The 8 Best French Vanilla K-Cups I’ve Tried

A lot of people make the switch to Keurig coffee after years of brewing their own. Replacing a drip coffee machine with a Keurig is a good move towards a more efficient, convenient lifestyle.

One of the greatest things about Keurig’s K-Cups is the variety of flavors available. I used to be afraid that I would get sick of using a Keurig because I can’t customize the taste of my drink due to it being brewed from a pod, but that is not true.

There are so many different flavors available for K-Cups that getting bored with your drink would be a challenge. I narrowed down my favorite flavors, and keep them in stock so I can rotate my morning beverage knowing it will taste as great as the last.

One of my favorite flavors for K-Cups is French vanilla. There is something so comforting and warm about vanilla flavored coffee, it makes me feel at home. Maybe it’s because it is such a classic flavor that most people’s first memories of flavored coffee include vanilla.

In fact I’ve actually tried and reviewed eight of the topselling french vanilla k-cups lower on this page. But before we get to those reviews let’s first look at a summary of my reviews in the following table.

I’ve Reviewed Each of These Self-Filling Coffee Machines Below
Image Product
Victor Allen's Coffee K Cups, French Vanilla
Check Price on Amazon
Victor Allen’s Coffee K Cups, French Vanilla

► Lowest Price for 100% Arabica Coffee
► This is an extremely popular coffee with our customers and one of the most reviewed French vanilla k-cups on Amazon.

Dolche Coffee 80 Count K Cup
Check Price on Amazon
Dolche Coffee 80 Count K Cup

► Lowest Price I’ve Seen!
► Medium roast coffee blend of Arabica and Robusta beans – The taste is good for the super low price.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, French Vanilla
Check Price on Amazon
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, French Vanilla

► Highest Rated French Vanila Coffee I’ve Tried
► This coffee tastes great and the vanilla flavor tastes natural. You pay more for this quality though.

Grove Square Cappuccino, French Vanilla
Check Price on Amazon
Grove Square Cappuccino, French Vanilla

► Sweetened French Vanilla Cappuccino Variety
► If you like a sweeter coffee then this is a great option.

Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla Flavored Coffee K-Cup Pods
Check Price on Amazon
Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Flavored Coffee K-Cup Pods

► Medium Roast w/ Very High Customer Rating
► The Dunkin’ Donuts brand makes great quality coffee and the French Vanilla flavoring in this coffee is subtle which may or may not be what you prefer.

LoveSome French Vanilla Cappuccino
Check Price on Amazon
LoveSome French Vanilla Cappuccino

► My #1 Favorite French Vanilla Cappuccino
► LoveSome cappuccino’s taste very good and they don’t cost very much at all. This is a strong value for someone looking to make a cappuccino style drink at the touch of a button.

Caza Trail Coffee, French Vanilla Blend
Check Price on Amazon
Caza Trail Coffee, French Vanilla Blend

► A Bestseller w/ Many Varieties
► This K-cup is on the stronger side but still has a subtle vanilla flavor. It’s low in acid and low in price, on par with Dolche.

San Francisco Bay OneCup French Vanilla
Check Price on Amazon
San Francisco Bay OneCup French Vanilla

► The Most Popular Compostable K-Cup
► Flavoring is very good and natural tasting and the compostable pod makes this an easy choice to make despite the price being a touch high compared to others.

If you’ve narrowed down your flavor selection French vanilla, you may have realized that the search doesn’t end there. There are many variations of K-Cups in the flavor of French vanilla, and we’ve compiled a list of the best to help with your search for the best flavor.

Victor Allen’s Coffee K Cups, French Vanilla

Victor Allen's Coffee K Cups, French VanillaThis brand makes a delicious French vanilla flavor for K-Cups. They come in a pack of 80, which means you’ll be able to store a lot for future use.

The coffee is medium roast, and consists of 100% arabica beans. The coffee is certified kosher, and can be used with the patented Keurig 2.0 technology.

The company has been around for over 35 years, and has a line of great products.

Dolche Coffee 80 Count K Cup

Dolche Coffee 80 Count K CupThese K-Cups are another great choice for French vanilla coffee. Like the previous, they are also compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines. The French vanilla flavor is all natural.

It also comes with 80 capsules, meaning you will have a good supply for a while, depending on how fast you go through K-Cups. The coffee is 100% arabica, and medium body.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, French Vanilla

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, French VanillaThis brand makes delicious French vanilla K-Cups. The vanilla is a rich, creamy flavor and works well with the coffee, despite being artificial flavor.

It is light roast, unlike the previous two medium-roast K-Cup coffee flavors. The beans are also certified kosher, and compatible with all Keurig machines. They come in packs of 72 K-Cups, which is good for buying in bulk.

Grove Square Cappuccino, French Vanilla

Grove Square Cappuccino, French VanillaThese K-Cups are another delicious French vanilla. They come in packs of 50, and are labelled as cappuccino.

