Finally! I Get to Review the Ceramic Slim Coffee Grinder by Hario

By | April 16, 2018

I’ve been talking about this grinder for the better part of a year here on this site. I’ve been having all my coffee beans ground in the store every time I buy them for too long so I finally broker down and bought the Ceramic Slim Hario that I’m mentioned time and time again here on the blog.

You can see my mention of it on this page featuring the best manual coffee grinders for sale today.

Funny thing is I actually bough the thing a month ago and have been using it all this time. I wanted to post a video along with this post as I announced the new purchase but it took me forever to get around to putting the video together.

For now I have zero intention of reviewing the grinder or giving you any how-tos regarding the grinder but I did want to share with you my unboxing video.

The Hario Slim is one of the most popular grinders you can buy in it’s product group but I had a hard time finding personal reviews of what to expect when you opened the box let alone when you used it so for those looking for a manual grinder check out this video to see what you’re getting.

If you prefer you can see the video directly on YouTube through this link.

In the near future I’ll add some posts to the site summarizing my thoughts using it. Suffice to say it’s gong to get my approval but there are a few things about it that should be mentioned. I will however leave that for another post.

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