Burr Coffee Bean Grinders With Different Grind Settings

Getting To Know The Different Types of Burr Coffee Grinders

As anyone who has ground their own coffees at home for quite some time would tell you, doing so is the most practical way of getting a daily dose of good coffee. But, they’ll also be the first to add that the best way to do this is to invest in a good burr coffee grinder.

Yes, there are different types of coffee grinders and most do have different grind settings for further refinement, however baristas and coffee aficionados all over often recommend getting burr coffee grinders. This is mainly because of how these allow for grinds that are more consistent and that leads to better tasting coffee.

Unfortunately, even if burr coffee grinders are quite simple, you do have to do your own research about them, especially when choosing which one to buy. In the electric grinder category for instance prices can vary by quite a lot!

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Wheel (Flat) Burr or Conical Burr?

There are generally two types of burr coffee grinders, wheel burr and conical burr.

Other details, you’ll just have to work out on your own as when you get to know the two types, the rest will come easy.

Now, you may ask, what is the difference between the wheel and the conical?

For starters, wheel burrs are generally cheaper and these types of burr coffee grinders take advantage of fast spinning wheels. And, as a result of its wheel’s speed, it tends to be more noisy and a bit more messy.

As for the conical burr, these are the best burr coffee grinders that money can buy. While their wheels spin slower, they are far more efficient so they’re quieter and produce less mess.

So, your follow-up question now may be which of the two you’re going to buy. Well, the answer to that namely depends on your preference, needs and even budget.

As said on the onset of this article, there are different types of coffee grinders with different grind settings.

That in mind, it’s best that you do your research more so you end up choosing what’s best suited for you.

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