Large French Press Coffee Makers

By | June 28, 2017

Back in my not-so-distant past I was known for drinking lots and lots of coffee at a time. I used the largest travel mugs to tote around my coffee and I would refill it once or twice every day. This kept me mostly amped from dawn until dusk.

These days I drink higher quality coffee with less volume. I drink smaller amounts of espresso and french press coffee but even still I’m occasionally tempted to sip on coffee all day long. My regular sized french press limits me from doing this however – I can only brew so much at a time. 32 ounces may seem like a lot to many people out there but if you share your coffee with even just one other person it goes away pretty quickly.

These days my wife is starting to drink more coffee than ever before – she’s has a cup every now and then. 🙂 When I brew a full french press some of the coffee stays at the bottom of the press pot as it is mostly mud, some goes to my wife, and I’m left with only one and a half big cups left for myself. Sometimes that’s just not enough. 🙂

In most cases this is fine but if my wife drank more then I would be brewing up two pots of coffee every morning and that would get old fast I think.

I’m also tempted to pick up a large french press for the very purpose of having versatility in the kitchen. It doesn’t happen often but whenever I need to make coffee for more than just a couple people I always have to use the automatic drip coffee maker – it just makes more cups.

It would be nice to serve guests the best coffee I have and that usually comes from my french press. I’ve been looking around and I know that mostly french presses are all very similar. Unless you pay up for an insulated pot or go for something made of very little (or no) plastic you will generally do just fine with a low priced unit.

Here are the larger french press coffee pots I’ve been looking at. For the most part they aren’t too fancy – they’re just listed here based on their larger size.

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