What Regions Have The Lowest Acidic Coffees

By | June 28, 2017

Brazil, El Salvador, Sumatra, and India coffee beans have some of the lowest natural acidic levels of all regions. This of course is a broad generalization but for the casual coffee drinker who needs or prefers a lower acidic level in their coffee a good place to start is within these regions.

How Different Roasts Have Low Acid Profiles

Casual observance of the roasting process proves that one of the best ways to lower the acidic level of any coffee – regardless of region or natural acidity – is to roast the beans darker.

Dark roasts are quite popular and making coffee with them is a great way to ensure you are getting lower acidity. Even still sometimes you want a lighter roast and sticking to the aforementioned regions can help.

If you are looking for the lowest acidity levels possible in your coffee then definitely stick to the regions mentioned above and err to the side of the dark french or Italian roasts. The darker (in general) the higher the pH levels and the more palatable the coffee will be to your stomach. Sure, you could go for a branded low-acid coffee but you will get better results sticking with naturally low acidic levels in the beans.

These Regions Have the Least Acidic Coffees on Average

Overall Brazilian and El Salvadorian coffees are probably the lowest on the acidity chart if sorted by region. If you can find beans that were grown at lower altitudes then all the better, higher altitudes tend to coincide with higher levels of acidity.

Of these two Brazilian coffees that come from estate growers tend to be complex enough to be be perfect candidates for Italian espresso or for blends. They are low in acidity and provide good body to round out one’s cup.

Even still not all coffees from these low acid profile regions will be low in acidity so you still have to pick and choose and find a bean that is best for you. As always, a good coffee house should be able to point you in the right direction.

You don’t have to become the next cupper in the world but trying a few Brazilian coffees at home over a week or two should help you identify a good low acid coffee from a region known for being “stomach friendly”.

Using the tongue method may work for you just fine or you can use this as an opportunity to pick up a super cheap and handy pH meter. If you are on a low acid diet a meter may be handy for lots of other foods too.

Your Low Acid Coffee Cheat Sheet

Generally speaking if you choose a coffee from a region like Brazil or El Salvador and choose a bean that came from lower elevation and roasted quite dark then you are most likely going to be drinking some of the lowest acid coffee possible. These will obviously be some exceptions to this but it’s a good sheet sheet or rule of thumb to follow.

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