9 of the Best Stovetop Percolators for Sale [2024 Update]

best stovetop percolatorsIf you’re looking to keep it simple, a stovetop coffee percolator is the way to go!

These tools are often highly versatile and able to be used on the stove, grill or even campfire. Because of this, they are fantastic for those who want to be able to make coffee while they’re out in nature.

There are many people who simply prefer the flavor of coffee brewed in a percolator as opposed to other brewing styles.

That said, not all stovetop coffee percolators are created equal!

To help you navigate the market to find the right stovetop percolator for you, we’re taking a look into 9 popular options.

Continue on and you’ll learn all about your options!

Here are the Best Percolators for a Stovetop

GSI Outdoors

The GSI Outdoors percolator is a great choice for those who want something with a classic, outdoorsy look.

Many of us are familiar with the enamel, speckled-blue look that can be found on a lot of camping cookware.

If that represents your style, then this percolator will fit right in!

Using this percolator, you’ll be able to get 12 cups of steaming hot coffee which will be plenty to share. You certainly won’t need to worry about running out!

The combination of steel and sturdy enamel will ensure that this percolator can handle high heats while still looking great!

It’s also made with a filter that will keep your coffee grounds out of what you pour.

Overall, this tool is made to be the perfect companion whether you’re using it on your stove or a campfire. Some customers claim that it can take a little time to master, but produces excellent results once you get the hang of it.

Rapid Brew 55703

For those who want something compact and won’t need to brew a lot of coffee at once, the Rapid Brew 55703 is a great option.

It’s made of a heavy-duty stainless steel that will keep it in good shape in extremely high heats. You’ll be able to make anywhere from two to six cups using this device, which is great for smaller brews.

The Permawood handle and glass lid knob allow you to open or pour the brew without any discomfort, even while the rest of the percolator is boiling hot.

In addition, you’ll get a convenient basket to hold the grounds and keep them separated from the brew.

Due to the design, it can be used in a number of environments without receiving damage, which is great for those who want something they can take camping.

Overall, the Rapid Brew 55703 is a simple, highly functional device that will be able to brew delicious coffee on just about any heating surface.

Medelco Stovetop

The Medelco really sets itself apart through the glass design that isn’t commonly seen among percolators.

Many find this to be a great benefit as you can actually see the coffee being brewed. Using this percolator, you’ll be able to get 8 cups which is great for most circumstances.

It’s a great device for stovetops that are either gas or electric, but it might not be the most ideal for using on a campfire.

This is largely due to the plastic parts, which can melt in the less-controlled environment of a fire.

Furthermore, it’s dishwasher safe which means it’s going to be easy to keep clean. You’ll also find that it’s resistant to stains, so you won’t end up with a grungy looking percolator.

For those who want something to use on their stove, this is also a lower-cost option that can create excellent results without breaking the bank.

Chinook Timberline

Another great stainless steel option is the Chinook Timberline percolator, which is able to brew up to 6 cups of coffee.

It’s a simple, compact little device that you can use on a stove or grill easily.

Furthermore, it’s going to be safe in the dishwasher which makes it more convenient to clean.

You also won’t need to worry about buying filters as the Timberline has a built-in basket for your grounds.

That in itself can save you a decent amount of money over standard drip-style options that can go through paper filters pretty quickly.

In addition, it’s going to be an easy option to take with you if you go camping or somewhere else where a plug-in coffee maker can’t be used. The handle is also made to offer you support and comfort while you pour.

Stansport Aluminum

For those looking for an old-school style, the Stansport Aluminum Percolator is a great option.

It has a convenient handle that reaches up above the pot rather than behind it, making it easy to use on the grill or a campfire.

This option is made of aluminum, made to be high quality and rustproof so you won’t need to be concerned about water damaging the pot.

You also have the option of getting a 9-cup style, which already holds quite a bit and also a 20-cup option for when you need to make coffee for a larger crowd.

Furthermore, it’s designed to heat quickly so a great cup of coffee won’t take a long wait.

It’s a fantastic option for a camping stove, fire or other heating surface and can really add to your list of most useful camping tools.

Cook N Home Percolator

If you’re looking for something with a smooth look, it’s hard to go wrong with the Cook N Home percolator.

It’s made from stainless steel, offering a very clean, sparkly look that will be sure to add to the environment of your kitchen.

It’s also made with a large handle that will make pouring much easier even when the pot itself is extremely hot. This option holds 8 cups, which is a decent amount for a few people to enjoy a cup or two.

It’s also made with a basket that allows you the use of a permanent filter. Just place your grounds into the basket and you’ll be good to go.

You’ll also be able to use it for multiple purposes aside from coffee including tea and hot water for soups and other things.

It’s also designed to work on just about any stovetop and can be washed in your dishwasher.

Coleman 12 Cup

The great thing about percolators is that they are very simple, but still get the job done, and the Coleman is no different.

It’s a very easy-to-use 12-cup design that can allow you to make a lot of coffee in one convenient device.

It’s made primarily from stainless steel, with a glass knob on the top of the lid.

The one downfall with the design on this percolator is that you may need to use a pot holder or oven mitt to grab the handle as it is also made from stainless steel and does run the risk of getting hot.

With the percolator you’ll also get a basket with the lid for your grounds and a tube to help with the brewing process. The lightweight design makes it a convenient option for those who want something that won’t weigh them down and can still make a lot of coffee.

Coletti “Bozeman”

The Bozeman is a percolator with a great look. It makes 9 cups and has a standard stainless steel design, with a permawood handle and glass knob on the lid for easy pouring and opening.

Another convenient addition that you don’t get with many other percolators is that this one comes with filters that you can use if you want a cleaner cup.

That gives you the chance to try them out without the added cost so that you can decide for yourself how you prefer your brew.

In addition, this is a great option for those who want an easy method for making coffee while they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

It’s a superb option for those who want to be fully in control of their brew rather than just letting the drip machine do what it will.

Farberware Yosemite

If you’re looking for a classic that has been praised by many, the Farberware Yosemite is a fantastic option.

It offers both 8-cup and 12-cup options so you’ll be able to choose the one that will best suit your needs.

It’s made from a heavy-duty stainless steel so you’ll be able to rely on it to be durable for many years.

Many who move to using a percolator rather than a drip-style coffee maker claim that devices like this are able to provide a flavor that is more rich, full and hearty.

This option also comes in at under $25, making it quite affordable for those who don’t want a lot of added cost for their brew.


Overall, there is a wide variety of stovetop percolators out there for you to choose from.

Whether you need something small, for one person or larger for a big group, we’ve got you covered!

Just make sure to consider your budget, the kinds of uses you need for the percolator and the amount of coffee you’ll want to be able to make.

Happy shopping!

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