Demitasse Decor – 4 Types of Espresso Cup Holders

Demitasse Decor

Espresso cups are so much smaller than normal coffee cups or water glasses that storing them differently usually is a must. Some people like to hang them or stack them but the storage holder you use can still vary quite a bit.

Here is my list of espresso cup holders that work really well in most people’s homes.

Having a personal, in house espresso machine at your disposal is pretty high class.

Whether you’re pulling shots from the tiny but mighty, pod-powered Nespresso Inissia or a sturdier, yet classic Rancilio Silvia, you’re going to need a cup to sip your espresso out of.

The traditional term for an espresso cup is “demitasse.”

That’s French for, “half cup” but they are typically smaller than its name suggests. They usually range anywhere from 2-3 fl oz.

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Your demitasse deserves a display as delightful as a doppio espresso. Let’s look at some espresso cup holders that will spruce up any coffee space.

The most common coffee cup storage type is known as a mug tree.

Spectrum mug treeThis model is made by a company called Spectrum.

It stands at about 18 inches tall and only takes up about 8 inches of counter top, the mug tree is a real space saver.

It’s light and easy to move, weighing in at about 2.5 pounds.

But don’t let its dainty appearance fool you though! This model does a stand up job. You can hang 8 cups on it, even if they vary in size.

They come in two colours, chrome and satin nickel, so that you can match your china or appliances!

Sturdy and stylish, the mug tree is a great addition to any kitchen.



Another popular shape is a mug tree with a base that can hold saucers.

Yontree cup and saucer organizerThis model is made by Yontree.

It’s incredibly lightweight, weighing just over 1 pound.

It’s compact standing at about 9.5 inches tall. The base dimensions are 8 inches long and just over 4 inches wide. So it’s the perfect display to place in tight spaces.

It can hold up to 4 sets of demitasse cups, saucers and spoons.

The only downer to this model is that it won’t support larger coffee mugs.

But if you’re looking for a petite display for espresso sets, look no further .

If you’re short on counter space, there is always the under-the-shelf hook design.

MyGift Under Shelf StorageThis model is made by a company called MyGift.

It’s super light, weighing only 6.6 ounces.

The rack is easy to move. You just slide it in place.

This model works well with shelving that is 1 inch thick. Any thinner and the rack will slide off. Any thicker and the rack won’t slide on.

Holding up 5 demitasse cups per side, this hooked design is the ultimate counter saver/ display / drying rack combo.

Another way to keep the mugs out of cabinets and countertops is with a wall mount!

Lakeside Coffee WallThis rustic, aesthetically design  from Lakeside is broken up into 6 pieces.

Made up of steel, this set up is incredibly sturdy and long lasting.

There are 4 poles that have 4 hooks each. Each bar is about 2 feet long.

The set comes with 2 baskets that are 8.5 inches wide 4 inches deep and 9.75 inches tall–just big enough to hold cream and sugar or k-cups

The wall mount can support up 12-16 teacups, espresso cups, or American sized coffee mugs (depending on whether or not you utilize the baskets.

With the screws and s hooks included, this display is easy to assemble and can change the vibe in a room.

If you don’t yet own an set of espresso cups, why not purchase one that comes with a stand! Show off your great taste by purchasing an all inclusive demitasse display.

Gibson Stackable demitasse cups with standThis particular set is made by Gibson Coffee.

The cups and saucers are heat retaining ceramic. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, which is a huge plus.

Each cup holds a single shot of espresso.

The stackable cups pile into the durable metal stand to save space.

The whole display stands at about 11.5 inches tall.

This colourful set is guaranteed to brighten up your space.

We hope that the short run downs of these very different espresso cup holders have helped you decide what fits your taste and budget.

If you’ve fallen in love with any of these, you can click the image to make your purchase today!

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