Friday, February 21, 2014

The Health Benefits Of Coffee Consumption

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Is coffee healthy to drink? There's a lot of data to suggest it is healthy for most people although medical researchers are always testing and learning new things about coffee, caffeine, and related drinks such as teas.

Here on Top Off My Coffee I've blogged a bit on the health implications of coffee. I've answered some related questions and pondered the effects of drinking coffee in large or small amounts every day.

You can see the most important of those posts listed below.

French Press Coffee Can Increase Your Cholesterol - In this post I found out that french press coffee has a slight impact on cholesterol. This is most likely due to the filtration process in that all the oils stay in the cup rather than get filtered out through a paper filter.

Does Coffee Make You Dehydrated? - Coffee is well known to cause a diuretic effect but it's no more significant than the volume of fluids ingested. In short drinking coffee may make you pee but it shouldn't dehydrate you any more than you were dehydrated before having a cup.

Does Coffee Upset Your Stomach? - Some people may be sensitive to poorly processed coffee beans, others may be sensitive to higher acidity in coffee. Still others may find it difficult dealing with high caffeine contents of coffee. Each of these issues however can be managed if you care to.

As more topics are covered this page will be updated. I hope you find this page useful and I'd like to encourage you to share this socially using the buttons provided below or to the left.


Adams Moore said...

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cubicocoffee said...
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