These Are the 5 Best Camping Friendly Coffee Grinders

These Are the 5 Best Camping Friendly Coffee Grinders

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life is a great way to spend the weekend. You pack all your outdoor gear and head for the hills.

Tent? Check. Fishing pole? Check. Coffee Grinder? Check.

One of the worst things to hear at 6 a.m. when the sun is just creeping over the hill is an electric coffee grinder. While portable, the sound may scare the wildlife and fish away before you can send out the first cast.

Instead of irritating your wild neighbors, we recommend looking at simple, portable, manual grinders for your next outdoor adventures

Here are the 5 Best Coffee Grinders for Campsites

manual coffee grinders for campingWe have selected these five manual grinders for all of your outdoors camping adventures due to their low cost, value, and great ratings.

  1. The JavaPresse Manual Grinder
  2. The Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder
  3. The Mueller Ultra-Grind Manual Grinder
  4. The Henison Manual Coffee Grinder
  5. The Kruger Home Travel Coffee Maker with Mug

See below for our reviews of each of these five camper friendly grinders.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Javapresse ManuualThe JavaPresse manual grinder is made of high quality brushed stainless steel and features conical ceramic burrs that give you a fine grind and great flavor.

It features 18 different selections for coarseness of the grinds and can be taken apart for transport and cleaning.

It’s compact enough to fit into a small plastic bag to keep it clean and keep residual grinds out of the other items in your bag. The best part is that it’s small enough to pack in a backpack for a fresh cup of coffee on your latest peak summit.

Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder

Shanik PortableThe Shanik coffee grinder is also made from durable stainless steel and comes with a ceramic burr for a clean grind of your favorite blend.

It comes with a measuring window in the base of the grinder and also has a silicone sealed lid to store extra coffee for later in the day or weekend.

Some unique features are the silicone ring around the grinder for better grip and an included slot to store the handle while not in use. No need to worry that the handle may get lost on the trip. The grinder and pieces fit nicely in a custom bag with a string closure to make it easy to take all weekend and use just as necessary.

Shanik also includes a second burr, which means you may never need to replace the unit again.

Mueller Ultra-Grind Manual Grinder

Mueller Ultra GrindThe Mueller grinder competes well with the JavaPresse and Shanik models.

Again, it features stainless steel for durability and offers a quick cleaning experience. It features a durable handle and glass sight window to gauge how much you have ground. It is easy to pour out of the Mueller grinder into your favorite camping coffee maker.

It’s listed as a favorite with coffee drinkers that like a good French press because of the consistency of the grounds it offers.

Henison Manual Coffee Grinder

Henison TravelThe Henison manual grinder offers a similar design using stainless steel, but it adds a cleaning brush and extra base for the ceramic grinding burr in case it’s ever needed.

The handle does mount on top of the grinder for easy use and it does look very stylish. It is listed as slightly less expensive than the other grinders, and one note is that the top must be disassembled to add the coffee beans before grinding. Some users say this is an extra step to the process not required from other grinders.

Kruger Home Travel Coffee Maker with Mug

Kruger TravelKruger has a unique one-stop-shop approach to grinding beans and making coffee while in the Great Outdoors. Their mug is included and with a grinder, filter, and cap combo: the Kruger is a slam dunk on the road less traveled.

Quickly grind some beans, pour in the hot water off the campfire, and you’ll have a fresh cup on no time. The materials are made from BPA free plastic and the grinder burr is a ceramic model, which seems to be the standard.

Each of these coffee grinders will get you a great cup-o-Joe during a camping trip, and all were selected for their ease of use, ease of cleaning after the trip, and their durability when being hauled around in a backpack or with other camping gear.

All should be expected to last a long time and, when you aren’t camping, you can easily use them as an alternative in your home even if you already have an electric grinder.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Brian Mounts

Head blogger, editor, and owner of "Top Off My Coffee", a website that has been educating readers about coffee brewing techniques and equipment since 2012.

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