The 5 Best Ceramic Espresso Cups

The best way to enjoy your espresso is by sitting down and sharing it. That’s just a universal truth.

If you want to do it right though, it’s good to have some proper glassware to share with friends. Thus you’ll want something that not only looks good but also features actual functionality. Ceramic espresso cups will keep your beverage at a consistent temperature and look great in the process.

What Makes A Proper Espresso Cup?

Now onto the world of demitasse.

This isn’t a fancy kind of drunk but rather what an espresso cup is sometimes called. Demitasse is the French word for half cup, and I holds about two to three fluid ounces. This might not sound like much, but this is why it’s meant for espresso or even tasting coffee during a cupping session.

An espresso doppio normale is about two fluid ounce volume, and a lungo doppio is can be up to three. S0 this is the size that is perfect for serving espresso. If you drink doppio lungo shots, the 3-ounce cup is the best cup. If you mostly drink normale shots a 2-ounce cup is fine.

Regardless of the decorative aesthetic of the cup, you want something with some functionality. The most important factor then is for an espresso cup to have thermal insulation.

Espresso cools down quickly. This is good and bad. On one hand, you’ll not want to scald yourself, but this also makes it easy for the “sweet spot” in temperature to be very elusive. With a small volume of brewed espresso, the heat exchange is much faster. Though glass espresso cups can look great, and you’ll be able to stare right into the beautiful composition of the drink, they simply aren’t that functional. Thus, this makes ceramic a great medium for an espresso cup.

The ceramic cups can hold the espresso hot for a longer time, but they but also benefit from being preheated. Among ceramic materials, the best is porcelain. Porcelain retains heat the longest, but if don’t prewarm your cup can lower your drink’s temperature considerably.

Hoomeet Ceramic Espresso Cups and Saucers

Hoomeet Ceramic Espresso CupThese espresso cups are made with an optimal thickness for keeping coffee at a perfect temperature longer. We all know how important it is to serve coffee warm.

Ergonomic design also makes it easy to hold with the embossed swirling line contours to look stylish. The color and unique matching saucer will brighten any table.

Six colors assorted in each set- pink, green, orange, blue, yellow and turquoise, outer side with semi-matte black color glazed make this coffee set charming and elegant. This is one of the more unique designs out there and is a great way to accent any modern kitchen without breaking the bank.

Hoomeet ceramic espresso cups are an impressive way to serve espresso but also make a great addition to your kitchen.

Bruntmor Espresso Cups

Bruntmor Ceramic CupsBruntmor has created strong ceramic espresso cups and saucers which are the perfect addition to your kitchen cupboard or restaurant drinkware and server-ware. These are amongst the most sturdy on the market and also dishwasher safe.

Search no further for a nice contemporary design, these cups and saucers will last a long time with care and make entertaining a breeze. Sturdy and long-lasting, these are the answer to your espresso-chilling woes and at an affordable price. Bruntmor espresso cups are a perfect solution.

Accguan Espresso Cups

Accguan Espresso CupsAccguan has created espresso cups that truly fit the motto, “go big or go home”. Although many a coffee aficionado wouldn’t be touting that saying typically, but these ten-ounce espresso cups make one want to shout it from the mountaintops. Now, you might have a hard time finding a good way to prepare that much espresso in one sitting, but these can double as great coffee cups too.

Accguan espresso cups are one of the larger format espresso cups available but it doesn’t make them less functional. These also come with spoons and saucers that match. That’s always a nice touch if you’re serving your espresso, or even coffee, with cream.

Sweese 4304

Sweese 4304 Espresso CupsA perfect solution to your daily espresso ritual. If you’re looking for a good basic cup like the kind you’d get in a nice cafe, you have come to the right place. This set of six cups with saucers is perfect for a little afternoon coffee-break with friends or colleagues.

A Simple yet classy design that can easily be matched with an espresso machine. Bring the cafe to your home. Since the walls of the cups are relatively thick, so they retain heat. They have a cafe look that actually makes you feel as though you are in a coffee bar enjoying your brew. The Sweese 4304 espresso cups are made from porcelain, which are industry standard, even equipped with a thirty-day no-chip guarantee.

Aozita Espresso Cups

Aozita Espresso CupsSet of four espresso cups that are made from durable porcelain that’s BPA-free. Additionally, they are microwave-safe if you’re considering pre-heating the cups ahead of time. Easy to clean and no residue left the luster still looks like new after long time use.

Sleek modern styling, classical winter frost white and match well with your other tableware. Stackable espresso set by Aozita saves counter space with a stylish and innovative vertical design. Aozita espresso cups are standing strong at 2.5 ounces each, with a great modern design with a classic frosty white.

HUJI Stack-able Porcelain

HUJI Stack-able PorcelainThis Huji stackable nine-piece cups and saucers set is the perfect addition to the kitchen and counter space. The set features a chrome rack that is simple and sleek but also efficient enough to save space around the kitchen, perfect for a kitchenette or even in a smaller apartment setting. If you want to entertain with an espresso set but prefer the vertical advantage, then this should do the trick.

The set gives a very elegant and trendy appearance to any kitchen, countertop and table setting. This space-saving fashion makes the Huji Stack-able espresso cups and saucers set the must-have for any espresso fanatic.

Hopefully one of these ceramic espresso sets has found a place in your future-kitchen plans by now. If you’re still searching for more coffee making accessories, then we have just the spot for you.

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