Tassimo vs Keurig: Pod Coffee Making Systems Compared

coffee, plants, warm, earth, By now you have probably seen the single-serving pod coffee makers. They have made their way into offices across the country and even into over 25% of people’s homes. It is said that over 10 million Keurigs were sold around the world in 2013. It has become a well-known brand within the single-serving coffee industry even though it is not the first company to produce instant cups of coffee.

Tassimo first came into the world in 2004. It originated in France, unlike the Keurig which started in the United States a little while later.

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Tassimo Uses Barcodes to Make the Perfect Beverage

Whereas Keurig has the K-Cup, Tassimo has created the T-Disc.

Every T-Disc is equipped with what the company refers to as “Intellibrew.” On the top of each T-Disc is a unique, multi-colored barcode. The barcode signals your machine with the perfect temperature, brewing time, and amount of water for the perfect cup of coffee every time. This technology ensures consistency in quality with every T-Disc.

Keurig works differently, using a more traditional method of brewing coffee. Their K-Cups are filled with coffee grounds. When the lid is depressed, the K-Cup is punctured allowing hot water to enter the cup in a pressurized setting.

Like the Keurig, it is easy to run the Tassimo machine. Just select which T-Disc you would like to brew, place it into the top of the device, line your coffee mug of choice up with the spout, and press the button to brew.

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Are T-Discs and K-Cups Interchangeable?

Since T-Discs are specially designed with a barcode, there are no replacements for the Tassimo Discs. If you would like to use their machine, you must adhere to their product line. Their discs can be used by both WFSch and Braun machines. The only ones that will sometimes not work are the larger milk packs. Keurig has tried to create their machines so that no other coffee pods may be used other than Green Mountain Keurig specific ones. However, people have created pods that work with older machines as well as special clips you can place on your pods to trick your device into accepting off brands.

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There are Ways to Customize Your Coffee Experience

Tassimo provides an option for manual programming. If you would like weaker coffee, hold the individual, customization, designer, work, colors, bright, coffeebrewing button down for a more extended amount of time. If you would like weaker coffee, hold the button down for less time. Unfortunately, Keurig does not have an option for customization without sacrificing convenience and placing in a little work. From the research I have done, there is no simple fix it solution for the Keurig. To alter the quality of the coffee, you need to deconstruct and reconstruct for personalized perfection.

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Each Brand Has a Different Variety of Flavor Options

When choosing the right brand of single-use coffee makers, it is essential to keep in mind what options you will have as far as coffee choices. T-Discs offer a wide variety of options that will suit almost everyone. Since there is more control over the brewing method between the barcode technology and manual options, the T-Disks are perfect for the person who wants their coffee brewed with the perfect temperature, time, and amount of water. I would recommend taking a look at the list of 44 flavor options before deciding. If you are working in an office where there will be a vast amount of different tastes and preferences, it may be better to purchase a Keurig which has worked to make an insane amount of options both from their line of products and collaborating with other coffee brands.

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recycle, planet, save, blue, globe, coffee, k-cups, keurig, tassimo, t-discIs It Possible to Recycle T-Discs and K-Cups?

Yes, both products can be recycled. K-Cups need to have the pieces separated for them to be accepted for recycling. T-Discs are designed to be recycled in general plastics bins. Tassimo even goes as far as to encourage people not only to recycle but consider upcycling through a company known as Terra Cycle which takes items from all over for reuse.

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Some Last Points Regarding Tassimo

Both Keurig and Tassimo are fantastic brand options for single-serving coffee machines. There are some points I would like to highlight regarding Tassimo though. First off, their products take up less counter space than Keurig machines. This may not matter to everyone, but if you have a smaller kitchen or are living in a dorm, I would recommend the Tassimo for this reason. If you are coffee, coffee beans, texture, brown, earth, aroma crunching for time, Tassimo does brew faster. Keurig takes a moment to start up whereas the T-Discs begin brewing the moment you press the button. In addition to these points, Tassimo is less expensive than Keurig and comes with a two-year warranty instead of a one year, which can make a huge difference if anything happens to your machine. Last but not least, Tassimo’s T-Discs have milk options. The coffee brews with cream or froth based on which T-Disc you choose, unlike Keurig which requires milk to be added afterward.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when deciding which coffee maker to purchase. Which choice is better depends entirely on what you intend on using the machine for, and what you value most when it comes to coffee.

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