Friday, June 28, 2013

Bialetti Moka Express Cleaning Instructions

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If you're new to the Bialetti Moka Express moka pot then you no doubt are second guessing the idea of "only' rincing the pot in hot water after each use. Coffee oils build up int he moka pot that you can't help but wonder if you should scrub it down every few days or so.

I bought mine about a week ago and have used it a couple times a day and already it's looking kind of gross.

The thing is that it's really only looking gross because I'm not used to not scrubbing something clean after each use. The Moka pot is an item that actually performs better with that film in place. It's a complete paradigm shift that must take place to let it be.

If you have a Bialetti Moka pot then you have an aluminum pot as opposed to a stainless steel pot. Aluminum can't be placed in the dishwasher or used with abrasive cleaning pads and it can impart a small metallic taste into liquids (coffee) that sit in it.

When you brew a few cups in your Moka pot potentent oils bond to the aluminum and form a tight barrier between your liquid coffee and the aluminum walls. So long as you rinse the excess oils and coffee from the pot after each use and allow to air dry the fim will remain and will not go rancid or mold. It will even add to the positive flavors of your coffee or "moka espresso". This would be classified as a well seasoned moka pot.

It's true that if you leave standing residue in the pot and then seal it by reassembling the pot and then not pick it up again for a long time you might be faced with soem molding or rancid coffee residue but this is not a problem when you rinse immediately and let air dry.

If you do find yourself with growing muck, mold, or spoiled coffee oils then you will have to clean the pot with a vinegar/water mixture, baking soda, or some sort of mild dish soap but this should be a last resort.

Long story short - after brewing a pot of coffee in your Bialetti Moka pot wait for your pot to cool down then discard the grind in your trash or compost, rinse the parts thoroughly under running hot water, and ensure that the rubber gasket has been rinced completely free of grind.

Everything should then be left to air dry. You should not reassemble the pot if it's wet as this can lead to stagnant moist air which is the cause of rancid oils and mold.

If you care to clean the outside of your pot remember that you are dealin with aluminum. Usually soaking the pot in extremely hot water and then wiping down with a paper towel is enough to keep the aluminum exterior looking decent. Sure you could use a metal polishing agent or buffering tool but in most cases that is just overkill.



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