What Are The Best Insulated French Press Coffee Makers?

By | June 27, 2017

I’ve been using a simple french press coffee maker almost daily for nearly three months now. I actually go back and forth between it and my moka pot which I use to make stove top espresso both for myself and for my wife’s Americanos.

There is no denying that cheap french press coffee makers make coffee that is awesome – Howard Schultz, the president of Starbucks, uses one in his own home after all, but the biggest complaint I’ve had regarding my french press is not the size or the quality of coffee it makes but the fact that if I make a whole pot for myself I have to pour it into a thermal carafe or travel mug to keep it hot while I drink my first cup.

Sure, if you make a 32 ounce pot of french press coffee and pour it into two 16oz travel mugs and both you and the spouse head out the door then the thermal insulation is not necessary but for people like me who make 32oz for myself it’s annoying that my basic Bodum Brazil lets the coffee cool up substantially by the time I get to cup #2.

So I’m adding to my long and growing list of “I-Need-That” coffee gadgetry an insulated french press coffee maker. And before you go off thinking “Brian, you don’t need to drink 32oz of coffee in the morning” let me say this. I sometimes only drink 16 but I like to drink it out of smaller cups. I don’t always use my gigantic travel mug after all.

Even if I make half a pot of french press coffee I still get two standard 8 ounce cups out of it and this is more extreme. 8 ounces of coffee sitting in a non-insulated glass container gets cold rather quickly.

In any event, I haven’t purchased on of these yet but I intend on doing so in the next month or two. I think it will be good for me and will give me the opportunity to upgrade to something a bit more stylish for a minimal cost.

These are the best insulated french press coffee makers sold en masse today and they are the one’s I’m looking at although I think I’m going to end up buying the Double Walled Bodum Chambord because it’s the right size for me and I like the way it looks. I’m not to keep on drinking off of plastic but I’m fine having a little bit of plastic in my plunger. It’s not that big of a deal.

The Best Double Walled French Press Pots Are Stainless Using Little Or No Plastic

Insulated Glass French Press Coffee Makers Are Slightly Cheaper And Still Top Of The Line

You can also the french press store here on the site for more ideas.

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