The Best Travel Mugs For Smoothies

By | June 28, 2017

It’s really nice to have your own dedicated smoothie travel mug. It’s way better drinking out of a cold cup with straw than it is to be slurping your smoothie through a coffee tumblers lip.

The thing is though there are tons of insulated mugs for smoothies for sale and it’s hard to know which ones are actually worth buying.

BPA free is a given and that’s easy to check for but what if you want a mug that is really durable? What if you want a smoothie cup that doesn’t sweat? What if you want a tumbler that is dishwasher safe?

Let me help you find the best to go cups for your smoothies. Just scroll down and follow me to the next section.

These Top Rated Travel Mugs for Smoothies Are Worth It

If you’re taking a smoothie on the road with you, mixing one at the gym or the office, or if you’re just out running errands, it’s worth investing in a good container that won’t spill.

Spilling coffee typically isn’t that big of a deal so long as it’s not scalding or overloaded in sugar and cream, water is not a big deal at all either, it dries quickly but a smoothie spilling is a completely different story. They’re sticky and can leave behind odors of the powders or fruit and/or veggies in them and most smoothies can and will stain if you spill them.

Smoothies also tend to be thick – even when they’re blended quite smooth – so using a traditional travel mug is not usually an option.

Straw containers that don’t leak and don’t allow condensation are best and of these here are good options and no so good options.

Below I’ve listed some of the best travel cups for smoothies. They are made to last, they don’t sweat, they have large straws for think smoothies, and they will fit in normal cup holders.. I hope you find this list useful.

If you know of another good smoothie cup or shaker then let us know in the comments below and be sure to see this page for more top of the line travel mugs.

This page also falls under my cold cups section of the store. Check that out for more insulated cold cup ideas.

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