Coffee EDU: Answers To All The Coffee Questions You Ever Had

There is more to coffee than most people realize and GGC is a treasure trove of information on the topic.

No matter what you want to know we probably have a comprehensive article on the subject here on our site.

Check out the list below which indexes all the basic information and coffee lover should know and understand.

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The Health Effects of Coffee on the Body

effects of coffee on the bodyCoffee has been widely studied fr years by both industry scientists and government/university researchers alike. Nearly every aspect if coffee and caffeine has been looked at as it relates to it’s effect on the body and we here at GGC Coffee have developed our own moat of coffee-health related articles on the site. To learn more about how coffee affects your body and other related health topics see this lengthy on-site resource.

Our Guide to Making Stronger, Better Coffee
(+ More Coffee Brewing Tips)

how to make strong coffeeBrewing better, stronger tasting coffee is both simple and intricate. It’s easy to make strong coffee but it takes skill and practice to make it taste it’s best. This article is a lengthy piece on doing just that. It also serves as a hub for all of our best brewing guides and technique articles. It’s written to help you make your best cup possible.

How To Roast Your Own Coffee
(& Related Guides)

Roast Your Own CoffeeHome roasting of coffee beans is easy but it takes planning and creativity. It’s what makes coffee brewing a hobby rather than a daily chore. It’s also what it so awesome about coffee. Anyone can do it no matter how small or large their budget. Here you’ll find our tips to getting started with what you already have in the kitchen or with the best home roasting equipment on the market.

Guides, How-To’s, & Coffee Accessory Comparisons

coffee comparisons guides and how toThese general guides will mostly help you with clean-up, maintenance, and the selection of various coffee making accessories. Some of these articles are specific only to certain types of coffee brewing methods too.

Coffee 101: The Basics

There are a handful of topics that newbies to coffee ask over and over and many of these topics form the “base layer” to more advanced coffee knowledge. We’ve covered the following topics on the site in detail below. There also serve as a backdrop to more advanced topics like fancy brewing techniques, home roasting, and barista skills development.

The Differences Between Single Origin Coffee And Blends
How to Drink Black Coffee
What is a Cappuccino and What’s in it Anyway?
Ristretto vs Espresso vs Lungo (Too Much Info)
The Best Time to Drink Coffee
Is Espresso Roast The Same As Espresso?
How Quick Does Ground Coffee Go Bad?
What Kind Of Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?
How Big Is A Coffee Scoop?
Ground Coffee Storage: In the Freezer, Fridge, or on the Counter?
What is French Roast Coffee?
How Do The Bold, Strong and 1-4 Settings Work On A Coffee Maker?
What Is White Coffee?
Why Is Coffee Called Joe?
Can You Reuse K-Cups?
What Is Cold Pressed Coffee? and How to Make it!
The Ideal Coffee Temperature (Under Debate)
Pre Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean: Why Does it Matter?
Don’t Put Coffee Grind Down the Garbage Disposal {Do This Instead}
Can You Fit A Travel Mug Under A Keurig Coffee Maker?
Arabica vs Robusta Coffee: Why Are Arabica Beans Better Anyway?
The Difference Between Light And Dark Roast Coffee
How Does Coffee Grow?
Can You Boil Water With A Coffee Maker?
Are All Drip Coffee Makers Basically The Same?
How is Coffee Decaffeinated?
What is Nitro Coffee Anyway? A Basic Introduction
Why is Coffee Called Java?