Manual Wooden Box Coffee Grinders

manual wooden box coffee grinderI can think of three very important reasons why I would want to own a hand crank coffee grinder – I’m sure one or more of them apply to you as well.

  1. They are cheaper
  2. They are quieter
  3. They are more decorative

In my home I have a deep affection for quiet things. I get up at 4:45 in the morning and around 5am I’m making coffee.

I know more than most people that the best coffee comes from beans that were just ground by a good burr grinder but more of these are big, loud electric devices that can easily wake the baby!

I have no tolerance for loud equipment in the early morning, I want a small coffee grinder that is quiet!

I also know my wife values her kitchen and want things looking awesome so there’s no denying that a wooden box grinder looks pretty cool in the home.

With all that said I felt that some of our customers would appreciate a curated list of the best wooden box crank grinders.

So without further adieu, lets get to the list.

These are our Favorite Wooden Box Crank Grinders for the Home

Here are some really great wooden box burr grinders we like.

Hario MM-2 Small Wooden Body Coffee Grinder

Hario MM-2 Small Wooden Body Coffee GrinderHario MM-2 Small Wooden Body Coffee GrinderThis is a beautiful wooden hand crank coffee gridner that uses ceramic burrs to get the job done.

  • You can adjust the grind size easily,
  • Clean the grinder easily,
  • and the grinder will hold a little more thanhalf a cup of grounds at a time, perfect for just about any brewing technique.

Hario makes lots of well reviewed products and this one is very popular too… and super affordable.

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Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder by Aztec

Rosewood Manual Coffee Grinder by AztecRosewood Manual Coffee Grinder by AztecThis grinder is about the same size as the Hario but I like the way it looks even better.

The Rosewood looks really great as a decoration piece in your home and the grinder itself functions great too.

You can use this for all grind sizes for any brewing method and customer reviews for this grinder are usually quite high.

Don’t like plastic? There’s no plastic of any kind in this manual grinder.

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Kalita coffee Mill KH-3 Retro one

Kalita coffee Mill KH-3 Retro oneKalita coffee Mill KH-3 Retro oneOf the three featured wooden box coffee mills on this page this one from Kalita consistently gets the best reviews. It makes great quality coffee grind for the the money you spend on it.

There’s no plastic of any kind and the gears are made from iron! You can clean this whole unit easily but you won’t want to use water on it to prevent the risk of rust.

It’s not made in the USA but it is made in Taiwan and Japan so it is a quality, well built, and beautiful hand-powered machine!

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A Few More Wooden Crank Coffee Grinders to Review

 Manual Coffee GrinderMore Info Peugeot 22778 Salvador Coffee Mill, 12.9 by 14.3 by 20-Inch, Natural FinishMore Info Norpro Coffee GrinderMore Info Fox Run Coffee GrinderMore Info

Get Great Tasting Coffee At Home Without the Cost!

Having coffee beans ground for you may be a logical choice, but, what you don’t know is that it’s even better to grind them on your own at home!

The main reason for this is that whole beans stay fresh longer. This means that when you grind your own coffee, you get to choose when you’re going to get the freshest cup of coffee you can get your hands on. And, well, you also get to choose your own coffee’s flavor and to some extent, your coffee’s taste.

To do this, however, you’ll need to go shopping for a good grinder which may not come quite easy.

For one, you’d have to decide between buying a blade coffee grinder or a burr coffee grinder. And, that is a choice that won’t come easy either since there are different reasons to buy either of the two. Of course if you ask us you should always go for the burr grinder – they are just better.

Do Wooden Box Coffee Grinders Work Well or are They Just for Decoration

Then, there’s also the type of coffee that you’re going to be mixing and the fact that you’d have to decide where to buy your beans. But, that’s not exactly much of a problem when you think about it, especially since this is where the fun starts.

After all, the choosing of coffee beans is fun because you get to taste coffee beans and find one that suits your taste and preferences.

Besides, most coffee aficionados will be the first to tell you that the search for the right coffee beans is a never ending quest as you’ll always want something more or something different.

Knowing this, you really shouldn’t take it as a sign to NOT visit your coffee shops for your daily dose of caffeine anymore. Truth is, despite how expensive such coffee could be, especially if it adds up, it still does serve its purpose every now and then.

Rather, this is just to say that if you’re open to suggestion, then it’d be better to brew your own coffee at home, grind your own coffee beans and enjoy the best-tasting coffee out there without having to break the bank.

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