The Best Travel Mugs For Cold Drinks – They’re Not All Made The Same

Have you ever tried drinking cold water out of your insulated coffee mug? It’s not enjoyable at all because it always tastes a bit like old coffee.

I’ve tried cleaning mine out vigorously and although my mug seems perfectly clean it’s just not comfortable drinking cold drinks out of no matter what I do because I can’t quite get all the residual flavor out of it.

If you’ve got a smoothie or shake then things are even worse, some thicker cold drinks just don’t work at all with traditional tumblers and travel mugs. They muck up the sometimes complicated drinking hole and straws frequently don’t fit anyway. Cleaning smoothies out of the lid can also be a laborious chore.

The answer to these problems of course is why you are here. It’s best to simply keep a dedicated cold drink tumbler on hand for either cold water, soda, smoothies, or juice. These cold drink travel mugs can be actual mugs you would typically use for coffee but they can also be straw cups or mason jars too!

If you are looking for a good insulated travel mug for a cold soda, a cold cup with straw for your smoothies, a perfect travel sipping cup for juice, or just a nice insulated water bottle then I hope you’ll find something great down below.

Some of My Favorite Cold Drink Travel Mugs

My number one choice for cold cups is the BEAST 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Vacuum Insulated Rambler. It’s a double wall insulated tumbler that comes with two straws, a pipe or straw cleaner brush, and it’s dishwasher safe. Not only that but it is generally cheaper than some of the bigger name brands like Yeti and RTIC.

Another one of my favorite lower priced options is the Chillz Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw and Lid which comes in 10, 20 and 30 ounce sizes. This mug is also vacuum insulated and made from 18/10 stainless steel. When you compare price to build quality this may be the best cold cup on the market today.

If however you are most concerned with build quality and the longevity of your purchase you will not be disappointed with the Yeti brand. The Yeti 20oz and 30oz tumblers garner a huge amount of satisfied customers which can be verified by a very large pool of reviews on Amazon. When you also pick up the Yeti cold cup lid with straw this is probbaly the highest quality travel mug for your cold drinks you can buy. The Yeti 30 ounce tumbler with straw and lid are bundled here.

Product Considerations – The three models I featured above are all well insulated steel tumblers with straw lids. The straws included with these cups are probably best for more fluid drinks like water, soda, juice, or milk. If you are actually looking for a cold cup to drink thicker drinks like smoothies out of I would suggest different mugs that are better suited for thick smoothies or shakes. You can always find a good bottle with a wide straw but an enormous amount of people are very happy with the classic Blender Bottle which is perfect for mixing smoothies and drinking them in the same container.

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Cold Drink Cups
In addition to the mugs featured above Top Off My Coffee has a few pages on the site dedicated to specific types of mugs and tumblers. I’ve tried my best to include links to all the relevant pages below for you to browse.

As always, this page is new and the site is growing every day. Please expect this page to expand in time as I get around to reviewing and publishing new and unique product lines.

See the following pages for more of the following “types” of cold insulated cups.

  • Travel Cups For Smoothies – These are cups that are designed specifically for smoothies and thick shakes.
  • Glass Travel Mugs with Lids – Glass mugs can be great for cold drinks because they don’t retain flavors like coffee or tea.
  • Extra Large Travel Mugs – Extra large travel mugs are great to reserve for cold drinks only. You usually don’t want to drink 48 ounce of coffee in one sitting but but on a long drive having that much cold water at your side can be a blessing.
  • The Top Insulated Coffee Carafes – Typically used for coffee an insulated carafe reserved for cold drinks like water can be useful in certain situations. Carafes can be sealed for long periods of time and are frequently easier to clean making storage of cold drinks for later consumption ideal.

Or go check out our section devoted to insulated travel coffee mugs.

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