Video Comparison Of Top Travel Coffee Mugs Pitted Against Each Other

By | December 14, 2018

I wanted to do a small followup post here to my post from earlier the summer of 2013: The Best Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot.

Originally in that post I pretty much said that the Thermos Stainless King travel mug was the best travel coffee mug for keeping coffee hot all day long. What I didn’t provide in that initial post was the proof, I went off my own experience with the mug having not actually tested side-by-side with other top alternatives.

Because heat retention is such an important feature of a vacuum insulated mug I wanted to follow that post up with a test to prove that the Stainless King is indeed the best travel mug of it’s kind as of my original writing back in 2013.

You’ll see in the video below filmed in the Fall of 2013 that I pitted the Contigo Autoseal, The Oxo Good Grips, and the Trudeau Umbria desk mug against the Thermos Stainless King to see which one could keep boiling water hot the longest.

In the test I poured boiling hot water into the mugs and then sealed them all for about 8 hours and 15 minutes. I then opened them up and tested the temperatures with a meat thermometer.

The Thermos mug won by a land slide and the funny thing was that the Thermos mug I used in the test was almost 3 years old compared to the other mugs ranging in age from a few months to brand new.

If you want you can click here to see the video directly on YouTube’s site.

Since 2013 there have been a number of excellent travel mugs that have hit the market, some of which are really expensive too so this test deserves an update to see if the Stainless King still holds the heat in the best.

In the near future I’ll be picking up some of the newer vacuum insulated travel mugs that have achieved top ratings by actual customers and I will re-do this experiment to see if any other mug can contend with “The King”.

Thermos’s mug is somewhat expensive but it’s still cheaper than many of the newest brands to hit the market so this will be an interesting experiment to say the least.

For years now I’ve featured the Thermos mug prominently on this site as the best travel coffee mug hands down so hopefully this test helps confirm that with you.

I’ll even have to pick up a new Stainless King for this experiment too because I totally lost my old mug a couple of years back.

And for those that didn’t watch the video note that after 8:15 boiling water sealed in the Thermos mug measured at 134 degrees, a temperature I would still consider to be a good coffee drinking temp.

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