Are Espresso and Espresso Roast the Same Thing?

Not long ago, I was approached by an acquaintance whom I have known to be a long-time coffee drinker. He seemed really confused and troubled by something. Naturally, I asked him what was wrong. To this, he replied that he was not sure if espresso and espresso roast were the same thing.

Naturally, I went on to answer him and solve his dilemma and he left relieved. But I found myself wondering just how many people were out there, even regular coffee drinkers, who also didn’t know the answer to this issue. So, I went home and did a quick bit of research and I was fairly surprised at the large quantity of people who are confused about this.

So, today, Gamble Bay Coffee brings you an article on the differences between espresso and espresso roast. It’s a fairly simple thing and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t look it up earlier by the time you finish this article. I understand that there isn’t much information about it readily available online, so there’s no reason to blame yourself for being confused. The good part is that you never gave up and today you’re actually going to learn!

Let us begin by taking a look at what exactly each of them are, alright?

What is an Espresso and what is an Espresso Roast?

Espresso, in the simplest of terms, is a beverage. It’s a beverage made with the help of a machine (that’s naturally called an espresso machine) and it is made by sending high pressure steam into a finely ground coffee grind to provide a coffee that’s naturally denser than most of the other forms that are available out there. For those people who love dense coffee, espresso is often the most preferred choice.

Here are some of the best coffee beans for making espresso.

As it is a popular option, there are a lot of machines that are available for making espressos. Espresso makers are really common in the market from several companies and vary in size, look, features and price. In conclusion, it might be said that espresso is a special, dense form of coffee that you make using an espresso maker.

Espresso roast, on the other hand, is an entirely different thing. Espresso roast is the kind of roasted coffee that is used for preparing the perfect espresso! In order to get the desired quality of espresso, there are some special processes that go into making espresso roasts.

Generally, espresso roasts are roasted more than the usual coffee bean to increase the body and decrease the acidity in them, as well as make it easier to grind them. Moreover, these roasts are sometimes a little more expensive because of this extra processing. Naturally, once again, since many people love espresso, there are quite a few kinds of the special roast that are available out there.

What are the main differences between the two?

While these two things are actually fundamentally different, we might still explain it more clearly if we actually divide it with a point-wise basis. We hope that you’ll be able to understand the differences, perfectly, and be able to distinguish between them clearly, henceforth. The main differences between the two can be summed up in the following points:

  • First of all, as we said earlier, the difference is on a fundamental level. Espresso is a beverage, a kind of coffee drink that many people love. Espresso roast, on the other hand, is the name for the coffee beans used for making espresso.
  • Espresso is prepared with the help of an espresso maker and it can be made at home or even commercially. Espresso roast, on the other hand, can not be made at home. It is commercially produced for mass retail and you have to buy it from the store.
  • As the actual product, espresso naturally costs much more, overall, than the espresso roast does.
  • Finally, espresso is the product that’s sold in the shops that sell you ready-to-drink beverages. If you’re looking for espresso roast in order to prepare your own espresso, you have to get it from the store, though some coffee shops also sell it.


Espresso is one of those coffee beverages that a lot of people love. As such, there are a lot of machines that are available to make it. But, you need more than a machine to make a beverage. It needs the proper ingredients, and the specially roasted coffee bean that’s needed to make an espresso is known as the espresso roast.

We have just seen, in detail, the differences that set these two things apart. But let me repeat what I said earlier, the difference is fundamental.  One is a beverage while the other is an ingredient that goes into the making of it.

However, we hope that you could learn something new from today’s article. It seems like quite a few people are confused over this, but there’s really no reason to remain so. Remember how we started this article with me telling you that you would be wondering why you didn’t get it until now? It’s just so simple!

Gamble Bay Coffee is here for you!

Fortunately, Gamble Bay Coffee will always be here to solve any coffee confusion that comes your way. We promise to try our best to solve any problem that you might approach us with.

So, we encourage you to approach us if you have questions, we assure you that we will try our best to help you in any way we can. It was really great having you here for today’s article! We hope that you actually got to learn something new from it and we look forward to your next visit.

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