The Best Ways to Make Coffee on the Stove

Best Ways to Make Coffee on the StoveSeveral people believe that stoves are actually the best way to prepare a coffee. In fact, several coffee testers actually taste stove coffee because they believe that it gives the best flavor!

However, did you ever wonder how many ways are there to make coffee with a stove?

Yes, you’re using a stove, but just using a stove doesn’t make a coffee, so there are several specific ways in which you can make coffee on the stove- several unique ways!

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to make coffee on your stove, as well as the best coffee beans you might use for your coffee!

The three stovetop coffee brewing methods we will be looking at are:

  1. Cowboy Coffee on the Stove in a Sauce Pan
  2. Making stovetop espresso in a Moka Pot
  3. and making a coffee bag and steeping it like loose leaf tea!

Read on for the details behind these methods.

What are some of the best ways of preparing coffee using my stove?

Well, it is clear that you cannot prepare your coffee ONLY using your stove. Naturally, you’re going to need the proper utensils, ingredients, and most importantly, coffee.

First way:

One of the best ways to prepare coffee using stove is the good old and tested method of making it in a pot.

Naturally, everyone is aware about this method. However, there are actually two kinds of preparations that you can make using it, depending on the kind of coffee that you’re actually using:

  1.  Making coffee with ground coffee.
  2.  Making coffee with instant coffee.

While the difference here doesn’t seem to be too big, the taste often varies largely based on the company and the person’s skills who is preparing it. So, that’s something you must keep in mind. Now, while this is one of the most used methods, one that I personally use as well, some of you might still not be familiar with it- and that’s perfectly alright! So, here’s how to do it if you don’t know:

  • First of all, you have to properly wash your pan and put it on the stove, put some water into it, and let it heat up in the stove. Keep in mind, that if you’re planning to make milk coffee, like I often do, you might want to put in the right proportion of milk inside it before you heat it up.
  • Next, you have to put in the ground/instant coffee as the liquid boils.
  • Now, if you’re using instant coffee, it will easily mix up with it, and that would give you the required taste. You might still want to add sugar based on your taste, and anything else that you might still want in your coffee, and it’s ready if it’s instant coffee!
  • However, if you’re using ground coffee, let it stay there for two minutes or so, in order for the flavor to be extracted. Then, stop the boiling and taste your coffee to see how much more flavor you want, and keep it there for, say, two minutes more depending on how much concentration you like.
  • Finally, pour it properly so that the grounds do that get inside your coffee!

Second way:

Another way that’s fairly modern but is really loved by people is that of using Moka Pots to prepare the perfect wonderful coffee that everyone simply cannot help loving!

Moka pots, if you aren’t already aware, look like kettles and are used specially for preparing coffee, and are famous because they actually do a really good job at that! Most people agree to the fact that it often tastes like espresso, and the reason behind this is often attributed to the fact that it actually prepares coffee at higher pressure and temperature than other methods.

Anyway, these are the steps you might want to follow in order to make your coffee this way:

  • You need to fill up the bottom part of the Moka Pot with water, and put the coffee and the part that’s specially designed for that function, and you’re supposed to properly put it together and turn on the heat.
  • If you let it sit for a while, you will find that your coffee is waiting for you in the upper part of it! You might still want to let it stay for a while to ensure proper and full extraction.

Now, I know this sounds like a really awesome choice. But you’d be surprised to know that there are a lot of Moka Pots out there! In fact, you might actually want to check out our article on The Best Moka Pots Available Out there!

Now, keep in mind that these are perfectly safe to use (click here to read our article on this) and that there are actually both stainless steel and Aluminum Moka Pots (click here to find out the differences between the two)

Third way:

Another way to prepare coffee is by making a coffee bag for yourself!

This is actually one of those things I’ve done only once or twice but had a lot of fun doing. As someone who isn’t really overly innovative, I still found myself feeling like one of those mad geniuses in the movies!

So, for this method, you basically need some coffee filter and some string, and given the fact you can lay your hands on them, you can follow these steps to make awesome coffee from coffee bags for yourself!

  • You just need to put enough coffee for the amount of coffee you’re planning to prepare, and cover it properly with the filter, to begin with.
  • Then, you tie it properly with a string. Keep in mind that you want to take a large string so that you can actually use that to properly dip your coffee-bag, without having to put your fingers in hot water/coffee.
  • Next, you just boil your water with the pot that you’re using, and then you pour it into a mug and then use the coffee bag on it. Honestly, this is probably the method where you use the pot the least, but it’s still one where you actually need it in order to make your coffee.

Some of the other methods out there that you might want to try too:

Naturally, these are only the best methods out there. There are several more methods that are out there which you might also want to try, of these, one of the most famous is the turkish coffee! You might actually want to read up about this sometime as well, because that’s yet another thing that’s really interesting.

You might also want to know that using a coffee strainer is a great choice as well, despite the fact that most people really opt out of this while buying a proper coffee maker or just sticking to doing the job with caution instead. However, as someone who has used it out themselves, I believe that it’s actually worth the money. But of course, that’s for you to consider now, sir!

Gamble Bay Coffee is here for you!

So, these were some of the best methods in which you can make coffee using your stove. Naturally, these aren’t all the methods out there, but these are the best methods in general. We here at Gamble Bay Coffee always try ot bring to you the right information that would help you prepare the best coffee for yourself.

However, we understand that you might still have some concerns and you might have some queries- and as we just said, we are always here for you. So do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any of those and we will try out best to help you out the best we can! We are always eager to hear from you and so there’s no reason for you to think twice before reaching out to us.

We hope you found this article informative and would stay tuned to Gamble Bay Coffee for more awesome article such as this one! Till then, we wish you a great day!

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