The 7 Best Apple Cider K-cups We’ve Tried

Hot Apple CiderThe appreciation for apple cider goes back to early pioneers of North America.

Whether you’re craving a refreshing drink on an autumn day or while mulling over the local farmers market, an apple cider is a great beverage to help sink into the season’s bliss. Warm up and refresh on a cool Spring or Fall day, or whenever you’d like to revisit the taste of freshly picked apples.

Creating this beverage properly requires the use of a fruit press and is an arduous process.

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Since apple cider can be a difficult beverage to craft correctly, it’s fortunate that the K-cup format makes brewing a cup of fresh apple cider no task at all. Ready on demand.

Here are our Favorite Apple Cider K-Cups

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Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider

Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple CiderWith no artificial flavors or preservatives, Green Mountain Naturals hot apple cider is easy to prepare in a flash and tastes fresh. Imagine apples overflowing from baskets, fresh and ready to be pressed. This is the image that Green Mountian intended to convey when creating this K-cup. A pure apple cider with a hint of brown sugar and just a touch of cinnamon is what you’ll find here.

Green Mountain Naturals is a brand created under the Keurig company umbrella, so rest assured these are the kind of k-cups that will work seamlessly in your brewer. Within seconds a refreshing and warming beverage is ready for your enjoyment.

Grove Square Hot Cider

Grove Square Hot Cider K-cupsGrove Square is perhaps most known for their unique and sweet take on classic beverages. Grove Square hot cider is no different in that right. This K-cup will produce rich scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Worry not, and enjoy this freshly brewed beverage while it transports you to orchards of yore. Compatible with the first generation of Keurig brewers and made with vitamin C, there’s even a benefit to grabbing a hot drink of this great apple cider. At five calories, you can rest assured that you’re doing yourself a small favor with Grove Square hot cider.

Copper Moon Apple Cider

Copper Moon Apple Cider K-cupsInspired by the modern barista, the Copper Moon Apple Cider is a new take on the preparation of apple cider and translates well to the Keurig brewer. A rich taste of apple is complemented by the addition of spice. Copper Moon creates their craft beverages in small batches in certified safe quality, and the K-cups are sealed for fresh perfection. Copper moon apple cider is wonderfully made and provides a relaxing drink whenever you’d like to enjoy the wonderfully refreshing drink.

Twisted Pine Coffee Co. Hot Apple Cider

Twisted Pine Coffee Co. Hot Apple Cider K-cupsThe Wisconsin coffee company, Twisted Pine has created a recipe with a delightful taste and aroma of crisp apples with the correct amount of spice. So sit back and enjoy it, warm or cold, as this tangy treat will be enjoyed hot or on ice. Twisted Pine hot apple cider is rich in flavor and aroma, filling the kitchen with the scent of fresh fruit. Like the other apple ciders on this list, the taste of a lush Fall day can be ready in seconds via this k-cup.

Barrie House Hot Apple Cider

Barrie House Hot Apple Cider K-cupsFarm fresh and warm, the Barrie House Hot Apple Cider is balanced with spice and brown sugar. Speaking of spice, this harvest of farm-fresh apple leans on the spicier side. A more nostalgic version of the popular beverage, like something you’d enjoy on the farm on a cool day. Barrie House is a family owned and operated coffee company located outside New York City. Since 1934 they’ve produced a wide variety of artisan coffees and espresso. Now they’ve taken their dedication to quality brews and developed an innovative single cup capsule for brewing their trademark beverages at home.

Fireside Cider

Fireside Cider K-cupsTwo Rivers is a company that takes pride in their products. Fireside Cider is no exception. The warm fragrance of cinnamon spiced apples baked to perfection. There’s nothing better on a chilly day. Except of course, when you can enjoy the same soothing flavors in your favorite mug and is ready in seconds.

This is a baked-apple cider with a rich, comforting taste. Less the traditional spiced beverage and more of the all-American dessert. The Fireside Cider K-cup is available in several varieties including apple pomegranate, baked apple, Caramel Apple, and peach apple. If you’re curious to try a new take on the classic beverage this will suit you just fine.

Alpine Spiced Apple Cider K Cups

Alpine Spiced Apple Cider K Cups

This is the traditional apple cider mix that you’ll recall from childhood. Now available for the Keurig brewer, it’s the simple flavors of spice and apples that you’ll love. Unlike other apple ciders, this is the subtle brew that doesn’t have to employ wild flavors or a unique take on the classic.

If you’re simply searching for the cider that offers a simple solution to those fall days without all the hassle, then this is for you. Try Alpine Spiced apple cider K-cups and watch your woes fade away.

For best results with any of these K-cups, it’s advised to store Hot Apple Cider K-Cup pods at room temperature and make sure to shake the K-Cup pod every time before brewing. Use the 8 ounce setting on your brewer. Run a hot water brew cycle (without a K-Cup pod) after brewing Hot Apple Cider.

Always remember that these are hot beverages and should be served with caution. If you’re interested in trying more great brews like these, then it’s imperative you check out our great coffee gear.

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