Our Coffee: Fair Trade is Always Preferred

Between 2014 through 2016 GGC used to roast it’s own coffee in-house a few times per week in micro batches.

We enjoyed that process and we also enjoyed serving local customers but these days we have left that cafe and roasting business behind. We now recommend local customers head over to Klamath Falls based Gathering Grounds Roastery for fresh beans and poured drinks while we have started focusing our core business model on educating coffee enthusiasts around the globe.

While GGC has pivoted the business strategy to focus on online customers, readers, and clients we now feel it’s better to partner with (and recommend) online retailers of fine organic coffees to our customers, those companies especially who emphasize the use of Fair Trade certified coffees in their business.

Why Fair Trade Coffee is Important to GGC

We feel it’s our duty to support the grower of the coffee plant, the hardest working person in the coffee business. It just makes sense… we also feel these coffees tend to be some of the best quality products on the market anyway.

See this post for more on How Fair Trade Coffee is Made (Grown).

Right now you can see the following posts for our recommendations and reviews of the best coffee products online.

If you want to learn more about the Fair Trade coffee movement including why it’s important and how it is different from traditional sourcing then check out the following featured articles on our site.

Real Descriptions of the Fair Trade Coffee Movement

How Coffee is GrownHow Fair Trade Coffee is Made – Making coffee of any kind takes a ton of work and with Fair Trade coffee the process has to meet strict criteria. The farmers that do get certified however are guaranteed a price floor for their efforts and are unlikely to be cheated by local middlemen in their geographical area. This educational piece, written by Fair Trade advocate David Schmidt is riveting and an eye opener to consumers of the actual the process of growing coffee beans.

What are Coffee Farmers so Poor? – This is another eye opening look into how coffee farmers get paid so little for the work that they do written by author and Fair Trade advocate David Schmidt. It is amazing how a product that is so pivotal to the day-to-day lives of people around the world and responsible for a 100+ billion dollar commodities market leaves so many produces living below the poverty line.

Is Fair Trade Coffee More Expensive? – In this piece our author debunks the myth that Fair Trade certified coffee has to be more expensive than “regular” coffee. In some cases the FT label can result in higher priced coffee but in many scenarios the exact opposite is the case, especially when compared against organic coffees which FT producers typically produce anyway.

Articles in Editing:

These articles have been written and are currently in final editing prior to publication.

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Articles Further Down the Pipeline
These fair trade related articles are all in the development process and will be published in the near future.

1. Your Best Options for Buying Bulk Fair Trade Green Coffee Beans & How to Do It
2. How Can Fair Trade Coffee Be Improved
3. Is Fair Trade Coffee Sustainable for the Mass Market?