Head-to-Head Coffee Equipment Comparisons

As a consumer of goods it is often hardest to choose to buy one product over another option because you don’t really know what the difference is other than looks and price.

For some products this is all you really need to know but for technical products that do tasks for you like coffee brewing equipment and accessories the feature sets and UX matter a lot.

One coffee maker may cost only $25 while another may cost $200. It takes a keen eye for detail and in-depth product knowledge to identify the reasons why one piece of equipment costs so much more than the other one. It also takes an open mind to say which one is the better value because cheap equipment are rarely the best value.

Here at GGC Coffee our goal is to compare related products and reveal the value of those products to you. There is rarely a “best” product in any category but there is usually a “best for you” product when your own values, needs, concerns, and financial constraints are taken into consideration.

If you are looking to buy anything in the coffee equipment sector I hope that our comparison articles, which are indexed below, coupled with our buying guides and reviews will help you to feel confident in how you spend your money.

Now, lets get to the product comparisons.

Note: All comparisons are sorted below into the following categories.

Coffee Equipment Comparisons

Features & Value Head-to-Head

The Best Coffee Grinders of the Year Compared

best coffee grindersThere are a ton of coffee grinders on the market in any given year and they vary in price widely. On this page we’ve identified and reviewed the best home grinders of them all from various price points and even compared features for many of top brands and models.

Comparisons of All Nespresso Machines

Nespresso Machine ComparisonCurrently Nespresso sells multiple machines in their Vertuoline of products and even more machines from their Originaline of espresso makers. For most people it’s not obvious which machine is best, what the difference between them all is, or whether Nespresso machines are even a good buy over alternatives like traditional espresso or Keurig-style coffee makers. On this page the entire Nespresso ecosystem is explained and all machines are compared to make your life as a consumer easier.

Compare The Best Keurig Coffee Makers for 2020

Compare the Best Keurig Coffee MakersIf you are confused with the dizzying amount of Keurig coffee makers to choose from then make sure to see this page where GGC Coffee has listed the best Keurig machines of the year, the best non-Keurig k-cup coffee makers, and compared many of the main Keurig models head-to-head. You will also find links to other pod-coffee solutions that are similar to Keurig but differ in a few key ways. Hopefully you’ll find this all-encompassing guide helpful

Additionally we have the following comparison pieces published on our site covering everything from drip coffee makers, to moka pots, to french presses, to roasting equipment.

Feel free to take a look at any comparison article from the list below:

Coffee Maker Comparison Articles

Wilfa Precision Vs Technivorm Moccamaster
Bonavita BV1900TS Vs RV1900TD: The Differences Examined
Bonavita Vs Technivorm Moccamaster
OXO On Barista Brain Vs Bonavita 2
The Bonavita BV1900TS Coffee Maker vs. Technivorm Moccamaster
Bonavita bv1900ts vs bv1900td: Which Coffee Maker is the Best?
Cuisinart PurePrecision vs Bonavita Coffee Makers

Home Coffee Roasting Equipment Comparison Articles

Behmor 1600/1600 Plus Vs Gene Cafe CBR-101
Behmor 1600 Vs Gene Cafe CBR-101: Home Roasters Compared
Behmor 1600 Vs 1600 Plus: Which Roaster is Right for You

Other Comparison Articles from GGC Writers

Aluminum Moka Pot vs. Stainless Steel – Which is Better From a Taste and Safety Perspective
What is the Difference Between Bodum Chambord and Brazil?
Is the Bodum Chambord French Press Dishwasher Safe?