The 6 Best Espresso Makers for Camping Trips

If you’re the coffee loving outdoorsy type, you’ve probably wondered what the best way to get your caffeine fix while on the go is. There are a lot of ways to bring coffee with you on your camping trips without hassle.

Many people choose to find a portable percolator or pour over (the GSI Glacier is a popular choice) to take into the woods with them.

A lot of other people also choose to get a small steel French press like this cheap 12oz model for both travel and outdoors use.

These aren’t the only ways to make coffee while camping, though.

There are many portable espresso makers meant for the purpose of travel and camping. Since there is such a variety of products out there, it can be a bit of a struggle figuring out which product is the right one for you.

For me I’ve found that my favorite is the Trimm Handheld Espresso Maker because it’s convenient and super versatile… also quite affordable too but even still there are others that may be better in line with your personal preferences.

So we’ve taken a look at six of the best espresso makers for camping below and briefly reviewed them all. Hopefully this will make your search for the right one easier and hopefully you’ll feel more confident in buying the right one.

In no particular order we’ll look at the following camping espresso makers:

Let’s get started.

STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker Machine

This portable espresso maker offers a lot of functionality for its small size.

With its patented pumping system, the espresso maker can reach 20 bars of pressure during extraction, producing a rich and bold result. With all of its power, the machine only requires half the force needed to pump than other espresso makers.

If you use a Nespresso machine at home, this espresso maker may be a good choice because it is compatible with Nespresso pods. You won’t need to buy anything extra for your camping trip, as you can just grab some of the pods you use at home.

Of course the espresso maker will also make espresso from ground coffee, making it a flexible choice. You can easily pull different types of espresso like ristretto or lungo with this portable espresso maker as well as make an iced drink.

The machine is about eight inches tall and weighs only a pound, but can hold up to 80 mL of water. It is also dishwasher safe, making it a convenient choice.

Click here to see pricing for Staresso’s espresso maker on Amazon.

MOZEEDA Handheld Portable Coffee Maker

This espresso maker is almost unrecognizable with its futuristic design. The pieces almost resemble a camera set with lenses. It certainly fits the aesthetic of camping gear.

Unlike the previous, this portable espresso maker is not compatible with pods, and uses coffee grounds to brew delicious espresso. It only requires a few pumps, and does not need batteries to use. You can also control the amount of coffee extraction with an easy to use semi-automatic piston.

The coffee maker is made of BPA material and good for the environment without leaving any sort of plastic smell in your coffee.

UPDATE Spring 2019 – This option doesn’t seem to be in production any more.

Wacaco Minipresso GR

This portable espresso maker has a very sleek, oblong design that allows it to be extra compact. It also comes with an espresso cup and scoop to make preparation even easier.

Much like the MOZEEDA, this portable coffee maker implements a semi-automatic piston to control the extraction of the coffee. All you need to do is add ground coffee to the filter basket with the scoop, add hot water, and pump a few strokes extract the perfect espresso.

The espresso maker weighs under a pound, and is very sleek and compact. The height of the product is just under seven inches tall.

Click here to see pricing for Wacaco’s espresso maker on Amazon.

Trimm Portable Hand Held Espresso Machine

The Trimm espresso maker also comes with a matching thermos, which is a nice touch. Both the coffee maker and thermos are of a sleek, black design.

The process is easy, as you just fill the portafilter with grounds, pour the right amount of hot water over, and pump it. From there you can drink the coffee straight from the included detachable cup, or put it in a different cup or your travel mug. This one will need to be hand washed, as it is not dishwasher safe.

The thermos that comes with the coffee maker also includes a tea strainer so you can easily make tea on the go as well. They also suggest throwing fruit in the strainer to make infused water.

Click here to see pricing for Trimm’s espresso maker on Amazon.

Latitude 22 Portable Mini Espresso Outdoor Coffee Maker

The Latitude also has an oblong shape, and is very compact and sleek. The parts are all BPA free and safe to use as well.

It is made up of a combination of plastic and metal, and can hold up to 80 mL of water. It weighs just under a pound.

The pieces are easy to disassemble for hand washing. The design is very open and allows for easy access to get the whole coffee maker as clean as can be.

Like the others, this outdoor coffee maker does not use batteries, and relies on pumping from the user to produce delicious espresso.

Click here to see pricing for the Latitude 22 espresso maker on Amazon.

Wancle Mini Portable Espresso Machine Coffee Maker

This machine is small and compact, but weighs a bit over a pound. It is just about the right size to fit in the palm of your hand.

They implement an anti-scalding device, which is a soft layer of silicone on the outer sleeve to prevent the coffee maker from getting too hot and burning you. This is convenient for the size because you will need to be in close contact with the machine while using it.

The anti-scalding silicone slips are available in four colors, making this espresso maker more customizable aesthetically than others.

Click here to see pricing for Wancke’s espresso maker on Amazon.

How To Choose An Espresso Maker For Camping

If you’re on the hunt for a great gadget that will make your camping days more lively, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the numerous options available. It is important to think about what you’re really looking for before making the purchase.

If you have a Nespresso maker or have some pods lying around, it would  make sense to choose a portable espresso maker that is compatible with pods. Likewise, if you don’t need to use Nespresso pods, it might not be wise to choose a machine with that function if there are better options out there.

It’s important to think about the size, and where you plan to store the coffee maker. Keep in mind the additional items you will need, such as a manual grinder for fresh beans and a way to make hot water.

Convenience is also important. Depending on your needs, a dishwasher safe espresso maker may be the best choice.  Others might only hand wash while camping, so the additional feature of being dishwasher safe might not be important.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do portable espresso makers work?
Portable espresso makers are great for camping and on-the-go use as they do not require batteries or access to an outlet. They rely on the manual force to pump espresso shots through the device. You pump until there is enough pressure, and then you push the hot water through the coffee and it will come out into your cup.

Can I make coffee other ways while camping?
There are plenty of ways to make coffee while camping that don’t involve a portable espresso maker. Not all are as convenient though.

Many choose to use Moka pots or percolators to make coffee while camping. Others rely on small French press machines or coffee makers.

Espresso makers for camping are more convenient than the other options as they require little set up, take up a small amount of space, and can be packed in luggage easily.

What else do I need to make coffee while camping?
I always recommend using a good grinder to get the ideal grind for your coffee that you can make fresh before each brew. This will allow you to get the most flavor out of your coffee.

See this post for more on getting the grind size right.

You’ll also need a way to heat up water to add to your device. Most people choose to bring a small kettle on their camping trip to aid with this.


There are many different ways to make coffee while camping, and a portable espresso maker is a convenient and affordable choice for many. The range of available products is vast, so it can be difficult to narrow down which espresso maker is best for you.

Just be sure as you look into making your next purchase you keep your specific needs in mind. Camping has a lot of meanings to different people, and some may need an item with more functionality than others. On the other hand, if camping is just a small jaunt and you like to play it leisurely, a heavy duty espresso maker is probably not necessary.

For me, the Trimm coffee maker is my top choice. The additional thermos and strainer that comes with it will allow me to easily make other hot drinks while on camping trips, which is important to me because sometimes I want a hot, decaffeinated drink in the evening.

Since I don’t need extra functionality, like iced settings or ability to brew pods, the Trimm is a great choice for me. The right espresso maker for you will depend on your own specific needs.

This list should help lessen any overwhelming feelings that may come from trying to decide on the perfect portable espresso maker. Keep your lifestyle and habits in mind as you decide on on the best espresso maker to take camping, with the help of this list.

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