam Tea Press. Bodum is one of the most famous companies when it comes to talking about French presses. However, that’s not all that there is to Bodum. Their products are also quite unique in a lot of ways.

In the case of this specific model, for instance, the look is way beyond unique. Keeping the leaves right there also lets the tea get prepared like the Chinese actually intended it to, making it the right device for preparing a traditional tea. This makes this 34 ounce model worth going for.

GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, Tea PressGROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker, Tea Press

Another moderately famous line of product is the GROSCHE line of products. The GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker is also often used for brewing tea. People who have used it say that it’s one of the best that they have ever used for this purpose.

Given the fact that it is a bestseller and that it’s loved pretty widely in the market, it’s safe to assume that this model is actually quite functional. Even besides that, this model also has a pretty unique look and that makes it a great choice for many because of the way it blends in with their kitchen from a perspective of aesthetics. So, once again, this is a model that you simply must try out if you’re looking for a good French press tea brewer.

SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 CupSterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup

This is a really interesting one. Another company that’s really famous and comes up with products that are different from rest is SterlingPro. The SterlingPro French Coffee Press is one of the best models you can go for, if you’re looking for a French press tea brewer.

Besides having a completely classic look, that’s unique at the same time, this model also provides you with great insulation that can help retain the temperature for a long time. This model also provides you with a capacity of 8 cups, which is just about the right size for preparing tea for a group or for a family.

Besides these, the people who have used it are completely in love of it. That is one of the things that you must keep an eye on- what the people say who have actually used it themselves. According to them, this is one of the best models to go for. All of this puts this model in this list of the potential best models that are available out there and we suggest that you check it out.

French Press Coffee, Tea & Espresso Maker By Pura VidaFrench Press Coffee, Tea & Espresso Maker By Pura Vida

The French Press Coffee, Tea & Espresso Maker by Pura Vida is another great model that you simply must consider. This model has a really beautiful look that ensures that it’s going to beautify your kitchen even more!

Besides that, this model is also really versatile and is one of the most loved models in the whole market. So, if you’re on the lookout for a great French press coffee maker for making coffee, tea or espresso, this is one of the models that’s worth consideration. That’s exactly why we have made it a part of this list so you can judge it based on your needs.

KONA French Press Coffee Maker 8 Cup Glass Tea PotKONA French Press Coffee Maker 8 Cup Glass Tea Pot

Let us conclude this list with the KONA French Press Coffee Maker. This is yet another model that you simply can’t help considering if you are ever in need of a French press tea brewer.

This model has a capacity of 8 cups, making it just the right size for preparing tea for a group or family at once, without any hassle. This model also serves as a glass tea pot to help you uphold the traditional aspect of drinking tea. After all, as we have mentioned earlier, traditionalism is really important when it comes to tea! So, at the end of the day, it’s another one of those models that you simply must consider.

Buyer’s Guide

You must be wondering, by now, how we managed to shortlist these products from all the ones available in the market. First of all, we did it so that you don’t have to go through the tedious process of selecting the good ones from a lot of products that you don’t want anyway.

We kept in mind some facts and judged all the models accordingly in order to create this list. Now, it’s important for you to know what we kept in mind while compiling this list. The main things we considered were as follows:

  1. The whole article revolves around the concept that the product has to be a French press. So, that’s one of the things that we have obviously kept in mind all the time while compiling this list.
  2. Next, we kept the capacity of the models in mind too. Of course, everyone has different capacity needs, so we tried to dwell on the standard capacity models to make it easier for the maximum number of people choose from them.
  3. And we also considered the durability of every model. We believe that durability is a really important factor for just any model, because it actually indirectly pays for itself. So that’s one of the things we’ve kept strictly in mind when making this list.
  4. Finally, the affordability for every model was also considered. We understand that all of us have to be economic once in a while and to keep a budget on things. Because of that, we have also kept that in mind when it came to compiling this list in order to find the best models that you might want to go for.

Comparison Information for Tea Presses

Now, all these facts have been kept in mind while compiling this list. The main aim of this list is to save you from the tedious process of having to go through all the models that are available out there to find some of the best among which you might choose. However, that doesn’t really mean that no other model can be the best for you.

You must keep in mind that we can only give you advice from a generalized perspective and that your specific needs are entirely dependent on you. So you must judge every model according to those if you want to find the best model for yourself. Gamble Bay Coffee is always here to help you find what you need, so you don’t really have to worry too much.

Related FAQ’s

Now, I know your mind must be flooding with questions. As your host, it’s my duty to answer them., but honestly, it’s more of a pleasure than a responsibility and so here I am. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions. Here, I’m going to answer a few questions that are mostly asked at this point. Once again, if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to help you out with that!

  • Is it Safe to make tea using the French press?
    One of the things that concerns most people is safety. And it really should. This is because safety is of paramount importance when it comes to judging a model. It’s clearly not worth trying out a model, however good it might be, if it is not safe enough for the user. However, you will be relieved to know that it’s completely safe and it’s just the same as making coffee using the French press. So, there’s no reason for you to get worked up!
  • Is it safe to filter it in the French press?
    One of the questions I frequently come along is if it’s safe to actually filter coffee. Well, it’s no different than doing it manually yourself and it’s completely safe. Not only that, bu it is also recommendable because that’s what the presses are designed for, making it more efficient and time saving.
  • Should I go for a specific company?
    Another question that’s really common is that if there’s some company that’s specially better. While there are bestselling companies, there’s no way to say that they are the best by far. The best one for you, as we have already seen earlier, depends on you. So, you have to judge what would be the best product for yourself and it’s only reasonable and sensible to with that one, regardless of the company that makes it. However, it might be mentioned that experts often recommend sticking to larger companies because they have a greater validity.
  • Is tea going to taste different because I’m making it in a coffee press?
    This is one of the funnier questions you might ask me. Well, you must know that it’s not different at all. While the taste might differ slightly based on the way it’s brewed or if the leaves are still kept in the warm after it’s ready, it’s not going to taste different just because it’s made in a coffee press. So, no reason to worry about that either, just be sure to clean it well if you also make coffee in it, so the flavors don’t mix.


At the end of the day, there are our picks among the best French press tea brewer models out there and as you just saw, there are a lot of really nice models for you to choose from!

However, you must still be aware about your specific needs and judge the product according to that. You must keep in mind that the best model out there isn’t always the right one for you. The best one for you is the one that serves all your specific needs at the most reasonable price. Keep that in mind and you’ll be good to go!

Gamble Bay Coffee is here for you all the time and you’re free to reach out to us for any help you might need! We hope you learned at least something from this article and we promise to be back with more, really soon!

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