These would be a good choice for someone who wants a sweet coffee reminiscent of an order from the coffee shop. It has a lot more ingredients than the others, because it is “cappuccino” style.

It is artificially sweetened, with sucralose and acesulfame potassium. This is great for people avoiding sugar, but for those who avoid artificial sweeteners, it would not be a good choice.

There is milk powder in these K-Cups as well, which lend to a creamy delicious end result. If you don’t drink dairy, these K-Cups would also be a bad choice.

Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Flavored Coffee K-Cup Pods

Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla Flavored Coffee K-Cup PodsDunkin donuts are a widely-known coffee entity, so it’s no surprise they jumped in on the K-Cup bandwagon. These pods are available in 60 and 64-count packages.

The coffee is 100% premium arabica, and naturally and artificially flavored. The taste is light, sweet, and creamy. They recommend you brew your coffee on the eight ounce setting in order to get the most from your pod.

LoveSome French Vanilla Cappuccino

LoveSome French Vanilla CappuccinoThese K-Cups are deliciously designed to brew a cappuccino-like drink, and follow the same sort of formula as the Grove Square variety.

They can be used with Keurig 2.0 machines, and come in a pack of 12. They also artificially sweeten their pods with sucralose, and contain milk powder for a creamy drink.

The coffee beans are mild, and the brew comes out rather sweet.

Caza Trail Coffee, French Vanilla Blend

Caza Trail Coffee, French Vanilla BlendThis is another great choice for French vanilla K-Cups, and they come in a pack of 100 so you will be set for a long time. The coffee is 100% arabica and kosher.

These are also compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines. The coffee is light roast, and they pods are artificially flavored.

San Francisco Bay OneCup French Vanilla

San Francisco Bay OneCup French VanillaThese French Vanilla K-Cups caught my eye immediately with their fun, earthy packaging. They come in packs of 80.

The cool thing about these French vanilla pods is that they are not just compatible with Keurig, but can be used in Cuisinart, Bunn, and other machines as well. They do not work with Nespresso, however.

Another great thing about these K-Cups is their packaging is compostable. My biggest hangup with using pods is feeling like I am being wasteful, so this alleviates some of those worries.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the a good French vanilla K-Cup flavor can be a fun task. It’s different than buying a new machine or equipment, because even if you don’t like the first flavor you try, you can eventually pick a new one.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you shop around though. The first is the ingredients list. Some of the French vanilla K-Cup flavors are just coffee and flavoring, while others have artificial sweeteners and milk powder.

Some may want something more sweet, so choosing a cappuccino style K-Cup would be a good choice. These are sugar free as well, so may be good for someone who cannot consume a lot of sugar.

Another thing to keep in mind as you go for your next flavor is the amount in the pack. Some contain a large amount of pods, which can be great if you really like the flavor. It may be a good idea to go with a smaller pack if you’re just testing it out.

The compatibility of the pod is important as well. If you have a Keurig 2.0, or a machine that is not Keurig brand, you’ll want to double-check that the flavor you choose will work with your machine. Plenty are compatible with multiple machines, but others only work in a classic Keurig.


What is the difference between French and regular vanilla flavor?

Typical vanilla bean flavors are named after the location they are grown in. French vanilla flavor comes from the method of making ice cream French style.

The classic French way of ice cream-making with a custard base is what gave French vanilla its name. While French vanilla flavoring doesn’t contain eggs, it is based off of the distinct taste and aroma that comes from French vanilla ice cream.

How long can I store my K-Cups for?

You don’t necessarily need to worry about your K-Cups expiring, but a safe bet for achieving maximum freshness is to store them for no longer than five months before use.

If this does not seem doable with the amount you are purchasing, you may want to consider getting a smaller pack.

What is the best setting to brew French vanilla K-Cups with?

As a general rule, the eight ounce setting is a good choice to get the best flavor out of your K-Cup pod. Some machines are more accommodating to other sizes, however.

Different pods have different roast types as well, which could affect how strong the coffee tastes. It’s best to experiment with your brew sizes as you go, until you find one that works for you.


There is no shortage of K-Cups with French vanilla flavor to choose from. The difficulty often comes from the amount of options out there.

Finding your perfect flavor can be a fun, taste-testing challenge. There are some easy ways to narrow down your selection though, such as figuring out the kind of ingredients you want and don’t want to be included.

For me, I like the San Francisco Bay K-Cups because they suit my needs the most. They come in large packs, which is great for me because I like to buy in bulk and store for later.

I also appreciate that they can be used with a variety of machines, which means I can bring some of my K-Cups to work with me and use on a different single-serve machine we have. The pods are also compostable, which is a huge plus for me and a big reason why I chose them.

I also avoid artificial sugar in my diet, and do not drink milk. This eliminates some of the sweeter, cappuccino-style pods on the market.

Everyone has different preferences, so the best French vanilla K-Cup flavor really comes down to your own personal taste. Shop around to see what you like, and enjoy the process.

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