These Funny Cat Mugs And Glasses Make Great Gifts

By | April 16, 2018

Are you looking for a fun collection of funny cat mugs? We all like cat videos and we all like our fancy coffee mugs so why not have a cat mug, huh?

Well here you go. I’m adding this page to the store here so you have quick access to a bunch of cool cat coffee mugs for yourself or for your friends.

Yes! These make great gifts!

Fun Cat Themed Coffee Mugs – Get Yours Today!

Just yesterday I shared my new found fondness for Grumpy Cat but as is the case with most people I think I really just like the idea of weird and funny cat stuff.

Today while I was browsing Pinterest I stumbled upon a few more funny cat mugs, glasses, and gifts that I found particularly interesting. If you’ve got a cat lover or two in your family or group of friends might I remind you that upcoming Christmas and birthday’s can easily be covered by any of these. I know my wheels are turning.

Here are some of my favorite funny cat mugs that I came across.

What about Funny Cat Travel Mugs?

Yeah, I found a few of those too. Mind you these are not the best thermal tumblers ever made and they may not be the best at minimizing leaks either but they are still really fun and cute too.

 Tail Therapy Cat 18-Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler — Sleek design, great to keep drinks hot or cold on the go ChezMax Outdoor Cat Cartoon Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottle for Kids Water Bottle 6.5oz Black Spoontiques Cat Travel Mug, Multicolor Smiley Cat 14 ounce Stainless Travel Mug Thermos I work Hard So my Dog / Cat Can Have a better Life – Travel Mug – (CAT) Meow Cats Colorful Traveler 16 Oz Tumbler Mug with Lid


As always, I’ve got another page published more broadly on unique coffee mugs, you can check that out if you are really in shopping mode or just head over to my gift ideas for coffee lovers page for a less slapstick group of gift options.

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