Monday, August 12, 2013

Check Out These Cool "Built-In-Wall" Coffee Makers

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In my real life I've been doing some light plumbing work and drywall repair over the past week. I wanted to move the water line running to our fridge from a hole in the floor to a wall box installed behind the refrigerator. For me the job was new territory - I've never worked with water lines nor have I done drywall repair. Luckily, the job was manageable enough even with a 2 year old running around the house every step of the way.

The job however got me thinking about my coffee maker. I have been a big fan of french press coffee and the moka pot (stove top espresso) over the past month and a half or so but after giving my coffee maker a very thorough cleaning it has been tempting to use it more frequently for those times when I don't want to go through the trouble of setup or cleanup.

I basically envisioned a drip coffee pot that was plumbed with filtered water so that I wouldn't have to fill the reservoir up ever again. Just drop in a coffee filter and a few scoops of coffee and hit start.

Wouldn't you know it there are such things and you can even build your coffee maker straight into the wall just like you would a recessed box for your fridge or washing machine.

A while back I posted this short list of quality coffee makers that can accept a water line hookup but and these are cool and all but they do take up counter space. Since a complete novice like myself just framed and built a new wall box for my ice maker I figure most people (if the will is there) could probably do the same with a coffee maker.

After digging around and reviewing the options out there I thought I'd leave you with a list of sweet coffee machines that are designed to be installed right into the wall. Hook up the water line, frame the unit, patch the wall, paint and look at what you can have access to. I am actually considering doing this - although I probably won't because I have plenty of items on my wish list as it is and these are somewhat pricey to say the least. :)

Some Of My Favorite Drool-Worthy Recessed Coffee Makers


jowdjbrown said...

Today's post provides a history of the coffee bean. Be sure to stop by on Friday for the final followup discussion on the role of coffee cappuccino machine

Norman Armenta said...

Looks very good. What's standard price for this decision? It's interesting to place my into the wall.


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